$400 A Day From SEO : My Entire Authority SEO Strategy Laid Out


Authority SEO

Hey guys Becker here…

I don't know if you have noticed but I have been quiet lately

That is because I have been working like a maniac to bring you something that is going to change how you approach SEO forever

You see for the past week and a half I have been focusing on spilling all of my SEO knowledge that has gotten me to $300-$400 a day into a single post.

And in this epic post I am going to do something that no talented SEO has ever done before. This is reveal my ENTIRE SEO model for 100% free

Get excited


Its Not Just SEO..Its Authority SEO

If you have been a reader of Source Wave for awhile, you know I am super gung ho about creating large authority authority sites fueled by SEO. Why? Because authorities sites are the ONLY long term way to make consistent large long term income from SEO. This is because they are

  • Virtually immune to Google penalties
  • Make ranking for competitive keywords a joke
  • Turn into monsters that can bring you a full time income from one site alone

In short, they rock and my authority site SEO model has made it EASY for me to get to and maintain a $300-$400 a day income solely from these sites


Now I have explained in GREAT detail in other posts why this is simply the best way to reach financial freedom.

However…In this post I want to focus on the how. I want to focus on the doing. I want you to feel like you have a nuclear powered money laser gun in your hands by the time you are done reading this post.


Why  I Am Just Giving This Away

If you have read Source Wave for any period of time  you know why.

Because I ACTUALLY make an income online from the info I give you.  This means I don't have to horde it or try to sell it to you.I hate that bullshit just as much as you.

The path to my financial future is not in selling you whats in my head, its in using it =).

With that being said, I am a 24 year old who makes $30,000 a month online yet only needs a guitar, a tv, and apartment close to bars to be happy (I am literally working on a $30 Wal mart desk right now and currently do not even have a car =P) I literally have everything I need to be happy, and I want everyone that comes to Source Wave to have a shot at the same success  I have had.

I also want Source Wave to be known as the place to go when you want to cut through the bs and get real information that you can actually use (not mental masterbation and hippy theories you read on 99% of blogs that are "suppost" to help you)

I remembered when I first got started I CRAVED a blog that would  just give me straight forward useful information. I never found one. Just blogs that gave clues.

Now that I am in a position to do something about it, I intend to make the type of resource I needed but never got.

So in short I am giving you this information because I can and I want to. The end =P



WARNING: Work Ahead

Contrary to most of the crap you will read online, there is no simple "color in the lines" system that will get you to a passive income and if you want that, my authority SEO system is not for you.

It is going to require you to be a very well rounded talented marketer (which is what I am going to help you become).

Can you make money in SEO making crap useless websites? Sure!

But I guarantee you this : unless you find some freak loophole your income will never be long term. Long term LARGE online incomes are never based upon tricks and no brainer systems. They are built upon creating long term value and developing a deep understanding of how people use the internet.

Again I am going to help you do this, but if you are a person who expects to put in crap and receive gold please direct yourself to the WSO section on the Warrior Forum. It will suit you much better =)

With that being said…Lets dive into this!


If you are new to SEO stop by our beginners course first


Authority SEO Part 1

Authority Keyword Research and Strategy Overview


The first step to building a SEO empire is keyword research. In fact…The most essential and important skill you can ever develop as a SEO is keyword research. Once you understand how to find keywords the right way and analyze competition SEO is comically easy. However, when it comes to authority SEO we need a battle plan. The first step in our plan for Google niche warfare is choosing the niche

Choosing Your Niche

When it comes to authority SEO, we need to view things like niche competition a bit differently. We first want to pick a niche by


-How good of a site we can make in the niche

-What you would personally enjoy working on

Why? Because first off we need money. But secondly if our site sucks it won't last and if we do not semi enjoy working on it this is going be torture. We also want to go very broad when we pick the niche. For example, here are some site ideas

  • A site based around  a broad niche like womens health (this can cover every sub niche such as acne, wrinkles, etc)
  • A site that reports on news in a certain niche (politics, celebrity gossip, etc)
  • A site that is a  large resource in a niche (collection of works outs, video game cheat codes, tv episode guides)
(There are other types of sites, but these are the best example if your starting off)
In short we want our site to be a big source of something! Instead of focusing on a super mirco niche like womens skin care, we will focus on womens health as a whole. Instead of focusing on a certain celebrity  we will make a site that covers all celebrities. Instead of making a site that focuses on 1 work out, we will make a site that covers all of them.
Make sense? Our site will basically be a large site, that targets hundreds of micro niches at a time.



