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Now for my REAL message of 2013…


Hey! Becker here…

I've thought for a long time about what to write about first this year..and after all of that I have one thing for you

A promise

So the video above is all about the practical roadblock of 2013…Over optimization

The thing is…I lied…That is not going to be your biggest roadblock of 2013 or factor to your success

What is going to REALLY to be your biggest roadblock (or turbo booster) is you

How you work, your attitude, and how you learn is going to decide where you are going to be this time next year


The Big Question

So big question? Do you know where you want to be this next year?

More importantly how are you going to get there?

Seriously sit the hell down and think about it. This time last year my goal was to break 100k a year online. At the pace I am moving now I am on par to break 400k this  year.

My goal this year is to be at 100k a month by 2014. Its a big goal and I can do it because I can control my work, my attitude and how I learn.

The thing is…I can't control how you work or your attitude. That is up to you

BUT…I can help with how you learn


The #1 Factor For Success : How You Learn

The only thing that seperate you from your goals is not having enough knowledge in your head…

Like literally…thats it.

However, I was a total newbie to this two a half years ago. Learning is not the hard part..Its choosing where and what to learn.


And that there blows the doors wide open for the abuse and all the other "make money online" crap you see out there.

Hell, I know countless people who make an absolute killing promoting and selling products that just do not work.

I will be blunt though…I already make a killing ACTUALLY making money online. Because of this I am thrilled that I can genuinely help people with out having a financial agenda.


My Goal For Source Wave In 2013

My goal for 2013 is actually make a real impact on peoples lives. I have reached many of my goals (not nearly done) but its time to help others reach theirs

I want Source Wave to be known as the goto place to get REAL information to positively change your financial life.

So with that being said I have a promise for you


In 2013 I am going to make it my goal to

  • Respect, help, and point you in the right direction as much as I possibly can
  • Never feed you aimless mental masturbation bs. When you come to Source Wave your going to find practical information. Not the overhyped yet pointless info you find on 90% of blogs.
  • Make this the best damn internet marketing resource in the world


That means when your a part of Source Wave, your not gonna be fed BS sale pitch after BS sales pitch. Instead your gonna be fed  value post after value post.

That means i'm not gonna be dancing on my Facebook wall when I get you convert on some BS product. Instead I am gonna be celebrating when someone hits real success

That means I am going to act in your best interest instead of beating in the bush till you pay me



Because when I first got into internet marketing that is what I wanted (and never found). It is time for that to change

And it will. That I promise you.


To a [email protected]$king amazing 2013!! (Like and tweet if your as pumped as I am)


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