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How To Get SEO Clients Paying You For Life

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Hey! Go back and watch the video!


Okay great

So You Got Your First Client and You’re All Like

But WAIT! How Do You Provide The Service


Well that is exactly what I want to break down in the written version of this post. Now a lot of this is covered in the video in a over the shoulder way, HOWEVER I want you to have a free quick reference in this article (If you appreciate that please toss our fan page a like below)

Now if you are new here, first stop by our client getting guide so you can get a SEO client


The 5 Steps To Getting Awesome Results For Clients

The thing about local SEO is it is borderline easy to assembly line the whole process once you get it done.

While every client of mine gets special attention, I have a streamlined way of giving that attention that lets me


1. First identify and fix possible issues

2. Understand exactly what they need

3. Get them results


And those three things is what it all comes down to! So without further adue here are my steps to doing this


Step 1: Checking Their Past Links

Taking a peek at your clients backlinks is a 110% must do!

This is a step I do not see many local SEO’s do, and frankly it is mind blowing. If you fail to do this your setting yourself up to get either

A) And extremely unhappy customer

B) Frustrating results

C) Possibly sued (which is why you should never GUARANTEE results in a contract)


What this step does is check to make sure your clients site is healthy…If you fail to check this and address this within the first month your gonna be in for some hurt.

What you have to understand is that most clients you get will have had SEO work done in the past. If their rankings are very poor its likely they had their SEO done by idiots and their site is damaged to the point where it will not rank.

This is NOT your fault and most of the time not even the best SEO in the world will fix this. So how do we check for this?


Step 1: Check its current rankings

If your client had SEO work done in the past, and their site is optimized (if it is not check step 2) they SHOULD at least be past page 5.

If they are sitting past page 5 with an optimized site that has a year or so worth of SEO done to it then SOMETHING is wrong. This is your first sign that your client has handed you a corpse you can’t revive


Step 2: Check their links

Now what we want to do is check their link profile in majestic. Right off the bat we want to check a few things

1) How far their SEO dates back (can be seen for the past 5 years). If they have links dating back a few years they HAVE had SEO work done for them. This usually is bad, as if the SEO work was any good they would be ranking


2) Their trust flow and citation flow – If it is below 20 they more than likely have bad links


The next thing we want to check is their back links. Now if you have the $40 per month version of majestic (which you should) you can see a large majority of their links. Now what we want to do is check for


1) Bad Links – To check for these go back to their farthest back pages in majestic. If they have a TON of links with zero trust flow/citation flow…They have bad links


2) Blog Networks – Not all blog networks are bad. But for the most part, SEO service providers in the past just threw sites up on networks to get rankings. When these networks got blasted, all of their clients got blown up.

Now, a lot of networks just threw in the towel and never even took the links down. So your gonna see a lot of potential clients with old networks still aimed at them.

The will be pretty obvious. Just stand alone blog posts on random sites, with their anchor text. You might have to dig a little bit, but its worth finding them

Example of a typical blog network site


3) Over Optimized Anchor Text – The other thing most SEO services messed up was anchor text. If your clients is trying to rank for “Monkey Clothes” and 90% of his anchor text is “Monkey Clothes” they probably triggered a penguin penalty.


What To Do If You Have A Client With A “Corpse” Site

No… you do not try to repair the SEO, that has like a 10% chance of working. If you let a client stay on, and then at the end of 6 months say…”Well your site was busted the whole time, thanks for the money”…They are gonna flip shit and say “Why couldn’t you fix this or why didn’t you tell me from the get go”

This is not your fault, but when someone is paying you keep this in mind “If they are not happy, you are wrong”. So with that being said, trying to revive a dead site rarely works and is not something you can rely on


So what do you do?

Its really simple…

1st : Buy a new domain and push ALL of the content to this domain. (Get an optimized domain for best results EX:

2nd : Keep their old domain up (people might still come to it) but simply block robots from reading it. This way you have zero duplicate content

3rd : Rank the new domain…taaa daaah


This gets rid of all the negative SEO factors and gives you a fresh start!


“But isn’t ranking a new domain harder than an aged domain?”

Yes…BUT it is

A) 10x easier than ranking a penalized domain

B) With the curent algorithm rankings come FAST so it doesn’t matter


Bing bam boom, your client has a chance to rank again. Move to step 2


What If My Client Seems Healthy?

Then move to step 2


Step 2: Check Their Site

9/10 When you check a clients site..something might be a bit off

The next thing we want to do is optimize their website for their searches.


Your going to see primarily two set ups

1) A wordpress site which you SHOULD be able to optimize

2)A html site which might confuse you


If you see an HTML site and you don’t know HTML here is what you do

1) Learn super simple basic html…

Holy crap your an internet marketer and the internet is built with HTML..Why the hell haven’t you learned to read it yet. I took one basic HTML class when I was 14 years old and its totally covered my needs till now. Spend a day or two learning this

2) Make small changes with in the HTML. Meta tags and the content of a page is SUPER easy to modify without major changes.

For example: when you open up a basic html page it will have these basic things

<meta charset=”UTF-8″ />
<title>Source Wave : SEO Blog</title>
<meta http-equiv=”Content-Type” content=”text/html; charset=UTF-8″ />
<meta name=”robots” content=”index, follow” />
<meta name=”description” content=”Source Wave Marketing Is A SEO Blog That Shares The Latest Insights On SEO and Internet Marketing” />
<title>Daves Dental Shop</title>
<meta name="description" content="Dave is awesome" />
Dave is a great guy!


Now to make this optimized just change the stuff slightly to make it optimized


<title>Dallas Dentist Dave</title>
<meta name="description" content="Dave is a great Dallas Dentist and Fort Worth Dental Expert" />
Dave is a great guy and also a Dallas Dentist


Yes…That is a simple explanation. If you need more go to and spend 2 hours learning basic HTML. If you want a future in internet marketing, you should know the basics of how a web page works. Its SUPER SUPER SUPER (notice how I said super 3x) easy to learn.


What To Do To Their Site

The next thing you want to do is

A) Optimize the main page for the main keyword OR make a page focused around the main keyword

B) Make additional pages for the other keywords you want to rank for


A lot of times you will get a client with a branded home page url like :

This of course is not very SEO optimized. So sometimes it is just best to try and rank a page for their main keyword like

This truly depends on how well their homepage is already ranking and is up to you.


For their other more obscure searches. For example : Free teeth whitening Dallas…Your going to want to make additional URL optimized pages

Why? Because

A) Ranking the home page for every term is impossible. You can only optimize one page for so many searches

B) The url of a page provides a big bonus in ranking

C) Because I said so


Now Add The Secret Rank Increasers

Get the following on their pages

1) Links to authority sites (like wikipedia)

2) Youtube vids if you can

3)A google maps on the home page (helps with local)


Things That MUST Go

1) Phone numbers in the title

2) Over optimized pages (very common)


Bing Bam Boom, Their Site Is Ready To Rock

Now to move onto the next step


Step 3: Check Those Competitors, Ya Hear

Local SEO is about beating your competition

The biggest difference between local SEO and personal SEO is how you read competition.

In personal SEO your trying to find low competition

In local SEO your walking into a room full of tough competition (in certain niches) and saying “WHO WANTS SOME”. In local SEO your pretty much only going to be able to rank by beating other SEOs.

Its pretty much like a never ending dog fight. (Que Kenny Loggins and Top Gun music)

Pretty much sums up local SEO…sort of…


…Yes I know that was not needed and distracting

Now before you get intimidated by the sweet guitar riffs, realize most SEO’s are horrible. Like “really bad, your dog can beat them at SEO” horrible.

If you read everything on Source Wave you can beat about 95% of SEO’s. If your an Infinitum members, you can beat 99% of them.


What we want to do now though, is simply gauge how big of a gun we need to bring to the SEO party. In short we are going to judge how much we will have to spend to beat them.


Now here is our secret weapon

Most SEO companies are short sited and only spend 20% of what a client gives them on getting results. I however, spend 100% of what they give me TILL I get results


Because I want a client for life…Not just 6 months. Get them results fast and you will never worry about them canceling. So with that strategy in mind, if a client is paying 1k a month I can get the results that most Agencies could only get in 5 months (spending $200 a month) in 1 month (Because I spend it all)


What We Do

The first thing we need to do is throw our competitors in Majestic SEO. Now lets use the search “Dallas Dentist” as an example. Keep in mind there are some bad ass mofos in this search. If you stick to suburbs starting off you will not have competition like this.