Take some time to write down about 5 broad niches you might want to dig into


Got em?

Okay now that we have a general idea of what we might want to get into we need to judge the overall competition in a niche. Here is how I do it

First off is your niche is make money online, forex, debt, or something directly related to money? Well these niches are always EXTREMELY competitive. You do not want to play in these until you are a rock solid site creator and SEO. So if you have this on your list of niches, put it on the back burner for now

Second. How many super authorities are in the niche? For example if you go to Google and search anything about SEO your going to see the same 5 sites in just about any search. All of these sites also excel at being top notch resources in the niche. This means its gonna be tough to get traction.   However if you dive into a broad niche like dog training, womens shoes, or college dating you are not going to see such fierce competition. This is what we want.

Remember, are competition is not going to be tiny sites. Its going to be the big  authorities in a niche.

The number 1 thing to keep in mind though is that with authority SEO we can rank for virtually any keyword we want over time, so 90% of niches will be open to use.   Now that we have a niche idea, it is time to start choosing our keywords.



Choosing Long Term and Short Term Keywords

When we pick keywords for a authority sites we are looking for two very specific types of keywords. These are short term and long term.


Let me explain how this works.

When we first create a authority site it is essential we get traffic and start making money quickly. We are not going to do this by targeting large broad keywords because our site will not rank for these right away. For example if our site is about dog training, we are not going to rank for "how to train dogs" any time soon. (Again if you don't know why please refer to our beginners course) We need traffic and authority to do that.

This is why we will target short term keywords first. These are keywords that we can rank for in 24 hours to a week. What this does is give us an initial steady stream of traffic to start making money with. Then once we have that steady traffic and user base, we can then start trying to target the long term big keywords.


Here is how we do it

First pick 3 BIG keywords you eventually want your authority site to rank for. In the dog training niche these could be keywords like How to train dogs,  train dogs, and dog training. These are going to be the keywords our home page will eventually rank for.

Then what we need to do is dig into the niche using some of the lethal keyword methods I have shared with you in the past. We will then use these methods to find short term keywords that we can rank for in no time. These are going to be the keywords our inner pages rank for.

Here is every single post on keyword research tactics on this blog. On top of this if you sign up for our newsletter HERE you will get access to the full Dream Niche keyword research course. (14k people already have…why havn't you?)

My Five Figure Niches Totally Revealed

How To Use "New" Keyword Niches For Instant Rankings

Insanely Easy Way To Find 33k+ Searches Per Month Niches (Top 10 Method)

How To Take Over Any Niche (Blood In The Water Technique)


Our Goal

What we need to do is grab short term keywords that total up to 10k+ searches per month. For example we could grab searches like

  • Dog training pdf – (3,400 searches)
  • How to teach my dog to catch a frisbee – (1,200 searches)
  • German shepherd puppies – (5,400 searches)
The search volume for all of these searches combined totals up to 10k. See how that works?



The Strategy In A Nutshell and Site Creation

Now that we have 3 long term keywords and a collection of short term instant ranking keywords it is time to understand how we are going to be apply them.

The way the authority strategy works is by gaining momentum from quickly ranking short term keywords. This momentum eventually gets carried over to the long term keywords.

What we are going to do is build authority to our domain. When we do this the authority of the domain makes ranking our inner pages a joke. If you need some quick examples here are few posts where I rank pages for high traffic keywords in 24 hours with little to no effort.

How To Make $1000 In A Day With 3 Backlinks and Horrible SEO

Google Authorship and Instant Rankings


But first we need a rough idea of how we are going to design the site



Designing Our Site

(If You Do Not Know How To Set Up A Basic Site..Again Refer To The Beginners Guide)

Now first off…This is not some "step by step hand hold copy everything exactly as I do guide".

What you need to take away from this is the understanding of why this works and to be able to creatively apply it to your site.

I cannot reiterate enough times that you need to take this info and understand it, not step by step copy it. If this exact site design does not work for your site or something makes more sense…Then use it!

Also I cannot stress that taking action is FAR more important than getting lost inminor details right.

With that being said, we are going to set up our site so that the authority drips from the home page to our inner pages. By making a super strong domain authority we will be able to target the untapped keywords I have showed you how to find and take them over almost over night. So we essentially are going to create pages on our site that cover a broad niche with our niche, and then dive deeper into the niche.


