2014's Guide To PR links

2014's Guide To Rank Destroying PR Links


Howdy ho! Becker here…


Today I will be breaking the norm and

communicating with you via the written word


Why? Because this going to be your go-to

post when it comes to building PR links

and I want you to be able to quick reference it


Cool? (If not here is a picture of a a dog to make

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Welcome To The Easiest Algorithm Since 2001 (If You Read This Post)

Yes… I can say with with zero understatement that this

is by far the easiest algorithmic climate for SEO ever…


In the past few months, I have literally just thrown

up sites willy nilly for you, fired off a few of the links I am

about to show you and they now generate a little

over 10k combined… (I have shared these sites

all over Source Wave as well)


And these are just my example trash sites! So before

you read this post you need to realize that you are

just a stone throws away from drastically increasing

your income, even if you're a beginner


The 2014 Guide To PR Links (Step By Step)

The true secret  to fast result SEO right now

is simply PR links + brand + solid on page SEO.


Now in this post I am going to attempt to completely

break down what it takes to create the perfect PR

link so that you can then go out there and create

an army of them.


This has worked for me and hundreds to thousands

of others, so without further a due lets do this BROTHA! (or lady)

What does Hulk Hogan have to do with SEO? Nothing...lets move on

What does Hulk Hogan have to do with SEO? Nothing…lets move on

What Is A PR Link?

(Read this even if your a "pro')


A PR links is simply a link placed on

a site that holds trust and authority in

Googles eyes.


As a result a handful of these links can

provide significantly more power than

even 50,000 low quality links.


They  also provide stable, untouchable

rankings if done right.


First off, though… I encourage you only

to think of them as PR links by name



The page rank or PR of a site is a 1-10

rating system that Google created. It

in theory represent the "trust" or "linking

power" a site can pass on…


With that being said, Google has stopped

updating their public PR index. This means

that the PR pages these days can be wildy



In fact many PR 0 and PR N/A sites can

hold some Hulk Hogan sized link power…


So for the rest of this lovely post, keep in mind

we are referring to these links as "PR Links" in

name alone… (High Authority Google Trusted

Links is a mouthful…)


Also when I use the term "PR" I am speaking

about the general power of a page and not

so much Googles page rank.


There are actually dozens of other indicators

we must look at when we want to truly determine the

power of these links.


How To Create A True Powerful PR Link

In essence a PR link is simply a link placed in the content

of a page that has PR (remember I'm talking about

a pages power, not its page rank)


By content I also mean, not placed in the comment

area. Anything else tends to carry good link juice.


Now there are a few ways to create these kinds of



Buy The Domains (We will get more into this)

In simple terms, you can go out there and find domains

that already carry power and then place your links on



For example you can find a domain that just expired and

has some solid PR. You then buy it for 30 buckeroos and

place your link on it…


There is more to it than that which I will get into, but that is

the basics of it…


Simply Buy/Rent The Links

Selling and renting links is a hot business right now. On top

of that finding someone to buy from is not exactly hard


(I am actually providing a list of vendors if the bonus content

below. Tweet to get it)


Long story shorty, you find the owners of powerful pages

and you pay them to place your links on them. I will explain

a bit more about this later on.



There are a bunch of creative ways to get PR links like

guest posting, networking, etc. However, for a beginner

that is virtually impossible and for an expert it takes

WAY to long to see results on new sites.


It is simply not practical. Focus on the two methods

I listed above and you will have a much easier time

getting results instead of wasting your time "networking"


Some PR SItes You Are Better Off Without


What To Look For In A PR Page

Now just like small children we don't want to go leaving

our links just anywhere.


Before placing a link on a PR site OR buying the site to

place links on we want to inspect the diddly out of it.


Now, in order to do this correctly you will need a

few goodies.


You are gonna want

Chrome PR Checker (To check PR)

Majestic SEO or Ahrefs (To scan the sites links)

Fake PR checker (To check if the PR is fake)


Yes, you might need to invest $30 into a

Majestic/Ahrefs SEO account. If you cannot do that

here is a link that will help


Now that we have those, this is EVERYTHING

we want to look at. With that being said, we want

to look at all the signs as a whole and NOT just

one or two.


Is The Site Indexed

To check this, throw the sites url into

Google. If it is not showing up it is either

de-indexed (removed from Google) OR



If the site fails this test, it is a for sure no!


What Is The Sites PR

PR is not a deciding factor for the power

of a site, but it can be a good sign.


If it has a PR of 1-6 it is worth at least

checking out. (Do not completely count

out PR 0's as well)


What is ratio of referring domains to links?

Throw your site into Majestic/Ahrefs SEO. You will

see the tool show the sites total links and the total

referring domains.


We want to see somewhat equal proportions,

because what really matters is the amount of referring

domains and unique IPs linking to the site.

 Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 1.10.57 PM

For example if BBQ.com links to your site 12,000 times

it doesn't have the power of 12k links. You're simply

getting the same link from the same site over and over.


After about 2-3 links from a site, they stop counting

in most cases. This why we want tons of different

sites linking in and not so much a ton of links.


Simply put, if a site has 10 referring domains

and 10k links..something may be up.


What Are The Flow/Site Ratings

In any scanning tool there will be

"trust ratings" of some sort.


These mostly suck. Like a porta

potty, a good appearance does

not mean everything is safe on

the inside


With that being said, what you

want to look for is "okay" ratings.


In Majestic this will be a trust

flow/citation flow above 10


In open site explorer, its a page

authority greater than 25


In Ahrefs we want a domain

rank above 10 and an Ahrefs domain

rank above 25


For example, if a site had 800

backlinks and its trust flow

is below 5 something is up.


On the flip side, if it has a great

rating this is good BUT not a sure

sign of quality.


So to sum it up, we mostly use the

rating to spot an instant stinker and

not as the sole indicator of quality.


Are The Links Spammy or MOSTLY Real

The whole point of picking up PR domains

is because they have links we cannot get normally.


For example is a site has 50,000 spammy links going

to it it won't be very powerful in Googles eyes because

the links are garbage.


However, if it has 200 real normal links going to it even

if it has a low PR it will still carry some serious juice.

Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 1.27.34 PM

See how the links for this site are either urls or NOT SEO targeted… This is good, this means people naturally linked to this site while it was "alive"

With that being said, be picky about the domains you

pick but not paranoid. A few bad PR links cannot tank

your niche sites, and if they could the search results would be nuts.


So really the only risk is wasting a bit of time and money.


NOW, when your looking for spam links you want to look

for the following things

  • Super repeated anchor text
  • Adult links
  • Obvious SEO (all the links are about watches for example)
  • Mass spammy forum and comment links
  • Russian links (end with .RU and are usually spam)
  • Chinese/korean links (Not always bad but usually)

You should be able to spot these links right away,

so do not worry about digging 55 pages deep.


Now, after you have done that you want to look for

real links or at least semi decent links. The easiest

way to spot these are


  • A wide variety of anchor text
  • Lots of url and misc anchor text
  • They come from real sites
  • They tell a story (IE a former news site will have story titles linking in)


I encourage you to not be TO picky with this. If

there is a lack of spam links, you are usually

good to go.


Is It Related To Our Niche

This is a plus but TOTALLY not needed.


It is extremely hard to find reasonably priced

domains in a niche of our choice and even if

we do the power it provides is not that much



A quality site is a quality site, even if it is not

in our niche.



There are other "signs" we can of course look

at, but for the most part the above will serve

you well….


DO NOT overcomplicate this.


Creating The PR Links 101

I have said this 1000 times but in case you

are one of those scally wags who has never

been around Source Wave I will say it again…


The cores of SEO are PR + Relevance. In factual

theory: the more relevant PR links we have the

strong our rankings will be…


So my SEO Pokemon, what we now need

to do is either buy spots on PR sites OR create our

own sites.


For buying links

Alright, so this is fairly simple and perhaps

the best way to get started because the risks

are minimal.


What we want to do is go hang around SEO

communities (SEO Facebook groups) and forums. I've left a big

old list of these places in the bonus content

at the bottom of the page (You have to tweet

this post to get it)


Once there, we simply want to find people

who are willing to rent out their links. Below

is the going prices I would pay for the links

per month (The most common rental pricing)


PR 1 : $5-15

PR2: $10-20

PR3: $15-$30

PR4: $20-$40

PR5: $40-$80

PR6: $50-$150


Anything after a PR6 is probably a bad domain OR

an extreme authority domain that will be to pricey.


And poof…. This is the simplest way to get PR



For Domain Buying/Owning PR Links

Now, the most common and effective way of

creating PR links is simply buying domains

that already have authority.


What we then do is make these sites relevant

to a niche of our choosing and then place our

links on them…


This can be a hairy process so I have given it

it's own section (prepare for over detailed glory

my brotha)


Creating High PR Domains

I will be breaking this down in steps


Step 1: Buy The Domains

Okay, so step uno is of course to buy the

domains. What you essentially want to

do is look for ALL the signs I showed

you above and use tools to find expiring

domains up for auction.


The tools you will need are

Ahrefs (paid version)

Register compass (paid)

-All the other tools I mentioned above


Now, if you are broke and cannot

afford these tools, your first objective

is to get a job.


Once you obtain that, if you are cheap

then the most essential tool is Ahrefs

because you need to see sites link

profiles… The end. Get it.


Register compass on the other hand

can be somewhat replaced by free tools

though (Though they take longer)


What these tools do is essentially

let us find the domains we are

looking for.


Here are a few freebies




Now, we will basically scan around these

tools looking for decent domains. Do note

that most domains will be hammered shit.