Lets throw in the number one site :


Now lets look at a few things they are doing


1) Buying relevant directory links

Okay so its obvious they are spending money. Here is a directory links.


2) Swapping links

After another quick look it is clear they are swapping links with other practices (or paying to be on them). This is really good SEO FYI


3) Working with link swapping services

After a bit more digging, it is pretty clear they working with A LOT of link swapping services


What This Tells Us

First off these guys are gonna be tough as hell to beat. Their main focus and top links ALL come from swapping links with other businesses.

Most of the time this is not the case, but to beat them (and this will take awhile) we will have to first get the same SEO they have. This takes us to the next step


Step 4: Mimic The Competition

To be a tough SEO, you first must copy the tough SEO’s!

The first thing we need to do is get on the same level as our competition. Now the site above has some VERY good SEO, we might not be able to beat them but we can definitely beat some of the other competitors.

If I were to go for this search here is what I would do


A) Judge the cost to beat them : This would probably be about 2.5k a month at least.

B) Buy links from the same directories : I would go through their list of sites and get links their as well

C) Start swapping links with their friends: Obviously a lot of similar sites are open to trade, I would contact them and well…trade :P


How To Judge The “How Much”

I have a simple rule of thumb for this.


If it is a local keyword (City, Suburb, Town): if it is high competition (mostly city) then $2.5k a month, if it is low competition $1k a month

If it is a national keyword: If it is low competition 2.5-5k a month. If it is medium to high 5k-7.5k. If it is a tough mofo keyword 10k+.


How many keywords is this?

10 keywords, with a 25%-50% increase for 10 additional keywords


Do I do a set up fee?

Most SEO services do this…I do not, why? I do not need it and a one time upfront payment doesn’t help my recurring revenue (which is all I care about). Sure I don’t make as much as other SEO providers up front, but when I am wiping the floor with them for a tad cheaper 2 months later do you think I am going to lose many customers?


This Will Be The Majority Of Your Work

In step 5 we will be doing some HARD hitting SEO. However, hard hitting does not mean time consuming.

Mimicking competitors is the most time consuming task and should be part of your on going service. After the heavy hitting first month, taking time every month to check what your competitors are doing and match it will get you HUGE rank increases.

The best thing about your competition is you can ALWAYS see what they are doing and what is working best for them. Their power house links show up first in majestic and you can literally track anything they are focusing on doing.

Now lets focus on our secret sauce


Quick Tip

Remember when I said mimic your competion.

If your in a low competition area, why not steal mimic what the sites in TOUGH areas are doing anyways. This will give you  a serious edge in lower competition areas like suburbs.


Step 5: High PR Relevant Link Building + Local SEO

The final step to all this is crushing our targeted searches with high PR relevant backlinks.

You will see 100 different SEO strategies, but the CORE of ranking for whatever search you want is high PR relevant links…The end…Period…It always wins

There will of course be sites that have a serious edge on a search you might not be able to beat AND sometimes you will not be able to afford as many PR links as you need. However, 9/10 times this is what will win your search.


How Do We Do This?

Its borderline impossible to get your links on truly high PR relevant sites. You also don’t have time for this if you want to be effective, despite what many white hat dumb asses may tell you.

To do this super quickly and super effectively, we literally just buy high PR sites and then put our own relevant content on them. This makes them a relevant high PR link. Bam we win.

Lucky for you I have created a 4000 word guide on doing this here.


What Elese? Time To Buy Links

Buying super high PR links from good quality sites in the fastest way to get an immediate bump from any search. You can find these links by using forums to locate sellers OR from buying your competitors links.

Again I have made another HUGE guide explaining how to do this here.


Anything Else?

Yes..For local searches (area based searches) reviews, citations, and links from relevant local area sites are becoming more and more important.

Its gonna be a pain in the butt, but I truly believe this will be what solely ranks sites locally in the future (especially reviews via the Google placeplus review system)


You also see the Google places/plus 7 box blanket the first page of searches. This used to be super easy to manipulate by simply building a ton of citation links, but after the G+ upgrade and importance of reviews it is just a big pile of WTF at the moment. It can also be a serious burden.

I have managed to rank well in this many times by mass building reviews and citations but its is really just a mess right now (its a mix of the users location,review, citations, local site links) and I more so aim to just out rank the plus box.

The reason for this is : Real reviews can be a pain in the butt to amass and getting links from local sites (think the local news or local review sites) can be a tough task. Sadly I think grey hat SEO is losing its luster in this area.

With that being said, in uncompetitive areas you can pummel the places box with citations and review links.


For Citation Links

Senuke can do this, my best advice if you cannot do it is to get a outsourcer to do it. Doing this manually can be VERY time consuming.

Just make sure the address on your plus Page + business details is exactly the same as what your putting on the citation sites. This goes for the website as well!


For Reviews

Just follow the exact same procedure above


You can easily both of these totally handled here (Local Citation/Review builder). Again the Plus listings can be extremely unreliable in tough areas, so do not lose your head on this. The links also work GREAT as local backlinks if you link back to your site.




Well congrats…Your ready to get your clients results! If you need more SEO expertise just check out some of our Omega Guide posts


So uh…Go Get Some Client!

In the last 2 posts I have shown you EXACTLY how I get clients and more importantly KEEP clients. You have everything I have now, besides my boyish good looks and ability to do a hand stand (helps with  client conversions).


What you need to do now is take imperfect action…NOW

Do not sit around trying to find out the nitty gritty details of my process….Hell do not even try to copy me. Take my ideas above, use them to get you started and then gain first hand experience so that you have your OWN ideas.

I cannot stress that enough. What I have given you above will ONLY get you started, it will NOT make you successful. Being that 2% of people who gets off their ass and take action (even if its not 100% right) will make you successful.


So with that being said. Give our little blog a like and then get the hell off it. If you want to make money doing this and are not picking up your phone to call businesses right now…You are wrong…Very wrong



Local SEO Guide

Hi friend,

If your reading this  there is a 1/5 chance your going to die in the next 5 years

According to a recent study  done by FDAP if you have consumed any of the following


-Oreo cookies

-Beef jerky


You have likely contracted a rare pathogen that accidentally triggers extremely sore feet.

Now while none of this is true, by now I likely have your full attention which is great because you are about to read one of the most useful SEO articles of your life


Local SEO? More Like Local Goldmine

On a serious note if your on this site you are probably into SEO. If you are into SEO you probably are really interested in money. Which is great because that is what this post is gonna be all about

Last I spoke with you I introduced you to what I like to call SEO multipliers. These are ways to drastically increase how quickly you start making money with SEO.

Perhaps the best of these is what is known as Local SEO.


What Is Local SEO?

Now local SEO is a very limiting name. I prefer to call it doing SEO for businesses, or Professional SEO. (Now you can say your a PRO SEO…High five). So before we get into this, just keep in mind we don’t have to stick to businesses in our local area.

In short, local SEO is where you find businesses that would benefit from better SEO rankings and then you get them to pay you for your help. Instead of doing SEO for yourself, you are doing SEO for someone else.


Why Would You Want To Do This?

First off the SECOND you get good at SEO the first thing you need to do is be hopping into local SEO. In fact you need to moving your SEO in the direction of a real business period…But more on that later.


WAIT! “What If I Am Bad At SEO?”

Congrats, your on the best SEO website on the web.

If your new heres our free beginners course.

If your a vet, check out all of my SEO case studies and strategies in our sidebar



Now why would you want to do this?

Because even if you are a SEO rockstar, it will take you a couple of months to reach a $150+ a day income.

On the flip side, once you get good at local SEO you can literally go from zero to 10k a month within a month realistically.


Its just to easy not to rock out doing local SEO

Now you have to realize that rankings your own websites can be just as profitable as doing local SEO…But it is NOT as explosive or easy to do.

I want you to see the true potential of this, and for you to do that you need to understand the biggest perks of local SEO


Perk #1 : You Are Paid Before You Rank

This right here is the main reason why you can build an income SO fast doing this.

