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If you missed his last post HERE, Dan is the the affiliate man

at Source Wave. He's now raking in over 100k a month from purely

affiliate sites, and I have brought him on board to share with

you exactly how he does it.


In his last post he covered how he is ranking sites right now,

however we all know that is just half the fight against the

G man.


The other half is picking the RIGHT niches to target. So

after twisting Dan's arm a little bit  I have gotten

him to lay out his exact process for finding the best

profitable keywords to target.


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Realistic Depiction Of Dan Looking For Niches

A Realistic Depiction Of Dan Looking For Niches

How To Choose The Best Fancy Pants Profitable SEO Keywords

By : Dan Anderson

Hey guys, Dan here..

First off keywords you can rank for in the top 3 positions is key to making

a large income from affiliate marketing with SEO (duh).

Which is exactly what I want to help you with today…


Usually, if I look at the sites of someone who is not getting the

success they want, most of the time they simply don't have picked

crap money keywords.


Before I get into how to find these, I'm going to go over the most

common mistakes I see:


#1 Targeting a really broad term with large search volume 

(ie. "weight loss tips") Stuff like this you are just not going to rank for

unless you plan on investing some serious coin. So don't even start.


#2 Targeting extremely long-tail keywords

These can be easily ranked for, but are not worth a lot of money

overall(ie. "best white blender for teenagers" or maybe

"product name 1 vs. product name 2″ if the kw only gets say

1,000 searches/month- I'm just making these up for example)


The thought on this second strategy is that you can rank so

easy(perhaps with like 8 simple PBN links) that you should

be able to go around and just find tons of low hanging fruit

in a bunch of different niches and scale it.


This is what I did when I originally got into SEO since I did

not have any confidence in my ability to rank for anything

semi-competitive. I would target all kinds of foreign

keywords and really long-tail stuff that had low

search volume.


However, I never had good results like this because I had

to make tons and tons of sites and the work was really

tedious trying to diagnose SEO issues that come up on

so many sites. And once I finally did get to the top the

site would only be worth a few hundred dollars per



Also, I was not able to keep my blog network relevant

to one niche. (If you need help on your PR network, here

is a bunch of post covering it FYI) In short, this is not the

best strategy if you are making an individual site for each

kw, although there is something to be said for it below.


#3 Basing all of your activity in generally low-return niches

This is stuff like coupon codes, dating site referrals, or

even adsense(I am not saying that people have never made

a big payday from these in the history of time but in general

I just advise you to avoid anything where you get paid a

couple dollars or so per action)


Not all keywords are worth it...

Not all keywords are worth it…


You want to target niches like the ones I have below

Now this is definitely not a complete list of niches, but

off the top of my head, you want to generally be

looking in the direction niches like these:



Dating Advice

Gambling (online casinos for USA players)

Weight Loss

Payday Loans/Finance

Body Building

Women's Products





A note on competition in these niches:


A lot of times I hear of SEOs wanting to actually

avoid these types of niches in general. You see it

all over forums, for example, people saying

stuff like "you don't want to operate in XYZ niche-

it's brutal".


Because of course, these high profit niches like

online casinos, finance, weight loss, etc. are rife

with other SEO competition and to some extent,

the threat of negative SEO.


While this is true, realize that that is only because

there is a lot of money there.


I encourage you to not be scared of such niches and

go start making sites in them.


An important thing to know is that there are two

types of competition:


General SERP competition

This created by natural sites that rank and are

more authoritative then yours. This is like Forbes,

Wikipedia, and general giant sites that show up

for everything.


These are usually more challenging

to beat but not DIRECT competition since they

do not rank usually primarily from backlinks.


For example a post on Gold IRA from from Forbes

will rank with a handful of backlinks.


Competition from other SEOs

Surpassing them is usually doable since everyone is

pretty much using the same types of links these

days and is a good sign because it means you can

rank too.


However this does mean there will be a much greater

chance for negative SEO since the SEO's will be gunning

for you if you take their spots.


You've probably heard that these types of niches

are "extremely competitive" but factually, their

general SERP competition is usually comparable to

most other, less profitable niches(with the exception

of maybe casinos and finance where there are just

hordes of sites in the SERPs and pretty much

everything is an SEO site).


So ranking in them is actually not as hard as you

may think(I do it all the time with 20 strong

PBN links when I find a good specific keyword).


The kicker is that when you do rank, yes, there

can be negative SEO that comes in when you

start ranking(I personally don't do this because

it only causes more idiots to keep doing it to

everyone else).


However, this has only happened to the vast

minority of my sites in the past year and it

hasn't even brought them down as of yet.