Whether To Make Pages Or Posts?

Are you making a blog? Does it make sense to even have blog in your niche? Do you want to be a professional blogger?

If the answer is no, use pages because having a blog on dog training is stupid. Make a normal website.

This is easily done by making static pages in Wordpress and linking them together

 Creating The Pages To Target Keywords

When you create your home page (which is set in settings tab in Wordpress) focus this page on your long term kewords.

Then create pages on your site targeting your "dream niche" type keywords. Then make pages from those pages targeting even smaller "dream niche keywords". Here is an example below.

Now that we have the site roughly set up it ALL about building that authority.


Authority SEO Part 2

Building Authority


What Is Domain Authority

First off, every domain online has an "authority". While linking to pages can increase there rank, often the domain the pages are on will dramatically effect there rankings. For example a article on dogs from NBC.com will rank over night with zero backlinks. This is a authority based ranking. By following the steps below, we can start to gain this authority bonus to our domain thus making ranking easy smeezy.

The best way to do this right off the bat (and make money almost instantly) is by generating free or "almost free" natural traffic. YES Google does look at how people interact with your site. If your site is getting zero traffic from other sources on the web and has a bounce rate of 95% what does that say about your site….Duh it sucks

So what we want to do is drive natural traffic with what I like to call "initial back linking".  Now what most people do for their first links is put links up on ezine or authority sites for the link juice. I personally do not care about link juice at the start of the site. I want links that give me relevant traffic

Why? Three reasons

A) To see how people interact with my site so I can improve it

B) Generate a reputation with Google (they see your site getting traffic in analytics and see that it might actually be a legitimate site)

C) To start making money/converting traffic right away

But Arn't We Using SEO To Get Free Traffic

Yes..But Google is not the only site that you can get free traffic from. In fact if you have a decent site, it is WAY easier to get a big income by piggy backing off other sites by placing links on them. When you do this you get

  • Instant free traffic
  • Quality backlinks pointed at your site
  • A reputation with Google by generating real traffic

Here are 3 of my favorite ways to do this.


Authority Building Step 1: Initial Linking To Build Traffic


Free Traffic/Link Method #1 : Forums

Forums?!Who'd of thought the largest hubs of niche related traffic on the web could provide profitable traffic.

The funny truth is that I have launched and built thriving websites from forum traffic alone, but getting traffic from these sites is a art. A art that is NOT based around spamming and throwing up crap.

What I do whenever I create a niche authority site is find 5 relevant forums with a large amount of traffic circulating through them. This is easy to do with sites like big boards. (Also keep in mind misc forums on HUGE forums like bodybuilding.com can generate thousands of visitors from a single link.)

Then what I do is create and contribute to the community by making about 5 posts a day on each forum. Then there are 3 methods you can use to generate a ton of traffic on a forum while NOT spamming

Method 1 : Signature Headlines

Most forums allows signatures with links or allow you get one with a small donation.  Once you have a sig, you need to make a signature that makes people so pissed/confused/shocked/curious/challenged that they HAVE to click it.

For example here is my warrior forum signature that bring mes close to 100 vistors a day.


Why yes..I do realize my signature is ridiculous. Which is exactly why it gets clicks

Heres why it is designed like that step by step

  1. The hot girl (picture test of POF to increase CTRs) catches anyone scrolling arounds eye
  2. The oddly formatted insult pisses off my targeted traffic
  3. The bold 200k a year statement creates extreme curiosity and want to call BS
  4. The do not click here, evil cheating SEO statement creates overwhelming desire to see if there is actually evil cheating SEO

Boom I have a link that generates a ton of free targeted traffic. I have used this on many forums with a TON of success.  Imagine the users surprise when he clicks that link expecting pure crap, then is met with a well put together informative site. Instant reader.


Method 2: Making EXTREMELY useful or negative threads
There are two things that get a TON of attention on forums. Extreme usefulness and extreme negativity/flame wars. Hang around threads like these, or create threads like these.
If the thread is extremely useful people will ask questions, which you can answer with a link to a page on your site.
If the thread is extremely upsetting, you can back up statements with a link to a page on your site
Either way this can drive MASSIVE amounts of free targeted traffic. I am talking about 1000s of legitimate visitors who are eager to read what is on your site. (Out of curiosity or anger)
The Result
You will have relevant visitors coming to your site, and spending a lot of time reading your content. This looks awesome to Google and is a great way to get traffic regardless of SEO.