In personal SEO you only get paid after your site is killing it. When you do local SEO your get paid the second you start working on a persons site.

This means if you get six $500-$1000 clients in a month, you are INSTANTLY at a full time income (Note all of this will be recurring). This is almost impossible to achieve so quickly with your own sites.


Perk #2: Less Competitive/Easier To Rank

First…There are some searches out there like Dallas Dentist, Austin Lawyer, Texas Credit Repair that are tough as hell to rank for.

However, when you first start out doing this you are likely going to get clients that want to rank for EASY keywords. These are keywords ANYONE can rank for, and your going to be getting paid very well to rank for them.


Perk #3: You Have A Budget

When you are doing work on your own sites, buying links comes straight out of your pocket.

When you do local SEO, you can spend money your clients are giving you to get results. This makes ranking extremely easy because you can use the raw power your budget allows you WITHOUT having to pay for it out of pocket.

On top of this, the tougher the search you are targeting the more you can charge. This means you can also afford to spend more on tough searches, allowing you easily rank for them as well.


Perk #4: Your Ranking Aged Quality Domains (Most of The Time)

One of the biggest challenges of ranking your own site is that you are trying to rank a brand new site that has no trust or authority. This means you cannot just slam the site to the top of Google and it’s going to take time to build trust.

In local SEO, most of the time your clients have 5 year old sites with content already on them. So not only are these sites 100% done, they also have trust with Google.

This means you can be way more direct and have very little chance of being penalized.




If your not doing this already…Boom wake up call

I am not telling you to drop all your current sites and just do this. I am telling that you can be doing this as well and making even more money.


“But How Do I Get Clients/Businesses On Board?”

Good question…In fact this is the number one barrier of entry for most people that get into local SEO

Lucky for you this is EXACTLY what we are going to focus on today. (Later this week I will show you how to get clients results)

So…without further adue…Lets hop into another Source Wave Omega Guide



Source Wave Omega Guide


How To Get Local SEO Clients


What Is A Source Wave Omega Guide?

If your a Source Wave virgin (how cute) , SEO Omega Guides are my attempt to make the ultimate resource on a topic of SEO. This is where I cover topics like keyword research, back linking  monetization in such detail that you will literally be an expert by the time you are done reading.

I also want to make it so that you will never have to look anywhere else for this info. One of the biggest issues I had when I first got started was that SEO info is never put in one place intelligently  making learning like a scavenger hunt.

The answer to this scavenger hunt? Source Wave Omega Guides.


So..Getting Clients

Hopefully by now you are pumped about getting into local SEO.

Now the hardest part of all this is getting people give you money to do their SEO. Actually…It is not hard at all IF you know how to do it.


Before I get into this though…I have a brief warning

First off, as you know only about 2% of people find success in internet marketing or SEO. I truly believe this is only because 2% of people put in the effort and hold themselves accountable + create their own ideas.

Today I am not going to give you a for dummies “step by step blueprint”, because frankly there is no step by step blueprint to success. The secret is to take other peoples ideas and make your own.


So today, I am not writing to the 98% of people that do not want to think. Today I am writing to you, the 2% who are going to have success and I am going to talk to you with the full expectation that you are an ambitious, clever intelligent person who does not constantly need their hand held.

In short, I am expecting to step up to the challenge and break out of your comfort zone. If that is not for you, then I am sorry but you likely fall in that 98% category.

Now lets get back into it!


Getting Clients Is Not Hard If You Do It Right

In my first month of local SEO, I literally made 5k in recurring income. Granted I am a talented guy, but you are too (right?).

Getting local clients is not hard IF you understand the 4 steps to getting them. These are


-Know how to locate the best potential clients

-Getting them on the phone

-Telling them what they need to hear

-Understanding how to close a deal


None of steps above are hard, and most businesses KNOW they need to be marketing themselves online. You simply need to follow the 4 steps I am about to give you and you WILL eventually hit success with this.


Step 1: Knowing How To Locate The Best Clients

Locating clients is easy if you know where to look

Locating clients is easy if you know where to look

First off there are a few requirements we will need a client to fall under


A) Has a high price per customer

We need this because most of the time we are not going to be targeting high traffic searches. Because of this we need the average customer the business gets to be fairly high priced, this will make it much easier to justify our price

For example

If you do SEO for a local hot dog stand and only get 100 people to their website, they will not make much money. This is because at a conversion rate of 5% they will have only made about 5 hot dog sales. This will net them a whopping $20 and not cover the cost of your service.


If you do SEO for a local dermatologist and get 100 people to their website, they will make a truckload. On average a dermatologist can make anywhere from $200-$1000 per customer. So at a 5% conversion rate they will get about 5 customers. This will realistically result in 2k+ in sales. This easily justifies you charging 1k per month for your service

See how that works?


B) They Cannot Already Be Ranking Well In Google

We want to find clients that are ranking poorly in Google. Chances are if the business is on the front page then they already have an SEO working on them.

Obviously, check a businesses ranking for “common sense” terms they would want to rank for before calling them.


How To Find Them

The easiest way to find potential clients is to do a quick Google search. Simply go to Google and type in businesses+a local area


For example

-Plano Architect

-Green Falls Dentist

-Dallas Sleep Center

-Arlington Chiropractor

-Orlando Construction


Then go back to page 2+ in Google. Go to each website and record their phone numbers. You now have a list of potential clients who need your help.


A Quick Bonus Tip : Target Small Towns and Suburbs

When you first get started do not target city wide searches (Ex: Dallas Dentist, Chicago Lawyer). These are usually tough and your gonna be in competition with SEO agencies. Keep in mind you CAN do far better SEO than them, its just theres way more business competition in these areas

Instead target medium sized towns and outlying suburbs of cities. These areas have FAR FAR less competition, are easy to rank for, and are far more likely to hire you.


Quick Bonus Tip #2 : Network Your Butt Off

In every major area there are hundreds of business owners who are constantly networking. There are tons of events you can attend and networking business groups you can join. Seriously just do a few quick Google searches.

If your truly ambitious go to these events, better yet speak at them and help business owners understand why internet marketing is so essential. I have made over $10,000 in clients from just speaking at one business networking event.

Is networking, speaking, and teaching up everyone alley? No…But neither is making a truck load of money online. Decide what type of person you want to be. Become a local leader in your industry and you will NEVER have trouble finding clients.


Step 2: Getting Them On The Phone

If you do not know, the owner or “decision maker” of a business rarely answers phone calls. They either have a secretary or an employee do this. These are called “gatekeepers” and their job is to decide who gets to talk to the boss. If your selling something they will often “screen” you out.

Because of this it can actually be a huge challenge to get the person your selling too on the phone. Keep my quick tip above about suburbs in mind. The bigger the area the business is in, the more likely they are marketed to constantly and the less likely they will be to take your call.

Now, there are various ways to get these people on the phone. They range from just asking for them (will work in smaller areas) to down right trickery (almost needed in large areas). Lets go over the basics first


Basic Ways To Get To The Decision Maker

If your calling in smaller areas, sometimes asking in a way that does not annoy people is all you need.


Now the way most sales men call is like

“Hello, my name is captain salesman and I work for The Best Ever SEO Service. I am a sales man and was wondering if you have time to talk about our marketing service”


This will get you instantly ignored. Not so much that your doing anything wrong, it’s just we are literally socially conditioned to hang up the phone when a telemarketer calls us….So rule #1: don’t sound like a telemarketer.


What you want to do is casually sound like the perfect solution for their business. What I do is explain that I specialize in marketing for whatever profession I am calling, and was wondering if I can talk the person that makes marketing decisions.


For example

“Hey my name is Alex. I realize your probably pretty busy so just give me two seconds. I do marketing for dentist, and wanted to see if I could talk to who is in charge of your marketing a little bit later today or tomorrow?”

And that is it.


Two things to take away is how I say “just give me 2 seconds” and “can I talk to someone later today or tomorrow”

The first thing strangers think about when you talk to them is when your going to STOP talking to them. I literally tell them I will stop talking to them in 2 seconds, so that they can relax and assume I will ONLY take up two figurative seconds of their time. The moment someone thinks they will have to devote a lot of time to you they will find a way to flee.