However, if you stick to the signs I mentioned

above you will consistently find good domains.


Buy these good domains.


Be sure to buy one or two test domains before going "domain buying crazy"

Pricing Wise: It truly depends on the quality

of the domain. Also keep in mind it is better

to have a bunch of decent domains instead

of having a few EPIC domains.


If the site is a PR 1-3 I would not pay more

than $100 for it. If it is a PR 4-6 I would

not pay more than $200 ESPECIALLY

if you are new to this.


ALSO NOTE People Will Do THis For You

There is metric boat load of PR domain

selling services.


I mainly use these because I am busy

running 3 different multi million dollar

companies and value my time.


Essentially these dudes go out there and

pick good domains for you, then you buy

the domains at a mark up.


I find the mark up is well worth the time

saved, but this is up to you.


I have included a list of vendors in the bonus



Step 2: Hosting The Domains

I could give you the super fine technical

nitty gritty behind PR domain hosting…


But I am not, because it is NOT important.




All you need to know is that you need to

host your domains under different host and

never have more than 2-3 domains on the

same host.


The reason for this is you will get diminishing

returns on your domains. When Google sees

all of the links to a site coming from the same

area of the country, IP addresses or hosting

platform it stops counting the links as heavily.


THE END. That is all you need to know. Stop

thinking and just do it.


In the bonus content I have left a huge list of

super cheap $1-$2 domain hosting.


Step 3: Preparing The Domain For Links

After we have our domains hosted, you are going

to want to put WordPress on these domains. (Note:

you do not HAVE to put wordpress on them, it's just

the easiest option)


Then place VERY simple themes on the sites. You can

do this by searching for "one column" themes in the

WordPress admin.


Then after you install the theme, we want to rip out

the footer. This is because theme makers usually leave

their links in the footer to net some backlinks… This

hurts our sites link juice.


To do this go into the wordpress admin, go to appearance,

then go to the footer file and simply delete everything in it.


NEXT: If you do not want people spying on your domains,

throw on a handy tool called spyder spanker OR follow this

simple guide to blocking link scanning tools spiders.


All this really does is stop other SEO's from spying on your

links. Google can still see everything so it is really up to



Next install a plugin called link juice keeper and then google

xml site maps. The first plugin will make sure you keep all

your link juice and the second tool will make sure Google

see's your site a tad bit faster.


Congrats, your site is ready to send out links


Placing Content On Our Sites

The next thingy we want to do our sites is put some

relevant content on them.


What we want to do is figure out what niche we want

to rank for. For this example I will just say "gold".


So to make our site relevant, go change the site title

and metas to something about our target niche.


For example my site title could be : "Buy Gold Ponies"


After that, you need to place 150-500 word articles

on your site about your target niche.


An easy way to do this is to simply write an article

then spin it with this software, and then re-use the

article over and over.


For the article, simply put the main keyword in the title

and use it in the article.


Then link out to your domain with your chosen anchor

text (I will get into the best anchor text here in a bit)


Pow. You have a relevant PR link


A Few Cool Ways To Boost Your Power

I have always found placing a relevant youtube

video around your link and linking out to an authority

site from your PR domain will boost the links power

a bit.


Try it out =)


Proper Linking 101

Kudos to you, you are officially building

the most powerful kind of link online.


But before you throw yourself a small parade

you need to learn a wee bit about proper linking.


Now… luckily I have spilled the beans on about 85%

of what I do SEO wise all over Source Wave. I encourage

you to A) Hop on our email list for tons more free content

and B) go to our home blog and watch everything on it.


With that being said, when you are linking from your PR

sites do not repeat your anchor text. There are 2 reasons

for this


1. Repeating anchor text can trigger over optimization,

this is the #1 reason why people get penalized


2. By having broad anchor text we can rank for far

more keywords.


For example, if the search I am targeting is "Golden

Ponies" (this is not a good search by the way) I would

want to vary my anchor text like this


Golden ponies

Buy golden ponies

Gold ponies for sale

Best golden ponies online

Help with Golden Pony Addiction


This will give me a wide array of anchor text

and make my power PR links look far more

natural to Google.


NOTE: This does not apply to all links. Be

sure to watch my video post on brand links.

This only applies to PR sites.



You are now building super powerful links

like a champion.


BIG WARNING: Your brain will be tempted

to super over complicate this. DO NOT!


If you are a pro, add your own twist to this.

If you are a beginner though, just follow this

simple process and rank for low to medium

competition terms. The end!


Now if you enjoyed this post, I stockpiled a

wealth of resources for you as a bonus below.


To access this, simply click the tweet button at

the bottom of this post=)


On top of that, be sure to jump on our update

list below and I will show you the 50 hottest

niches to monetize right now in SEO.


With all that being said, thanks a ton for

reading these 3000 words on SEO links.

Now go out there and apply it =)



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