Almost Free Traffic Method Two : StumbleUpon

Like I stated before we want our site flooded with relevant traffic before we even start ranking. This creates buzz, time on site, and return visitors. The easiest way to do this is to simply buy a horde of free traffic from Stumble Upon for next to nothing.

For .05 cents a visitors you can load your site with niche related traffic using their paid discovering system.

The secret though, is to get them to interact with your site. I do this by creating a extremely helpful or controversial article. Again usefulness or controversy are the two biggest things that get a person to stay on a page.

For example if you have a "dog" related site, creating a page that warns about a new dog mediacation that causes dogs to attack their owners WILL get dog lovers to read and dig through your site. Then simply link them to more "positive content"

Boom…Instant easy "nearly" free traffic.


Free Traffic/Link Method Three: Manipulating The Media

Nothing builds authority and generates massive traffic at the same time like a good ol link on a HUGE media or authority site. Unfortunately these are pretty hard to get if you are an average Joe marketer.

However, in order to have a large full time income online your going to have to rise above the average Joe. (By the way 95% of marketers NEVER make money online..There is nothing average about succeeding online)

Now this can seem almost impossible to do, until you understand how internet media works. Heres a quick overview

Why Media Bloggers Are DESPERATE To Link To You

What you have to understand is that the bloggers on Forbes, Mashable, and every other site that produces news is that they HAVE to write. To be more precise they HAVE to have something interesting to write about…DAILY

You see these BIG sites make money selling advertsing based by page views. If a article is not interesting it does not get page views and the site does not make money. So in short if a blogger/writer does not consistently have  new content that generates pageviews they lose their jobs. (Some sites even pay BY pages views)

So in short you can be their personal savior if you can provide them with something interesting, or subtlety hint to them what will generate a TON of noises/page views. What is funny is that MOST big sites get their stories from smaller sites ESPECIALLY when they are running out of things to talk about.

There are countless writers who just browse all day till they see something that is getting a ton of buzz (comments, likes, tweets) and then they just "borrow it". Or they rely on so called "experts" to give them something.

Oh, to top this off they are in DIRECT competition with other writers. This creates a "get it out" fast process for many big news sites, that does not allow them to always check your credentials thoroughly  As long a you APPEAR like an expert that is good enough for them.

(A good book to read about this is Trust Me I'm Lying)

How We Use This To Get Traffic and Links

There are two ways. If you are trying to create a reputable site like Source Wave here are a few approaches

Clean Method 1: Watch what is hot in the news. Then learn about it VERY quickly. I have a Google doc with the email of of almost EVERY editor in the tech/news industry. The second something crazy happens in SEO I load up the doc and send a message to every editor telling them I have the inside scoop. This usually gets me 1 or two bites on BIG sites. Why? Because I have hot information


Clean Method 2: Guest posting. This is MUCH harder to do because sites get hit all the time with offers for guest posts. What you do is after you get some bites from sites using the first method, you then cite these in the email you send offering a guest post to give you some credentials. Hard to do..But it works.


Clean Method 3: The third method is called the slip strem method, coined by Derek Halpern of Social Triggers. Basically, you watch whats going on on certain news sites. When they release a article, you make one covering/commenting on the same tactic. You then email the editor and ask if they might want to link to your article or create a follow up article.

The key to getting clean methods to work is to have a KILLER looking site that appears legitimate. This is usually enough credential for many "Get it out fast" news sources.

On the flip side there are dirty methods that are much easier to pull off. Methods like these have gotten my websites featured in some of the biggest news publications online and sky rocketed my sites authority. This has also made MANY of my pages go viral. This blows up their SEO value and gets me thousands of new visitors. Here they are


Creating controversy and stupidity gets media attention…And links

Dirty Method 1 (Angry Emails) : Remember when I told you controversy attracts a crowd? The media knows this and they abuse it every day (ever wonder why Brad and Angelinas crazy relationship is on the cover of EVERYTHING)

So what you do is simply create the controversy yourself. On one of my sites I made a long angry article about why a certain celebrity might be cheating on his long time GF.  I've also made articles on all sorts of crazy crap, like how college students are using mind control tactics to manipulate girls at parties.