On top of that, the decision maker will usually be busy, there for your not going to get through to them right away and if you try to you will get dismissed. Instead ask for a good time to call back so that you can be a welcome interruption later in the day.


If your just starting out stick to that. You WILL get turned away fairly often, but remember you only need 6 clients to be at a full time income. Even if you have a super low 5% conversion rate you are ONLY 100 calls away from being financially free.



Evil Ways To Get The Decision Maker On The Phone

Now, there are a bit more manipulate ways to get past the gate keepers and get the owner on the phone. Lucky for you I made an entire course on it back in the day.

If you like our FB fan page below it is all yours for free. (If you have already liked us, just pick it up off our fan page wall)


[like-locker-pro id=”cce8830b05045fdf3″ theme=”facebook” scheme=”default” url=”” message=”Click Like to unlock the free evil client getting course”]Click Here To Download[/like-locker-pro]


I would explain this here, but I literally wrote a BOOK on it which you can download above.


Now that you know how to get them on the phone, lets move onto actually talking to them


Step 3: Telling Them What They Need To Hear

First off, this is where 90% of people mess up. Just because you know how beneficial SEO would be for their business does not mean they do.

In fact, most people you talk to won’t even know what SEO is. They do not even care to be honest.


All…And I mean all business owners care about is results and getting an ROI + a few other things.

Before you sell to anyone you need to understand their problems and what they care about. If you can highlight what they care about and aggravate their problems you will have their attention. Here is what most business owners think about


What They Care About

– Making more money

-Getting more exposure

-Being easier to find

– Making a safe investment with an ROI


What Their Problems Are

– Their competitors being ahead of them

– Falling behind and becoming obsolete

– Losing their ability to be a long term business

– Being hard to find and losing money because of it


Notice how ranking higher in Google is no where in either of those. Neither is having good backlinks or having effective SEO. When we talk to them we MUST smother them with their “cares” and “problems” when we sell to them and not the technical side of what we do


How To Smother Business Owners With Cares and Problems

When I talk to a business owner I do not sell them at all. I frankly make them very upset, worried, and excited to have found a solution. This is because I stick to their cares and problems.

For example if I get a business owner on the phone.


“Hey my name is Alex. I work around the local area, and when searching for your profession online I noticed it is really hard to find you. With that being said your competitors A,B,C (look at whose ranking well) are all showing up highly everywhere I look and probably making a killing because of it”


Look what I just highlighted their. Their competitors are out doing them (problem) and making money they could be making (care). I do not mention SEO at all, I mention their huge problem and the money they are losing. Then after they respond I will throw in something like.


“Well, if you want I specialize in helping your type of profession get more exposure in searches. Basically, you jump on with me, I make you 10x easier to find online and you get more paying customers because of it”


Again I am not forcefully selling. I say “if you want” and mentioning I specialize in their profession (aka I am perfect for them). I then highlight what they care about “being found” and “getting more customers”. I am basically saying, “If you want I can fix your problems and get you what you care about”

Then after that I will say


“I know your busy right now, but if your interested I would love to go over some of my past results with similar businesses and show you what I can do for you”


Remember, the person is likely busy AND is not going to buy from you over the phone. These two things work against you. Counter them by offering another time to “close the deal”.

Also look at what I am saying “I am willing to show you that this is a sound investment before you buy“. So far we have agitated their problems, provided them a solution and highlighted everything they care about. They would have to be insane not to want to speak with you further.

At this point simply schedule a in person or over the phone meeting. It is now time to “close the deal”


Step 4: Closing The Deal

When I first got into this I would mostly do in person meetings. Now many of my clients are all over the nation so I cannot do this. I usually meet via skype, or gotomeeting. I do the same thing that I would do in the in person meeting though.

Here is exactly what I do


Step 1: Search For Them In Google and Show Them Their Awful Ranking

I do this to ,again , make them realize where they are suffering. Most of the time they are not even aware of this.

I then physically show them the first page of Google and say I can get you here. This makes them understand what SEO is and what I do.


Step 2: Bring Up The Keyword Tool and Show Them The Traffic They Are Losing

Very simply, I bring up the keyword tool and show them the search volumes for relevant local searches (Keep it on broad). I then ask them for the amount they make per customer. Usually its around $200-$2000 dollars.


Step 3: Compare How Much They Could Be Making On A “Bad Day”

I then give them a low end estimate of how much they could profit. For example I will say


“Look 2,000 people search for your business in this area per month…If we can get even 5% of those people to your site and convert them at 5% then you will make $2,000 a month off of us. By the way these are my super low end bad day estimates. Most Google traffic converts much higher and we can likely get more than 5% of these people.”


What this does is make them realize how much money they are missing out on and gets them excited. After all, this is the LOW end estimates. It also justifies my fee that I will pitch at the end.


Step 4: Walk Them Through Results

If your anywhere decent at SEO, you need to be tracking your current rankings. Then use the results you have gotten yourself as case studies to present them.

On top of this, if you want to really blow them away, buy a few exact match domains for local areas (For example Rank these sites in about a week and track it all.

Boom you now have undeniable proof that

A)They will make money back

B)You consistently work.

Not only are they in a position to make money, but you are a safe investment.


Step 5: Mention Your Price

My price starting off was $500 to $1000 a month. (I now charge quite a bit more and deal with national clients)

If your just starting out, go for around $500. This is pretty cheap, but your goal right now is to build a solid testimonial base from your first clients. Get them on board, get them results, and get a testimonial from them.

Then after that ONLY charge $1000+ a month. Always compare your final price to how much they could be making. You need to be selling a $100 bill for $20 in their eyes


Step 6: Counter Objections

At this point the person will either be all in OR will have some questions. You need to be able to answer these. Here are a few of the most common ones


Will you need access to my site?

Yes, we need this to optimize it for Google searches. We will not be making any large changes to it, just moving a few words around.


How long till I see results

If you follow the SEO I have given you on Source Wave, then you can get them results in 1 month. I will also be getting into the results part of this later this week.


Is this safe, will my business get in trouble

Yes this is totally legal and the way I do this is 100% safe


How do you make my site rank in Google

The secret is to go change a few words on your site and optimize the files so that it’s a perfect match for the searches you need. Then we got to authoritative websites and build links to your site. This builds trust in Google and makes your site look good. This results in higher rankings. (Remember your client has no clue what SEO is, keep it as “for dummies” as possible


Is there a contract and can I cancel

I personally give them the first month without contract because I know they will get results. I also let them know they will lose rankings if they cancel (I use high Pr sites that I can remove links from).

I do this because it make them feel safer about coming on and its easier to sell them a 6 month contract after they see results


Step #7: Close The Deal

At this point offer them the chance to join. Also, give them a 10% discount if you can get it all handled today. This pushes them to join then and there.

Now you usually will need to take a check because most business owners are unfamiliar with paypal. Here are a few things to help this go smoother


-Get your assumed business name and open a business bank account. This way you can get checks written to your businesses name (looks 100x more professional)


-Get legal contract set up. I simply borrowed mine from another SEO buddy of mine. You will have to figure this out on your own


-Have a customer support email and phone number so they can reach you.



Quick Bonus Tip

What I like to do sometimes if they are still on the fence is offer them a free demo ranking.

To do this I will rank their website for a super low competition search like “(their profession) + (area code they are in). These usually only require mimimal on page SEO and a few back links.

Then I report this back to them and this usually will close the deal.


Boom You Have A Client


Congratulations, you have now convinced someone to pay your bills in return for SEO.

Now if you can get them results you will have a nice income stream for quite some time, maybe even years…But that create an even bigger question


How Are You Going To Get Results?

Heck how do you even go about providing this service??

Well check back here in a few days because I am going to be adding how I go about getting clients results.


See you then!


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How To Build The Ultimate PR Network (Rank For Anything)

Hey guys what is happening…It is Becker..

And if you have been around Source Wave recently you’ll notice I am breaking away from screaming/ranting at you via video to write another SEO Omega Guide


What Is An Omega Guide?

OmegaIf your a Source Wave virgin (how cute) , SEO Omega Guides are my attempt to make the ultimate resource on a topic of SEO. This is where I cover topics like keyword research, back linking  monetization in such detail that you will literally be an expert by the time you are done reading.

