2015 Income Report

Hey there buddy ol' pal, Becker here….

And it is yet again time for a good old report of thy Income…


If this is your first year of being subject to my 3rd grade writing style, this is

essentially where I cover my income in about 20 words and then piss n

moan about something that is "getting my goat" for the next 3,000



And this year will be no different. Except my rant is going to tell you

in great detail exactly how to increase your income this next year if you

are an SEO or some one who wants to grow a best mexican car insurance business to the high 6

to 7 figure level.


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Still here? Great, I am flattered. Let's get into it


Before I get started, my income reports are not like other bloggers.

I do not get into the dollar by dollar break down of my income.



A) I am not an accountant and I do not know down to the dollar

how much I make


B) It doesn't help you. My goal is to help you and we have much

more important things to cover this year than a nickel and

dime break down of my finances


I also focus primarily on goals and not numbers. I can barely do

do basic subtraction and addition, so working with numbers is

not for me. However, having clear set goals is something I can

work with and measure.


With that being said, here were my 2014 goals

1. Break into the health niche

2. Break 2 million dollars in income (essentially double my 2013 income)

3. Have a 1 million dollar revenue launch

4. Speak at 5 events

5. Have my first event


Looking back, my goals were very poorly laid out and not very ambitious.

I did however manage to hit all of these goals. I believe I spoke at around

10 events, held multiple of my own live "for charity" events, had a

million dollar launch (Phoenix), made a health product

and doubled my income.


I went 5/5 on this and that is a solid accomplishment I suppose.


My total profit of 2014 was slightly above $2,100,000. I have no clue

what the exact number is and my accountant will tell me that in a

few weeks. With that also being said I reinvested a lot of that into new

businesses ventures.


The income is a mix of affiliate sites, promotions, SEO clients,

SEO services, consulting, marketing courses, software, and other

stuff I do not have the presence of mind to list.


Now Onto Important Stuff

Sitting around jerking off to stuff that happened last year is not going to

help me and its for sure not going to help you. It has no purpose except

attempting to flex my internet ego and wasting time celebrating past



All that matters is the now and the future. This is also what I would like to

rant at you about for the next 3,000 words or so if you so choose

to let me.


For the remainder of this post I am going to cover 3 things.


A) My goals for next year and how

I plan to reach with them. More so I want to lay out how I plan my goals

and hopefully give you a decent example of how to set yours.


B) My best possible advice on what to do next year if you are

an SEO  (7113)


C) My best possible advice on what to do next year if you want

to take your online business to the high 6-7 figure level. (7452)


If you only care about certain subjects (for example you

are NOT an SEO and just want to grow your business) I

have left numbers next to the sections above. Just

ctrl+F find them to skip around.


Let's begin =)


And before you ask… Do I in fact NEED 15 million dollars?


The answer is ….yes..


How else would you propose I fill my secret underground vault

with $1 dollar bills to recreate the signature "Scrooge McDuck"

underground vault money swimming pool? (Bill Gates has two)



In all seriousness though, my goals this next year have little to do

with money. My goals last year did and it only lead to poor decisions

that were "money factored". From speaking with many great people

I have realized that the secret to wealth is not trying to get money

out of the world. It is about making something great for the world

that is bigger than yourself.


I have done all the stupid immature things I originally set out to

do when I wanted to "make money online". I've bought a multiple super cars.

I live a big house with a bar on roof in uptown Dallas. I have flown my

friends out to Vegas multiple time and behaved like Johnny Football.


I don't regret any of it. But, this is all hollow stuff and I realized in the

past few months that this is not the yard stick that a great person

measures their life by.


In 2015 money is not a priority. Creating great businesses that impacts

the world and that people can feel passionate about  is all I am concerned

about. Inspiring people to challenge themselves and take brutal

control of their life is second.


In the past few months I have realized it is not about money at all. It

is about living a life of total excellence in all aspects and crushing

the weaknesses that hold you down from your higher purpose. To me

it is about making winning your relentless sole focus.


Money will of course be a result of these things (with proper business

planning which I will get into) but solely setting out to make money

blinds you. It cuts you off from your zen. Michael Jordan played

basketball to win. Steve Jobs made Apple to win.