Anyhoo, you then can simply email these big media outlets with fake emails. In the emails you link to the article and get VERY upset about it while asking if this might be true. Editors see this, and fairly often they will try to create controversy by using your page as a catalyst.

For example, if you have been watching the election at all you may have noticed an article titled "Romney : Leading The White Vote By A lot" or even better "Confederate States All For Romney : Civil War Racism Playing A Role In Election"

These article have exploded and gotten ton of buzz. Why? Because the writers played the race card in some way to create controversy.

Use this same method and BOOM tons of traffic and a link from a super authority will come soon.


Dirty Method 2 (Create Fake Buzz) : When a media writer sees a ton of buzz they think one thing.."Why didn't I write about that". If the site is small enough they will often just steal the story and give you a weak citation OR ask for your opinion or a quote on their site.

To bad many media writers will NEVER take the time to check if the buzz is real. With 10 bucks and a rotating IP you can overload a page with likes/reweets and then leave 100 fake comments.

So what you do is create a page/article on a hot topic.Then  send a fake email linking to the page and asking why the media outlet has not covered the topic. Desperate writers will pick up the story simply because it "looks" like it is getting a ton of buzz.

A lot of buzz means their article on the same topic will get buzz, therefor they will keep their job.


Dirty Method 3 (Fake Stupidity): I used to own a site that covered a lot of immature topics (not CollegeFlirt). I had a blogger writing for me at the time who had a video camera.  So what we did while he was filming a video blog is fake something ridiculous happening on camera. It was hilariously and appeared totally by accident.

Any ways, we then sent the page with the video out to a ton of other huge "immature" sites. Boom the page got featured and we got hordes of traffic/thousands of links.


Forcing Google To HAVE To Rank You 

Regardless of the method you use, all the methods listed above get you 1 thing. Traffic going through and linking to your site. The BEST way to start a site is to show Google you can stand on your own two feet. The authority links and free traffic will then justify your initial authority.

Then what happens (if you have good content) is people will ACTIVELY search for your site in Google. What do you think this shows the big G? Now by NOT showing your site, Google fails at its job

This is a spot you want to be in

Now onto the second part of building authority


Authority Step 2 :Setting Up Google Authorship

Google Authorship is one of the fastest ways to rank these days

Google Authorship is a powerful thing. By simply setting up a social presence online and linking it together on G+ you will gain a huge advantage on your competition. On top of this Google will start connecting your niche with YOU and making anything you create in the niche a priority to rank. In this post I showed the dramatic effect simply having authorship can have on a sites rankings.

What You Need To Do

Setting up good Google authorship is fairly easy. Simply create

  • A Facebook
  • A linked in profile
  • A twitter
  • A Google Plus page

And fill out all of the info with keyword rich information. If your site is about dog training be sure to mention it every where in your profiles (within reason)

Then link all the profiles together in the G+ "edit profile" area. Finally connect your authorship to your site. This can easily be done by installing the Google Author Link Plugin into your wordpress and entering your G+ profile tab

You Are Now A "Someone"

The reason this is so important is because Google is all about ranking certain people in Google. They want a world renown cosmetologist showing up for how to cure acne, not a 19 year with a GED and sweet backlinks.

By making it blatantly obvious that you are all about your niche, Google is going to give you way more favor in search engines.


Consider Yourself Authoritative…But It Takes More Than That

Now that we have set up all the right signals for Google (Authority links, natural traffic, authorship etc) it is now time to get our hands dirty with some link building.

But First We Are 4,650 word into this post…Take A Break and Enjoy A Funny Video


Authority SEO Part 3

Creating Epic Links


The Easiest Algorithm To Rank In Ever?

Contrary to craziness you see everyone whiningg about, the latest algorithm is stupidly easy to rank in.

The reason for this is because Google took out a bunch of the "beat around the bush" subtle methods that never really worked that well in the first place.

However, it almost completely ignored the straight forward approches that just plain work. The cool thing is when you combine the linking I am about to show you with the authority building I showed you above, there is literally NOTHING that can stop you (once you get the process down) My backlinking strategy comes in 3 steps. Here they are


Step 1: Building Your Nuke Links

You can follow all sorts of clever link schemes that supposedly work, but at the end of the day there is 2 things Google will always respond to. This is high PR and relevance. A relevant links from a high PR page is the pinnacle of SEO. If you get enough of them you rank, always. (If you do not understand the value of links check out this post first.)