I also want to make it so that you will never have to look anywhere else for this info. One of the biggest issues I had when I first got started was that SEO info is never put in one place intelligently  making learning like a scavenger hunt.

The answer to this scavenger hunt? Source Wave Omega Guides.


The Most Effective Link Building Tactic

Today I am going to be going into the most effective link building tactic you can ever learn. If you master this, you can rank your clients and yourself for literally WHATEVER you want. (Notice how I bolded literally)

This is setting up your own high PR themed sites. Most people call this making a blog network.

The funny thing is this is something very few SEO’s know how to do. I have worked with and directed multiple SEO’s yet never met anyone who knows how to build a basic network. Ironically building a solid network is not hard,  nor time consuming, and requires basic knowledge.

What I am about to teach you has allowed me to out class other SEO’s and get my clients results that no one else can. So get excited!

(Also if you appreciate this, go to the like box in the sidebar and give us a thumbs up)


SEO Omega Guide : Blog Networks

First off if your brand new to SEO, this will not make sense to you..Go read our free beginners course.

With that being said you need to first understand what the two biggest factors that go into how powerful a link is. These are PR + Relevance. This is heavily explained in THIS Omega guide.

To sum it all up though if you can get a link from a high PR site that is relevant to your site your gonna see VERY large rank increases. Now if you get a ton of these links your gonna see your site dominate Google

PERIOD. I don’t care what hippie SEO theory you have heard, but if you master high PR relevant link building your going to win at SEO. This is also the current algorithms BIGGEST weak spot 


Keep In Mind : A PR links can still be good if its not relevant, and a relevant link can still be good if its not super high PR. They are just not PERFECT links.


But Heres The Issue

Where the hell are you gonna get a bunch of high PR relevant sites linking to in a timely manner. White hat hippies will tell you by networking with people and guest posting..

News flash: We are SEO’s not public relations experts so good luck getting a link on the home pages of a PR 5 relevant site consistently. On top of that if you guest post your post will go on a inner page of a site that has no PR…In short this crap does not work

So in short..If your pretty much screwed if you want PR+relevant links…



You go out there and make your own high PR relevant sites and place links to your money site. This is why blog networks are SO insanely powerful. It gives us the powerhouse links that we would have to work our butts off to get, at a whim.

Using just this method I was able to get a new site of mine (that is shown of in Infinitum) to a PR 4 and crush huge searches in just one month.

In short…Its the beez kneez


So How Do We Do This?

Building a good power link base is pretty simple. In fact its comically easy when compared to some of the white hat “quality content” hippy BS out there.

It is done in 4 simple steps

  1. Identifying, scanning and buying high PR domains
  2. Setting up the domains safely
  3. Making the PR domains relevant to your site
  4. Placing links strategically on these domains

So without further adue lets get into that


PR Site Links Are Like The Hulk Hogan of SEO..brotha

PR Site Links Are Like The Hulk Hogan of SEO..brotha



Step 1 : Finding/Buying high PR domains

First off building a blog network is not free. If are strapped for cash either

A) Get a job…

B) Use cheaper SEO methods to give you budget money (Which is not as fast as getting a job)

C) Follow our quick guide on how to make “grunt” money online


How Much To Buy Sites For

So yeah..Sorry, this does take some investment depending on the network.

If your just starting, getting a few PR 2-3 sites will cost you about $200 and get you GREAT results as long as you do good keyword research

If your a vet or have a big client budget, you can pick up solid PR 5’s for about $150 to $200 a pop. Then it is just  how powerful you want your network to be. If your doing good research $2k worth of sites with rank you for about whatever you want.

Now if you want to get REALLY competitive, aka your client is paying you 10k+ a month to rank for some serious keywords, then spending 5-10k on a network is a way to ensure they will always have results.


How To Find Sites

There are a ton of different ways to find sites. Here are a few


1) PR Powershot

If you want to save some money and just want some basic PR 2’s to 3’s then this is the way to go. PR Powershot basically goes out and finds expiring high PR domains on Godaddy. It then allows you to jump in and buy them at the last second.

This takes some time and your going to have to dig to find some winners however I have found and built many small reliable networks using this. The great thing is you can get most pr2 to pr3 sites for about $20 bucks. This lets you get started fairly cheaply.

You are almost never going to find anything higher than a PR 3 on here though..


2) Domain vendors

A lot of people will go out there and bid on high PR domains. They will then sell them for profit. These are called domain brokers.

Now there are a few ways to find them..Also when your making mass PR networks having your own private list of domain brokers is very important. Its like having the “hook up”

The best places to look are


Google : Do a bunch of related Google searches. You will have to dig but vendors will show up

The digital point buy/sell forum : This is where you will find a lot more underground vendors


Other than that you might have to stick to using some tools to find the really high PR domains. A decent one is Fresh Drop


How To Choose The Best Sites


Choosing the best sites is not hard, but if you do not know what your doing your going to lose hundreds of dollars. Just follow these steps and you will be fine


1) Scan the sites backlinks

This is done by throwing the site into majestic SEO. What we want to see is large amount of links coming from good sources.

This is because when a domain expires, if it does not have a healthy link profile it loses PR fast when the content changes. We will be changing the content, so it is super important that the site has good links.

On top of this, the links ALSO effect the amount of link juice the site will give. A PR 5 with 100k links will give more juice than a PR 5 with 40 links. This also depends on where the links are coming from, and the PR of the links, this can be a pain to find out though.

In short though, a good amount of links with a good trust and citation flow (10+) is a good sign.


Here is my criteria for PR domains. Feel totally free to break this, as I do all the time. These are simply my best practices to be 100% safe

PR 3 – 100+ links

Pr 4 – 800+ links

Pr 5 – 1500+ links


2) Make sure the PR is real

The next thing we need to do is make sure this is not a fake PR domain


Fake PR domain: When you 301 redirect a high PR domain to another site, the site gains the PR of the redirected site. A lot of people will do this, then sell the site that gain the “fake PR”. Then as soon as it is sold they will remove the redirect, thus wiping out the sold sites PR


This is very easy to check for. Simply go to this fake PR checker. Throw the domain in and look at the results.


3) Make sure the site is healthy

The last thing we want do is make sure the site is 1)indexed and 2) healthy

A lot of people will go to google and enter “site: (the url). If the site is indexed it will show up.

I go one step further though. I simply to put in the domain name ( If the site is healthy and has PR it will show up due to it exact match-ness. If it is not showing up this is usually a sign the site stinks. It might be indexed, but that does not mean its not penalized.


Voila, You Now Know How To Buy High Pr Domains

As long as you make sure to follow the info above, you are pretty much guaranteed to be an effective domain buyer..Now onto the next step




Step 2: Setting Up Domains Safely

If you do not know, Google does not like blog networks. This is because they work REALLY well and are very hard to find without a manual review..IF they are done right.

Now if Google finds your network your PR sites will get deindexed and your money sites will get a penalty. We want to avoid this. The good news is that if you follow a few simple steps it is highly unlikely that your PR sites will ever be found.

These are those simple steps and things to avoid


Set Your Sites Up On Different IP Addresses

While I personally believe this is a tad overkill, it is basic practice to put your sites on what is called “different class C ip hosting”.

We do this so that Google cannot simply check a single IP and find all of your PR sites. Though keep in mind, if someone is manually checking your IPs your probably screwed anyways unless you have a very natural looking network.

If you are not very technical, don’t worry. Simply sign up for SEO hosting here. It is a fairly inexpensive way to have all your sites on different IP addresses.

Then simply install WordPress and hosting as usual..If you do not know how to do that, then go to our beginners course.

This will give you very basic IP protection. I would not dive any deeper than this though. Your IP addresses won’t usually get looked at until you’ve made some other mistakes.


Do Not Interlink Your PR Sites

This means if you have two PR sites linking to your money site do not link them together. This leaves a huge footprint and sets off a ton of red flags


Do Not Publicly Sell Links

Doi…First off (and I don’t care what any sales letter tells you), there is no such thing as a safe advertised network and there never will be ever again.

What drives me nuts is that people think Google is clever enough to track their analytics, hosting, etc but is to stupid to read the huge SEO forums online when it comes to combatting spam.