Every successful person becomes majorly successful by being

ruthlessly better at what they do than everyone else. If you are JUST

focused on cash, you are not thinking of being better. You are not thinking

about being competitive. You are not thinking about others. You are thinking

about cash. There for you eventually lose.


Myself and my partner at Market Hero (more on this in a sec) Daniel Arzuaga

are on a fucking war path. We wake up with the sole focus

of winning. We go to bed at 2-4 am with the sole focus of winning. We will

outwork, outspend, and out think. The end.


Anyhoo , before I get into any goals know that this is the driving mindset.


"That's great Alex but what do you plan and how do you plan to

get there?"


With the above psycho rant above concluded, here are my goals for next year

1. Reach an income of 500k per month

2. Have a 15 million dollar exit (More on this at another time)

3. Finish my book

4. Have 5 masterminds and have the big Market Hero event of 2016 booked

6. Market Hero generating over 6 figures monthly by the end of year

5. Regain my max bench press of 325 pounds


With that being said, the difference between this years goals and last

years goals is that with the guidance of my mentor (Com Mirza) I have

every one of these goals broken down to the day, customer etc.


For example

– I have every days activities planned out for the first quarter

– I have every week's and month's goals planned out

– I know exactly how many customers I need and how many people

on my list I need

– I know how to get those customers week by week, day by day


In short I am not just throwing goals at the wall and then hoping things

work out. I ( with proper guidance) have reverse engineered how I am

going to reach them.


The goals them selves are not the hard part. The hard part is planning a set

of actions to reach them while best serving your customers AND employees.

Then it is just a matter of doing it.


So, in reality, each of these goals is dissected into many smaller goals and

daily task. The goals also have monetary staples, but that is simply the

"measuring stick".


For example, in order to have Market Hero making 6 figure per month

myself and Dan  will have to make a system that blows

marketers away and makes their lives much easier. We will need

to have the beta out by X and take in at least ___ amount of customers

every month to do this. So on and so forth.


My "Direction" In 2015

In 2015 I am shifting my focus greatly from information marketing and

more towards creating killer online services and software that make

YOUR life much easier.


Does this mean I am going to stop sharing information on Source Wave?


Of course not! In fact I plan to give more away on Source Wave than

ever before. I am bringing on amazing SEO's like Gregory Ortiz

and consult with the best SEOs in the world.


In short, we know exactly what is working and we have some

crazy crazy stuff to show you in 2015 . The big

difference is that I really have no plans of

charging for it.


I enjoy teaching. I enjoy helping. That's fun!


I do not enjoy waking up and being forced to teach. I don't

enjoy having to combat people constantly stealing

my info products. I don't like always having to find the

next big secret and then horde it to make money.


There is nothing wrong with that business model, its just

not for me. I personally rather teach you to be an amazing

marketer for free and then sell you tools that help you make

more money and make growing your business simple and fun.


That is something I can get behind. And that's something

Dan and I are extremely good at.


So with that being said in 2015 we will be releasing a series

of services and software that make your life much easier.


We already released Source Hunter and with the recent

improvements its just downright nasty. We also have

Source Revive releasing next month that will… well you'll see :)


Then What Is Market Hero

On top of all the cool stuff releasing at Source Wave, my

big focus of the year is Market Hero.


I am not going to get into many details, but Dan and I

are setting out with our team of developers to change

how marketers talk to their customers forever.


Its going to make all the tedious task everyone knows

they need to do (but avoid) and make them "no thought

needed". Task like knowing your numbers, tracking

conversions, and building a profitable funnel.


It is a business that we can scale to well over a

million a month with 2-3 years and its going

to be overall "very neat-o".


Think the "Uber" of marketing software.


So in short that is my plan for 2015 in a nutshell. Now lets

talk about you.



If you are an SEO you are in the right place and here is why


1. It is easier than ever to rank. I still have horrible sites with

horrible SEO making me $150-$200 bucks a day.


2. Most people have thrown in the towel or are moving onto

the latest fad way to make money online so there is MUCH lower competition


3. It actually costs money to do good SEO… This is a GOOD thing. Why?

Because it puts a huge barrier between you and the 15 year old black

hat dip shits who want to "hack" and "spam" Google without investing

much. Don't get me wrong they still exist, but are far fewer than back

in the day. It is also much easier for an average Joe makes an

investment to get great results and compete.