Unfortunately these links are hard as hell to get…unless you make them yourself. Here is what I do.

Building Your Nuke Links

Whenever I jump into a competitive niche I will buy 5-10 PR 5 sites. This usually cost about $1000-$2000 (don't worry I have a cheaper alternative below). Once I have them, I place them on SEO hosting and give them each a different IP address. I then convert the sites into niche sites that are VERY relevant to my niche. This is done by changing the meta tags and content on the site. (The URL does not matter)

I then link back to my home page with the main keyword and my brand name as anchor text. So if my sites called PoochChampion.com and my keyword is "dog training" I link back to my site with the anchor text Pooch champion and dog training.

I then link to my inner pages that are targeting my "dream niche" type keywords with the keyword they are targeting as anchor text. I do not vary my anchor text (more on why this is okay in in a sec)


The Results?

This is usually enough to catapult all my inner pages to the top of Google in a few day. This gives me a near instant boost in traffic, that gives the relatively new site a huge user base when combined with the natural traffic I already have going through it.

The reason this happens so fast is because the authority I have built combines with these "perfect links" and makes this site Googles new best friend.


On A Budget?

First off, I am not trying to sell you anything  so I am going to tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. SEO is not some free hobby that will bring you money for nothing. You need to have about $300 a month to invest so that you can

A) Learn

B) Get results.

If you do not have that, get a job so that you can.

With that being said I realize not everyone has 1k+ a month to blow on links. A much cheaper alternative to buying PR5s is to nab expiring PR2s and 3s off Godaddy using a tool called PR Powershot. You can usually snatch up decent PR3-2s for about $20-$30 a pop.

This is a good alternative to buying 5's and will allow you slowly build out your niche network at a reasonable price.


Step 2: Building Your Supporting Links

Now that we have launched our nuke links, it is time to follow up with our "link ground troops". These are the common links you always hear about such as

  • Wiki links
  • Social bookmarks
  • PDF Links
  • Comment Links
  • Social profiles
  • 2.0 Links

We will be using automated tools to build all of these. I use SeNuke XCR and scrapebox.



Automated VS Manual Link Building?

Look…You need to invest in automated tools. Manual link building takes WAY to long and our time is valuable. What will take you 8 hours, takes a click of a button in SeNuke XCR.

You need to spending time learning, not doing mindless link building.

Also before you ask "isn't automated link building dangerous?". A tool is only as effective as its owner. If you give a 12 year old a ak-47, the results will be quite different than if you gave a navy seal one.

Automated tool are extremely safe IF you use them the right way.


How To Build Supporting Links

When we build supporting links we need to focus on a bunch of different factors when creating our links. Here are the factors and how I implement them.


Leaving A Small Footprint

When I make links, I build them behind about 150 private proxies. For links that require content (wikis, articles, 2.0s) I spin my content to 150%+. By doing this my link building is virtually untraceable and leaves zero footprint.


Rate Of Link Building

Every morning when I wake up, I have my tools set so that I just have to hit a few buttons and they build a set amount of links.

The key is that I build about the same amount of links every single day. The most important part of building links is that it is consistent. Depending on the type of link I will build 10-50 a day.


Link Diversity

I am constantly rotating the type of links that I am building. The diversity makes my links appear natural and also gives me a power from a ton of different places. Heres a weekly example

Monday- Build 10 PDF link

Tues- Build 50 wiki links

Wed- Build 50 social profiles

Thurs – Build 10 2.0s

Friday – Build 50 social bookmarks

Rinse and repeat


Anchor Text Variation

Remember when I told you that I do not vary my anchor text on my nuke links? This is because I want the super juice to be solely focused on my main keywords.

I make up for the over optimization by then desaturating my anchor text profile with my supporting links. This is my exact ratio if my keyword was dog training

10% – exact keyword (dog training

15% – variations of keyword (where to find dog training)

35% – Related keywords (boston terrier, flees, dog leashes, cats)

20% – Random non related (click here, more info, Justin Bieber)

20% – Url variations (dogtraining.com , http://Dogtraining.com, www.dogtraining.com)


This make my anchor text profile extreme unsaturated allows me to be super aggressive with my nuke links.


Where I Links To

I send about 60% of my links to my homepage and then the other 40% to inner pages


The Results?

Over time this is going to sure up and increase the rankings for the pages on your site. This consistent linking also drips through the entire site, contributing to the overall domain authority.