If you advertise selling your networks links on forums or BIG public places your gonna catch a spanking. This also puts your network at a huge risk. Do not do this OR if you want to do it privately.

With that being said, if your thinking about joining a network ask yourself “Could Google easily find this”


Make Your Sites Semi Unique

By this I mean different wordpress themes, unique content and different layouts.

Now take this a far as you want. This actually does not make your network any less trackable from a “technical” side. It also does not effect how powerful the links are.

The reason we do this is to make our sites not so obvious at first glance. If all your sites are just on a blank wordpress theme with the same content, its very easy to spot it as a blog network.

Now if you want your network to even be able to pass a manual review, go all out with this. Make your sites look legit, put decent content to them and format them differently.

I am somewhat in the middle with this. I make most my network sites “video style” sites or add a few 150 word articles. I also try to make the sites seems like real sites.


REMEMBER: The chance of your network getting a manual review are slim to none. If your brand new to this, it is more important to take action and just get the network up. Do not spend all night trying to make your network “pretty”. It truly does not matter when your network is in its “baby” stage.


Just Don’t Be Stupid

If you go on any forum, your going to see people endlessly debating about the stuff above. Just remember these people are stupid…Like really stupid.

As long as you don’t do anything blatantly stupid your chances of getting busted are pretty unlikey if you have a small personal network.

Focus more on taking action and don’t let paranoia stop you. Now lets move to the next step




We are 2k words into this..Take a break and watch a funny video


Step 3 : Making Your Sites Relevant

So this is where we make our network like 3x more effective. This is because we are going to turn our sites into “perfect link farms”. We are going to do this by making the sites relevant to your niche.


So What Does It Mean To Be Relevant?

Being “relevant” is actually pretty simple. Google looks at some very basic things when determining what a site is “relevant” too.

Its looks at things like

-Title and meta tags

-The content on the page

-Image titles


Whatever you fill the above areas with will determine what your site is “relevant:” to.


How Do We Use This?

So ideally if we are trying to rank a site for a keyword like “Light Sabers for sale” we want to make our PR network links relevant to “lightsabers”

So we could go out and buy five PR5 sites. We would then fill these sites with lightsaber related info.

Ideally, we would want a site with a relevant URL. This is VERY hard to do though, and is not that important. So in short, do not let a PR sites url be a factor.


For example 

Title : Reviews of Lighsabers

Content: A 150 word article talking about why Dart Vaders lightsaber should of been pink

Images : Titled “lightsabers” and preferably of lightsabers


Boom The Site Is Relevant

Now this is the bare minimum you have to do to get maximum results. If you want to make your PR sites seem more legitimate go crazy. Overall though, this will make your sites the perfect place to get links from.


Does The Site HAVE To Be Relevant

Look…It would be a HUGE waste of money if you could only use one PR site for one money site/site your trying to rank. For example, you might have other sites you want to rank in Google but your “lightsaber” site is not relevant

Remember what I said in the beginning though…PR links are still very powerful even if they are not relevant.

So, what I do is build a PR network around the most competitive niches I am targeting. This way the links give me a lot of ground in the TOUGH niches. Then I will add a few other links on the PR site to my easier niches.

This way my tough niche sites still rank and my lower competitive niche sites also rank even though they do not have the most “relevant” links.


Step 4 : Strategically Linking

Okay now that we have our sites set up, time to just slap links all over them…NO!

If you have spent any time here you already know there are a ton of factors that effect how much juice a link passes on. You also know that Google has some pretty sharp over optimization rules.

If you don’t know these things, then here is EXACTLY how you need to link from your sites.


The Rule Of 3

One thing you got to keep in mind is that you do not just have to place one link per money site on your PR sites. Each link will send more juice to your site, with diminishing returns.

This basically means each links is less powerful, but is still powerful since it is coming from a high PR relevant site.


So what I like to do is build 3 links per money site. I do it in the following pattern

-The first link is an exact anchor text link (lightsabers for sale)

– The 2nd link ia relevant anchor text link (star wars)

– The 3rd link is either a url link ( or a picture link..Like the one below



Yes this was neccesary



Too Many Links = Bad

Having too many links on your PR site will not totally ruin the power of your links, however for optimal results try to keep your outbound links under 10.

If your running a link selling business, try to keep it under 80 and there will still be decent juice. After 100 your gonna start to see a huge decline in juice.


Get It On The Page With The PR

You must must must get your links on the page with the PR. This will always be the home page. There are a few ways to do this.

-In the side bar

-In the footer

-In the content


The best place to place the link is at the start of the content. A cool thing about sidebar link though, is you will get multiple (site wide) links from it. This gets you a solid amount of link juice.


It Is Pretty Simple

As long as you follow the simple guidelines above your gonna have a hard time messing up.



Bam..Get Ready To Sell A Ton Of Lightsabers!

I am hoping your niche is not lightsabers, but you get the point.

By following what I laid out above you can be as competitive as you want to be OR just crush smaller niches left and right. High PR relevant links ARE the most powerful links you can create efficiently.


So What Now?

Well if you are new to this I suggest you first get REALLY good at keyword research. Feel free to subscribe for our free “24 hour” SEO keyword research guide.

Then you should go out and try using PR power shot to find a few cheap PR2-3s.

If you did good keyword research your going to see almost overnight results. Then make some money from those sites and rinse/repeate

Pretty easy =)


And if your a veteran..Well I am sure you already have all sorts of idea!



Got Questions?

Hit me up in the comment section below and I will do my best to answer.

Also, if you want to see this all done live with a few more tricks, check out our members area Source Infinitum. Pretty sure it will blow your mind!


So…With all that being said guys, thanks so much for checking out another Omega guide and using Source Wave. I will catch you in the next episode of Source TV



The Competitive SEO Blueprint For 2013

See This All Done Live – Click Here To Check Out Source Infinitum


Super Competitive Niche Blueprint

If Lebron did SEO…He’d do this


Step 1: Knowing When To Go Competitive

The main reason why people rarely find success in competitive niches is because they don’t understand what makes them different from a medium or low competition niches.

The general belief of why sites fail to rank is

A) Your using the wrong links

B) Your strategy is not as “clever” as the top ranking sites


When it comes to really competitive niches with good SEOs operating in them, it truly has nothing to do with your “cleverness”. At least not in the way you think. It pretty much ALL comes down to who has the biggest budget AND who can spend their budget the most effectively

Don’t let the mental masturbation happy train you see on popular SEO sources fool you . If you don’t have a budget, then you should not be operating in these niches.

Let me say that again : If you do not have a budget you should not be operating in these niches


This is thoroughly explained in the video so I am not going to beat a dead horse.  In short though, if you are looking to rank your own sites or are new it is 10x easier and 10x more likely you will reach success by doing killer keyword research and using the method from the last vid here.


(Also there will always be exception to this, but 95% of the time this true. #inbeforetroll)


Step 2) Knowing What A Competitive Niche Is and Why You Can Beat It

For the most part, competitive niches are niches that big companies would LOVE to rank for. The most competitive of these are big simple broad business related searches.

Examples would be :

Credit repair

Home security

Web Design

Buy Homes


There are 1000s of multi million dollar companies that would love to rank for these…and only 10 top spots in Google. If you do just a little math its pretty clear that these searches are just going to turn into strategic bidding wars.

Anyhoo, competitive niches (in general, but not always) are broad searches that heavily relate to a product that can be sold online. How to cure acne, how to lose weight, etc.

Now I have broken down how to identify competition if this article. In general though if you look at a niche, think to your self “Is there a big company that would like to rank for this”.

If the answer is yes, then your probably going to be going up against professional SEOs with a solid budget.

Lucky for us, most SEOs are horrible at their jobs. So even if you have a smaller budget, you can womp them.


Why Most Big Budget SEO’s Are Terrible and You Can Beat Them

Most big budget SEO’s are terrible. This means competitive niches are actually WIDE open if we have even a decent budget, so don’t let yourself get intimidated.

You gotta understand big companies do not hire solo SEO’s do get them rankings (most of the time). They go to agencies because well…I have no clue…But they want to do businesses with other big businesses.