With that being said if you are an SEO, you fall in one of two broad

categories. A beginner making little to know money and a veteran

making 5k+ a month or more.


If You Are A Beginner

First off, if you are a beginner I want you to know I have been

exactly where you are. I remember leaving the Air Force with no

safety net and thinking that it was near impossible to make

an income online. 100 dollars a day was some far off pipe

dream and I thought people making 300-500 a day

were some form of demi god. I remember literally jumping

up in happiness when I got my first $700 per month client.


So trust me, I know exactly how frustrating and almost

futile this can seem at times. I also can tell you EXACTLY

how to ensure you hit success.


The truth, even though you will probably not believe me, is

that it has almost zero to do with how much you know. Let

me explain.


The key to your success this year will be to stop learning and start

doing. I do not claim to be the best SEO on the planet. My strategies

are not the alpha and omega. BUT, they are MORE than enough for

you to reach 10k a month or even 100k a month.


Seriously, go watch our Beginner Course, our PBN week lessons, our

video on topic pages and then this one on site structure. Congrats, you

now know enough!




I have not done affiliate SEO in almost a year. I am not a talented

affiliate SEO.


Despite that I still have multiple affiliates sites that combined pull in

an extra $200-$400 a day. I have even shared a few on here



The site designs are "wrong", the PBNs are sloppy, and you could

replicate the SEO I did as a complete beginner with around 2 weeks

of training.


What is going to hold you back in 2015 is not going to be how much you

know. It is going to be how much you get done.


Stop hanging around forums trying to find if its okay to add two

articles a day to your PBN or if it is okay to have links in your



Stop researching. Stop learning the cool complicated black

hat tricks. Stop trying get everything perfect. Just go fudging

do it.


I have met countless SEO's who do 50-100k a month and what

I have found is that the more income they are making the LESS

complicated their SEO is. Most of them just have a simple pattern

they do over and over again.


De complicate your SEO. Get the basics right. And make money!


You know enough. Trust me. You know enough.


For Veteran SEO's

My best advice is don't stop doing what you are doing.


In fact do more of it. Lots and lots more. Get the gettings

while the getting's are good


With that being said, you need to realize

that SEO is always changing. In fact internet

marketing is always changing. The same skill

set that works for you now will not work 2

years from now.


What I STRONGLY encourage you to do is to become

more than an SEO and become a true marketer. Be

a person who can buy traffic, sell products, manage

a staff etc etc.


This will not only triple your income fast but also allow

you to be invincible when it comes to income generation.


If Google disappeared tomorrow, I'd be pissed. But I know

how to buy traffic, I know how to sell, I know how to do

just about every form of marketing. I'm by no means the

best but it would not be long before I had another business



Now this likely will not happen and you should NOT stop

doing SEO. However, if you want to be rich forever start

gaining the experiences of running a real business. Don't

just get good at SEO and then stop learning.


For example, use your SEO knowledge to make an SEO



For example learn how to sell at an extremely high level

to grow an SEO agency (and sell other services in the future)


For example, learn how create your own products you can drive

your SEO traffic to and collect a 100% commission. Trust me,

the people you are sending traffic too make 4-5x what they

pay you for it.


This is so so so hard to explain to most SEO's because you likely

were attracted to this to avoid working and to kick back. If that

is true understand that eventually you will get wiped out and be

back at square one. (The same applies to any form on online marketing

not just SEO. Facebook has built many peoples businesses this year

just to destroy them a few months later with a new TOS)


Being an entrepreneur is about always growing and challenging yourself.


Do not let your ego and label as an "SEO" steal your chance to become

something much much greater. Become a multi edge weapon and be

able to generate money no matter the current condition of the internet.


I am not saying go learn PPC or start a new skill. Build upon your skill set

as an SEO. You are in possession of one of the most in demand and high

ROI skill sets/products online right now. Use it to its fullest potential.


Hopefully that makes sense. On that note though lets move onto

to the big picture.