Step 3: Extra Linking

After you have built your nuke links and implement daily consistent automated linking, we are going to often need to create some bumps for our inner page keywords. This is done by using a few methods


Building Link Pyramids to Pages

I am not going to get into a ton of depth on how to do this, because you can simply refer to this post and learn all their is to know about link pyramids. I would also just like to add that this can be done with the push of a button in most automated tools. Follow the same anchor text variation and link building tips I placed above.


Building Non-Anchor Text High PR Comments

One of my biggest secrets is that I build a truck load of comments. The twist is that I only build them on PR 1+ pages and never use my keywords as anchor text. This because Google watches over anchor text comments like a hawk.

However, when  a ton of random anchor text comments from high PR pages link back to my site the results are just plain awesome.

I do this by buying lists of PR1+  auto approve pages from sites like scrapebrokers and then load them into scrapebox. Then with the click of a button I can create hundreds of PR1+ links.


Social Viral Linking

This is where we use social signals to make it look like our pages are going viral. This is again cover in this linking post.


Authority+Perfect Link Building=$$

The beauty of all of this is that when you combine the authority you generate earlier with these high power links, it creates the perfect SEO storm.

You get Google eager to give your site an advantage in the serps by building authority and getting free traffic.

Then once you have Google liking you, you follow it up with massively powerful link building. Google pays 10x more attention to your links because it wants to rank your site due to your authority.

This results in your site dominating ranking and receiving boat loads of traffic almost over night.


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 Authority SEO Part 4

Monetization And Quality


Once you have the rankings, your future income comes down to two things : how you monetize and the quality of your site.

Now I could write another 6,000 words on each of these subject, but since this post is mainly about SEO I want to just touch on them.

I will be getting into these in greater detail in later posts though.


On Quality

Smart SEO will get you rankings. However no matter how good your SEO is, if your site is crap it will eventually get the axe from Google. However, if your site is a quality beast (aka its extremely useful) your site will stay at the top of Google for years with minimal SEO. This is because once the ball gets rolling the amount of people linking to your site and using your site will be more than enough to justify your rankings.

When you get people loving your site, it becomes bad business for Google not to rank you and you become immune to penalties.

For example, on many of my initial authority sites I used terrible SEO. I am talking link spam, banned blog networks and breaking every SEO rule know to man. Yet to this day the sites still rank highly in Google and will not budge.  This is the power of authority SEO.


The Big Misinterpretation Of "Quality"

If you ask many SEOs what the definition of a quality site is, they will tell you it  has to do with the amount of words on a page, the on page SEO, and how many pages the site has. NO!

A quality site is not defined by any of these things. It all comes down to people actually using and liking your site.

Indicator of having a quality site are things like

  • People returning to a site
  • High time on site
  • Low bounce rates
  • People actively searching for your site (For example the term Source Wave gets a ton of searches now)

The thing is Google can see all these signs, and when it does it is quick to reward sites like this and hesitant to punish them.

So in short if you want to keep your rankings make sure your site kicks ass.


On Monetization

I know that most people plan to try to monetize their sites with adsense or affiliate marketing, that is fine.

However the easiest and most long term way to monetize your site is with monthly memberships or a product that provides a recurring income.

This is because every month your income will build upon itself and increase. For example if your site makes $1000 in new reoccurring sales every month, your income by the end of the year could easily be $9k-10k a month.

See how that works?

I will be getting a lot more into this in future post



6,700 Words Later

Woooo….What a brain dump.

You now have my entire game plan that has generated me most of my SEO income. What you do with it and taking action is up to you. There is one thing I need to add though.



By this I mean getting lost in every tiny detail of this. I know SEO attracts a ton of people who need every minute detail in order to take action. I am telling you right now if you are an anal super detailed person, you are going to fail at this,

The most important thing you can do with this info is take action, even if you are not sure if you are doing it right. This is because the best results come with practice and experience.

Wasting time worrying about if your on page is 100% perfect or if your anchor text is %5 off is going to ruin your growth.

Take action, take action, take action.


Your Success Is Up To You

With all that being said, I have just wrote close to 7,000 words on SEO because I want you to succeed.

I am privileged to be in a position to give this to so many people and I want to personally thank every reader of Source Wave. You guys show up big time for this brand and I want to make sure you guys keep getting the best of the best SEO information/marketing information.

Much love!


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