The thing is while agencies are usually pretty good at bringing in big customers, they don’t often have talented SEOs. This is because really good SEO’s can make WAY more money going solo or starting their own agency. This results in most agencies having to fill their SEO manager spots with people who have college degrees, but no real SEO experience.

For example, when I worked at a agency I was the ONLY person their who had ever ranked their own website in Google.

It was mind blowing.


Anyways, this results in the agency having a massive budget that is being spent by inexperienced SEOs, thus making them VERY easy to beat.


Step 3 : Understanding The Core Of SEO

I have laid this out all over Source Wave, but never really connected to the dots for you.

First off, there are 101 things Google looks at when ranking sites. Social media, page layout, basically all that “clever” stuff you read about in on hippie white hat blogs.

However, there are 2 things Google always (100% of the time..literally) responds to..

This is PR+Relevance


You can debate this and perform all the endless SEO rain dances all you want, but this is 100% fact.

If you get enough high PR relevant links, you can rank for ANYTHING within reason. Which in turn brings us to the only question that matters…How many high PR links can we get with our budget.


Step 4: The All Out Warbeast SEO Method

What good SEO’s look like

This is EXACTLY what I do when I get a new client. Literally…step….by…freaking…step


Step 1: Collect my sign up fee from the client (Monthly service fee+set up fee)

I usually put this in one of those bank things….


Step 2: Spend ALL of it on PR links

Wait what hell?!

Yes, I spend the entire first months income on links. 



When you have a client, its about keeping them on long term and having to deal with them as little as possible. We don’t want one months pay. We want a client paying us for years and NOT constantly being on our butts 24/7.

The best way to get this  is to get them KILLER results in the first month. If you do this, they will trust you and your skill set with their money


Step 3: Pick Up High PR Sites

So what I do is go out and spend 80% of what they gave me on buying high PR5 sites. I then convert these PR 5s into sites that are relevant to my client. I then link these sites to my clients sites.

Boom…I got PR+Relevance.


Step 4: Buy High PR Home Page Links

The next thing I do is go find some high PR link brokers who are selling PR6 and above home page links.

I then spend the final 20% of what they gave me on these links. These links are usually monthly reoccurring.

I do not buy any more PR sites unless they are needed, so after the first month I keep 80% of the profits and the clients have stable rankings.


Step 5: Rank The Clients Uncompetitive Keywords

Remember this post? I use this exact method to then rank my clients smaller erroneous keywords.



Again, I am sure your shocked that I am not doing anything that complicated.

It may not sound as sexy as the last crazy method you read on some hippy SEO blog, but it just plain works.


Of Course There Is More To It!

In this method I use tactics like strategic link buying and building a high PR network. These two tactics to deserve a whole entire post of their own. (Which will be coming in the future)

(Also if you want to see my entire network building strategy, we covered it last week in Infinitum)


There are all sorts of tiny things you need master in this, and this post probably created even more questions!


But Your Missing The Point!

What I want you to take away from these two link building post this week is the CORES of good linkbuilding. I want you to see that at its CORE SEO is actually really simple.

Overcomplicated strategies, tiny details, and mental masturbation are not the key. Its is seeing the big picture, and understanding the core principle that make it up FIRST. Then, and only then should you start diving into all the tiny little details.

For example, I see people all the time completely ignoring one of the biggest cores of SEO, PR+Relevance, and instead getting stuck on something like spinning articles (or correcting my grammar on this blog…YOUR NOT ARE SPEND TIME WISELY)


Soooo Here Is The Big Thing

Takes this post and my last link building post. Go practice these simple basic, yet effective tactics. Start playing with high PR sites, get good at running simple link building, and more importantly UNDERSTAND the principles of SEO these tactics are based on.

Then once you get good at that, start nailing down the nitty gritty stuff like spinning, getting sneaky white hat links, and correcting my grammar =)


Till next time,


Got Questions or Have Ideas For A Post?

Hit me up in the comment section, I read EVERY single comment you post =)

The Omega SEO Link Strategy Guide (Pro Link Building Explained)

Hey guys Becker here,

Today I want to teach you somethings that has made me a lot of money

You see by listening to you I have noticed that I have made a big mistake This is assuming that everyone here simply knows how to build good backlinks. Funny enough I forgot how tough it was to get started making links

I would sit around making crappy ezine articles for hours (with no results) I would hear about “link pyramids”, “Buffer sites” and “link wheels” It all sounded very cool, but no one ever showed me how to get started

If only someone had put together a guide on all of this and explained in detail how to do it…

Well guess what I decided to do…



I am starting what I am calling the Omega SEO Guides. These guides will be EXTREMELY in depth guide explaining aspects of SEO

This is the first one and it is ALL about link strategies! Enjoy!


The Omega SEO Link Strategy Guide Of T-Rex Like Epicness

(Short Name: Omega T-Rex SEO Guide)

You laugh now but people will be searching for T-Rex SEO very soon


What This Guide Is

What I intend to do with this guide is write down every “advanced SEO strategy I have come across.I will then in great detail explain to exactly what this strategy is, why it works, and how to do it. (If you are TOTALLY new to SEO check out our beginners course here)

Why Do All This?

2 reasons…

A) This stuff confused the hell out of me when I first got started. People always say stuff like “link pyramid” but then never explain exactly what it is. This leaves you having to turn to resources like the Warrior Forum where every idiot is a self proclaimed SEO master and freely spews mis information like a drunk preacher.

Long story short : I want you to have a resource that is just easy and trustworthy


B) When you are buying links, there are a ton of vendors who go around throwing out these big SEO words. The funny thing is most of these vendors don’t even know what the hell they are talking about.

I want you to be able to know what you are buying and be able to spot winner and loser SEO services


 So Lets Get Started!

The first thing I want to cover is basic link building theories and terminologies. This way when I dive into more advanced stuff it will make sense


Link Building Theories and Principles




The Theory Of “Juice” Transferal

What It Is

Juice transfer is one of the main concepts you need to understand before you dig into any type of back linking strategy. Link pyramids, circles and everything in between use this method as one of the main ways to build link power.


How It Works

When a site links to a website it transfers “link juice” to that site. That in turn increases its rank in Google. However, not only does the link juice go to the initial site, it ALSO goes to all the site the initial site is linking to.

For example : 1000 links go to a website. That website then links to Source Wave. The power of those 1000 links is then transferred from the middle site to Source Wave

In short, if a site links to your site, you not only gain juice from the link, but you also gain juice from the links linking to that site

Make sense?


The Theory Of Buffer Sites

 What It Is

One question that I constantly wondered when I got into this was “Why the heck don’t people just send all of their links to their main site”

Well the reason is because Google hates this more than Justin Bieber fans hate death metal. If a site is brand new it makes absolutely zero sense for it to be getting thousands of links. This will almost always trigger a Google slap.

Remember the last theory though? The one about the “juice”? Well this is one of the most basic ways it is applied.

You see it makes perfect sense for thousands of links to be going to E-Zine articles. The site is massive and has millions of visitors. So we take advantage of this by creating a page with a link to our site on a larger “makes sense” site.

We then send tons of links to he larger sites page, thus safely transferring all the link juice to our site without triggering any Google alarms. Clever eh?



Link Strategies


Link Pyramid


What it is

A link pyramid…is a pyramid…of links…(Crazy Right?!)

But it is much more than that. It is a demonstration of one the cores of SEO. This is  the “juice transferal” we talked about earlier.


Why It Works

At first you might be thinking “Why not just send all your links to one site”

Well…the main reason is Google hates it…A lot. In fact sending a ton of links to your site to quickly will get your slapped faster than a dog that made a no-no in the house.

This is why instead of linking directly to your site, you instead build mass amount of links pointing to a bigger site that is linking  to your site. This way you gain all the “juice” without risking a red flag in Google.

But it gets deeper than that.

You can then build 1000 links to all of the links pointing at the bigger site. Mass links point to links that point to a big site that points to your site. This creates a “pyramid” like effect. (See I told you it was a pyramid of links..)