Now this is what I really want to talk about. Source Wave

will ALWAYS be solely about SEO. However, I would like

to ramble on about something a bit different.


How to get rich and more importantly crush your goals



Look, SEO is fan flipping tastic. However I don't

want to be the guy screwing with Google, I want

to be the guy that owns Google.


I don't want to be the affiliate or assistant to a

business. I want to OWN the business. I want

to see my brands on the side of planes, on store

shelves and being used by the biggest names in



I like creating and growing things. If you do too

then this sections is for you. What I want to do

is in a nut shell tell you how to make 7 figures

online next year and much more the next year.


It comes down to two things

1. Proper mindset and goal setting

2. Knowing how to scale and grow a business


If you have these two things it is fairly easy to make

a million dollars in income. Making 8 figures is

where things start to get stickier.


With that being said I want to try and pass onto yo

the most powerful lessons I can when it comes to

crushing it online.


First off mindset


1.You Have To Be a Killer

Now LOOK, I don't mean go around being a crazed

asshole. I use the word "killer" because I want

to get a point across… and here it is


You are never going to get what you want by being

2nd best. You are not going to get their being "okay"

and you are not going to get there being a spineless

push over bitch of a person.


Excuse my French, but you need to get it through your

head that you simply have to be best. You have to go head

to head with your challenges and utterly destroy them.


To many people get into this viewing themselves as

2nd rate, not as smart, not as talented etc. To many

people get into this not aiming to be the best and

wanting to reach their goals while still remaining



Newsflash: If you ARE average the only way you

are going to beat people with talented is by brutally

outworking them. You may be an average person

but that does not mean your actions cannot be



People tell me they have kids, they are strapped for

cash, they don't know X-Y-Z, they don't have time.

They tell me they want some magic strategy to

cope with all these issues and still make money.


It doesn't exist. The strategy is you ruthlessly

pursue your goals and crush them regardless

of what bullshit you think is holding you back

in life.


I am by no means the epitome of success. However

every single little thing I do I taught myself how to

do. I am not particularly talented or smart. I started

this all off as a awkward weird unemployed idiot with

a associates degree in Fire Science.


When I used to tell people about my goals online they

would literally laugh or giving me a pat on the head

like I was a 3 legged dog trying to catch a bird.


So what. It doesn't matter what your life circumstance

is, or what people say, or any of that bullshit. Ignore it.


Get it out of your head that you're average and get rid

of your average goals. Accept that you are going to need

to be the best at whatever it is that YOU do and set out

every day to crush, maim, and tear apart what is

standing in your way.


To many people wake up every day and play this

game not to lose. Regardless of your goals, you

are not going to get there with that mindset.


Get pissed off. Get fucking frustrated Justin Bieber

makes more than you. Get annoyed that a parasite

like Perez Hilton can make millions online and you can't.

Be peeved that people are making millions filming them

selves play video games on Youtube (Google PewDiePie)

and stop wishing for success.


Go take it by being the best. No matter what you do if

you are the best you will win. It's easy


2. Iron Focus

Really think about all the things you think about

every day that do not have to do with hitting

your goals.


Do you worry about what you are going to

wear? Do you think about what you are

going to eat? Do you ponder what so and

so said about so and so?


None of this has any relevance to your success

and you HAVE to remove it from your life.


Now look, I am not going to tell you to lock

yourself in a room and let the rest of your

life decay. What you need to do is find ways

to automate these things.


You only have so much "mind energy". Our brains

are a lot like a computer. You also have only so

much "focused" time in a day. When you focus

on other irrelevant crap you waste that time

and energy and thus lose huge chunks of your

brain power that could be focused on solving



For example, in the past I'd wake up and it would

take me 30 minutes to find a full set of clothes

to wear. Then I wouldn't have any food so I'd

have to cook or get hungry. Then I'd need caffeine

so I'd walk to the gas station. Then I'd have

people message me on Facebook about their

problems. Then I'd watch TV at night


This type of lifestyle totally robbed me of one

of the biggest key to having success. Focus!


If you ever had read about or played World of

Warcraft you know that people regularly get

so addicted to it that they will play 60+ hours

a week.