Having a lot of other SEOs in a niche can be a good thing

Having a lot of other SEOs in a niche can be a good thing (Dan is the guy in the front seat)


So to summarize these points,

1. what it takes to rank in these niches

is not that special compared to others in

terms of general SERP competition


2. you really should not be scared of negative

SEO if you want to make money.


Now that you know what niches are the most

profitable to be in, let's talk about picking

particular offers and keywords.


Picking Stellar Offers and Uber Keywords

To look through a bunch of affiliate offers just head on

over to offervault.com.


The first thing I must say is that you never want to just

"pick an offer" first and then be dead-set on finding

keywords for it.


That is more of the process if you are doing PPC aff

marketing(which I'm not an expert at), but when doing

SEO, you really just want to take an offer and see if

you can find good keywords for it. If you can't, move

on to the next offer.


For example, at my current level I still can't find great

keywords for every offer out there- some of them are

just not popular enough to generate a lot of search volume.


To clarify why this is so important, know that your first

priority is being able to rank.


It doesn't matter how cool the offer is or how high the

payout or how much you "like the niche" if you can't

rank for anything to promote it on in the first place.


The formula for good kws is pretty much this simple:


-product name+other word/other word+product name


-product topic+other word/other word+product topic


Product name means: acnezine, intuit

Product topic: acne creams, payroll software

(given soleley for example)


The reason we are looking for these other words is

because, the more longtail it is the easier it is to

rank for.


With that being said, the more long-tail your

phrase is the lower the search volume will

be- that's why I'm usually just looking for a

3 or 4 word keyword.


It won't have as much search volume as

just the product name itself(which is

difficult to rank for), but the key is

finding some that have maybe 5-10k

searches per month because this is usually

enough to generate a few thousand

dollars/month on these product

name/product topic keywords.


Now these "other words" are the WHOLE KEY

to everything- and you never know what they

might be in any given niche, and there is no

perfect formula for finding them, you basically

just have to dig through the keyword tool and

use your brain, spy on competitor sites,

research the niche, and try to think up anything

someone might type in when searching in Google.


These can be names of online stores that are

popular in the niche (always great buyer kws),

specifications about the product, "for women/men",

"best" on the front of the keyword(though

sometimes hard to rank for by itself it can add

to the longtailness of the kw if you have

something else on the other end), etc.


When I find a keyword like this, since I know people

are going to ask, a lot of the times I will just create

an EMD or a partial-match domain with the product

name in it, and rank the home page.


Then usually once it ranks I will start adding related

keywords to the inner pages. I am starting to build

more authority sites too but the strategy above is by

far the simplest, easiest for a beginner, and still

works just fine.


Since you will have to do so much digging to find

such keywords, a good tip is to first just lookup

the search volume of the product name itself or

the product topic.


If that kw by itself has at least 20-30k monthly

searches, then it will usually be worth your time

to dig around in that niche until you find something

as described above.


However, if the product name/topic only gets 10k

searches or less, it is usually not worth your time t

o spend so much time digging because chances

are, it is just not popular enough for any

longer-tail keywords to have a decent search volume.


On most of these product name/topic keywords, once

I find a good 3-4 word keyword phrase that has buyer

intent(as long as it has the product name/topic it has

at least some buyer intent) and a decent search volume

(let's say 5-10k/month searches), I will just go try and

rank for it.


I don't use any tools for judging competition because they

really are of no value in my experience. However, the most

tell-tale sign that you can rank for something is that you

see other SEO sites already ranking for it.


I wanted to show an example keyword so I glanced

around in the keyword tool for just a few minutes and

found this.


Now this is not the "best keyword of all time", just a simple

review term, but this is an example of something you could

rank for with maybe 30 links from a decent blog network.


"it works body wraps reviews" – 22,000 searches/month


Now this is not exactly a super-easy-to-rank keyword. But even

though it is a simple, fairly standard keyword consisting of

"brand + product topic + reviews", the fact that it is 5

words long make it decent. You can also see an SEO site

on page one and a handful on page two.


The affiliate program is actually not a standard

affiliate program, but you could use the keyword to

sell the other health and wellness products anyways.


As I mentioned above, the super easy money keywords to rank are

usually ones you find that have the "other words" in them I talked

about above, that are not usually as "standard" as the one above.



These are usually very specific to the niche as described above

where I listed the common types of words they may have.


I have many of them but cannot show them off here for obvious

reasons because I am already using them 😉


With that being said….woooh I am pooped. That is however,

my entire strategy for finding the keywords that generate me

the income I have. (Not as complicated as you would think



Now…If you are interested in seeing some more stuff like this

be sure to click HERE to get on the Source Wave update list so

we can send you a ton more training..


Also, in less than a month we will be launching Source Phoenix

and I will be breaking down this process and EVERY little thing

I do SEO wise step by step and over my shoulder. Long story

short, get pumped!


Till next time,



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