Now understand reaching the max level and getting

a powerful character in that game is hard. Yet tons

of people who have never been good at anything in their

life reach that goal and become damn good at the game.


How? They wake up thinking about WoW. They go to

sleep thinking about WoW. They spend all their time

playing WoW. Hence they get good and reach their

goals even though they are hard to reach


The same thing goes with hitting success. For example,


When I wake up my clothes for the day are already

laid out, everything needed for coffee is already set

up. Food is cooked and delivered. Every goal for

the day has already been set and when I go to bed

I am listening to audio tapes on marketing.


Almost zero of my focus is on day to day BS

and all I have to focus on is what is in front

of me. I try as much as possible not to live

in the real world, and live in some automated

state of constant focus on my goals.


This is essential for rapid improvement in

anything you go after. Find ways to automate

distractions and replace activities not related

to your goals with activities that are.



Now To The Next Part : Tactics

There are about a billion things I could

put in this concluding sections. Seeing

as we are already at 4,000 words though

I am simply going to lay out what I consider to

be the ultimate keys when it comes to growing

an online business.



1: Know Your Numbers and Make Money Later

No one, literally no one , does this if they do not have

so sort of backing in PPC.


The easiest easiest easiest way to make a million bucks

is to find out exactly how much a lead on an email list

makes you on average over a certain time span. For

example over a month, two month, a year and so on.


Then all you do is simply buy leads for less than that

amount. The end you are rich.


You know all those CPA offers that pay $10 per submission?

They are likely making $20-$50 bucks per qualified lead

over the next year. Literally all their business comes down

to is paying people for leads and sending the leads down their



If they spend 1 million on leads (100,000 leads) they make

3 million back. It is just math. Turn your business into

a math problem and then just keep optimizing it.


In any competitive market making your money back

instantly on a paid ad is hard. The reason for this is

because the big dogs do not need to make an instant.

They are willing operate at a loss which gives them

an incredible advantage over businesses trying to

make money right away.


However, if you collect leads making a 3x ROI is generally

pretty easy. This also allows you to easily compete

in markets that seemed "to competitive".


For example, at Source Wave I pay about a $1.80

per qualified US lead. On average I make $5 per

lead over the span of the first month and about

$25-$40 per lead over the course of a year (we

are still getting the data for this number)


Note: I make NOTHING up front in my funnel

but can still afford to pay afford to pay $20 per lead

and STILL make money.


It makes my life pretty easy. All I have to do

is pay less than $5 per lead and make oodles

of money.


2 : Hire The Best To Be The Best

Once you know your numbers and can get leads your

only real job is being the best. Heck, you can simply

hire a team of the best people to make up your business

and then take home 30%-50% of the profits.


Stop going out there and trying to cut corners with

some third world outsourcing team. Stop trying

to sell what everyone is else is selling.


Get a team of people that change the game and

make you the best. Then make it a product. Then

scale the business to the moon. Then sell the



Pretty simple =P


3: Learn To Sell and Learn To Convert

The one talent that give you control

over everything is knowing how to

get customers and convert them.


That's it. If you have that you control everything

and can make it doing anything. You can

use any traffic source and sell any product.


That is all I will say on that subject.


Wooo….I Am Pooped

I hope you enjoyed my 4,000 word brain dump.


2015 is going to be a hell of a year for me and

the above is the very very best possible advice

I can give you in one simple blog post.


I am tired of writing so forgive me if I

skip the dramatic motivational conclusion






You may of noticed above I mentioned that

I will be having 5 masterminds this upcoming



This is essentially where 8-12 people fly into

Dallas and  I mentor you for 10 hours straight.


It is intensive as hell and I share information

there that I do not share anywhere else. I do

this for fun so the majority of these masterminds

are non profit and all proceeds go to to a charity

of my choice.


On top of that, due to a lot of request I am considering opening

up a super limited mentorship program to 3 people.


Over the next year I will essentially guide these 3 people

and mentor them to massive success. This is not for

anyone making less than $200,000 a year.


If you would like details on either of these I have

created a page HERE where you can request an application

to be a part of them (The masterminds or the private mentoring).


I will also be reviewing all application and selecting people I feel

I would most like to work with. Not everyone who applies will be



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