How To Do It

Step 1: Make a website (hopefully you have done that..if not check out the beginners course)

Step 2: Make a article/blog on a much larger site then link back to your site from it. Here are a few to get started WORDPRESS, E-ZINE ARTICLES, BLOGSPOT

Step 3: Create 200 links of any kind pointing to your page on these sites. The best links for this are wiki links, 2.0 links, and High PR Social Bookmarks (Can be purchased at Source Links)

Step 4: Create 1000 links pointing to the 200 links pointing to the pages. The best links for these are high pr comments, social bookmarks,wikis, and forum profile links,


My Favorite Pyramid For Post Penguin

I personally build a wordpress blog. I then build 70 2.0s sites using Senuke XCR. I then build 1000 wikis and 500 high PR comments that link to them.


Overall Effectiveness

Google is VERY aware of this strategy. This is why buying a couple of low quality Fiverr gigs is not the best idea. The “favorite” outline I listed above is what currently works extremely well for me.



Link Chains

What It Is

A link wheel…Is a circle (aka wheel) of links. Similar to a pyramid, it involves transferring link juice to pages to make them more powerful.


How It Works

Remember the powerful base links we made for the pyramid? Not only can we transfer the juice from mass links, we can also transfer the power of these bigger links to other big links.

What happens is everytime we create a page on a bigger site, we not only link to our site, but we also link to another big page we created on another site. The following big page ALSO links to our site, and then again links to another big site page. This can go on indefinitley

The end result is all these sites keep transferring link juice not only to your site, but the next big site. This transfer of link juice makes every link in the chain more powerful as the chain grows. For example if we did a chain of 50 sites, the links near the end of the chain would be extremely potent



It is very important to not close the chain. This will set off Google alarms and get your site pushed down a flight of stairs.

By closing the chain I mean linking the final or any sequential site to a site earlier in the chain. Only link forward, never backwards

How To Do This

This is somewhat similar to creating a link pyramid

Step 1: Create a page on any of the following sites WORDPRESSE-ZINE ARTICLESBLOGSPOT

Step 2: Create a page on another article directory or 2.0 Sites. For directories I consistently use a list put together By Glenn Allsop on Viperchill. Here it is

Step 3: Link the first page to your website, and the 2nd page you just created.

Step 4: Repeat this same process over and over. Link your 2nd page to your site and a 3rd page. Link your 3rd page to your site and your 4th page


My Favorite Chain Post Penguin

I am much more of a pyramid guy, however I routinely do this with Web 2.0s I create.


Overall Effectivness

While this is still a popular tactic, it is hard and time consuming to set up because of the manual submission to big sites. Go for pyramids.


Link Wheels

What It Is

A link wheel is virtually identical to a link chain except it closes the link trail. The final site in the chain links back to the first site, making a “wheel” of links. The BIG difference is that in order to make it safe you cannot link every site to your main site.


How It Works

The way a link wheel works is by making a turbo charged wheel of links. Then one to a few sites ( I suggest only 1) links to your main site.

REMEMBER: Making a link chain wheel (aka every site linking to your site) is SUPER dangerous. If you do this, do not blame me when your site gets beaten by a sack of pennies.

Anyhoo, when the link gets placed to your site, all of the massive amount of juice being transferred trough the wheel gets sent to your site. This can result in a dramatic climb in rankings if you have enough sites in the wheel.


How To Do It

This is very similar to the link chain

Step 1: Create a link chain. However, do not link to your site.

Step 2: Close the link chain by linking the end site to first site

Step 3: Link one of the sites in the chain to your main site.


My Favorite Wheel Post Penguin

I prefer to do this with 3/5 wordpress 2.0s sites. Huge link wheels are dangerous, but small targeted ones work great.


Overall Effectiveness

When paired with other strategy I am about to get to, it can be extremely potent




Tier Linking

What It Is

Tier linking is one of the most potent and popular linking strategies. In fact Pat Flynn of SPI used this type of strategy almost exclusively to rank one of his website sites. (Check it out here)

This is basically building a tier of quality links to your site, and then making a second tier of less quality links that points at the first tier. It is basically creating a bunch of link pyramids that are pointing at your site


How It Works

Currently, it is not a great idea to send many “crummy links to your site”. Now while the definition of “crummy links” can be debated, it is usually best to only send super high quality links to your site.

These high quality links make up the first tier. These are usually  made up of 2.0s, social platforms, high PR social bookmarks, high PR wikis and high pr Article sites.

You then build a 2nd tier of low quality 2.0s, bookmarks and other links of the sort. These links then all go the the 1st tier.

The result is a bunch of high quality, turbo charged links pointing at your site. This transfer of link juice allows you to keep a squeaky clean link profile, while also building a mass amount of links.


How To Do It

This is very similar to a link pyramid

Step 1: The most basic way to do this is to go and create pages on WORDPRESSE-ZINE ARTICLESBLOGSPOT. Then link to your site.  This will be the first tier. You can link them in chain if you like. Just do not make a link circle.

Step 2: Create mass links from tools, Fiverr, or Source Links to all of these pages

Step 3: Rinse and repeat


My Favorite Way To Do This

Post penguin I am all about doing this with social platforms and 2.0s. I will create youtube, facebook, and twitter pages. Then I will abuse this strategy all day. I will get into this in a sec


Overall Effectiveness

This is your bread and butter linking strategy. It is fairly easy to do and works great for even tough keywords.




Social Tiered Linking

What It Is

Social Tiered linking is the exact same thing as tiered linking except we are using social platforms.


How It Works

Google is ALL about social right now. People also link MUCH more to social sites than they do other types of sites. So what we do is use this to our advantage and create social pages. We then use them in place of other tier sites and link to them.

At the moment, Google pays WAY more attention to social sites because they are true signs of popularity. On top of this, it is great for us because Google cannot truly track what is going on behind the scenes on these sites.

This means can create HUGE boosts in rankings and creates a much more natural image in Googles eyes. (If you can’t be popular, fake it!)


How To Do It

Fairly simple instead of building 2.0s and article page, we instead build pages on social sites.

For normal niches I make a

  • Yotube channel and video (EXTREMELY basic, just film a powerpoint)
  • Facebook fan page
  • Twitter page
  • Google Plus Page
You then link to your sites in the obvious areas. For example, on the Facebook website details section…Enter your website details (DUR). We can also link to our site in our Youtube video description.


Once done creating the properties I then buy views, tweets, and likes for the relevant platforms. DO NOT buy plus’s as Google can track these. (These can be bought on Fiverr or Source Links)
We will then build mass amounts of links to these pages just like did for the basic tiered linking strategy.


My Favorite Way To Do This

I have outlined how I do this above. I am one of the few people I know who does this, and you are one of the few people I tell about it =)


Overall Effectiveness

This just freaking works. Combining social tiered linking and basic tiered linking is one of the cores of SEO.


Justified Linking

What  It Is

This right here is something I came up with after spending a lot of time with top black hatters (aka 300k-1 million dollar SEO earners) after the penguin patch. It is one of the nastier loop holes in the Google search engine and so far I am the only person I know personally who does this.


How It Works


Alright, so you just made a new site. Then you hit it with 10,000 links.


In Googles eyes this is totally unjustifiable. There is no way a new site or ANY site would get this many links so fast… unless…It was going viral.


Ever wonder why sites going viral:


A) Never get penalized even though they are literally being spammed with links from people


B) Someone show up in the search engine immediately


This is because Google algorithm makes SEVERE room for sites going viral. If Google did not have a algorithm in place to rank  sites going viral quickly, it would be IRRELEVANT (AKA Googles nightmare)


Because of this Google breaks almost all of its ranking rules as long as it is JUSTIFIED (aka backed by social signals)


So our goal is to justify our mass linking. If we do this we can get away with literal murder. We justify our linking by imitating a site going viral


How To Do This

This is semi complicated at first, but pretty easy once you do it once or twice

Step 1 : Make “base” links. These are 2.0s and social pages. Point them at your main site

Step 2: Wait 2 weeks

Step 3: Imitate your site be going viral on Facebook and twitter.  We do this by blasting it every few days with 200-1000 likes and reweets

Step 4: As we build these social signals we match them with 200-1000 links a day. This is A LOT of links, but they are justified by the social signals

Step 5: Googles sees your site going viral and believes the links are being created as a results. It rewards you with increases in rank.


Overall Effectivness

This just works. It is an extremely black hat method that I have used to slingshot many sites LITERALLY to the first spot in Google. Your site WILL get smacked if you mess this up though, so be careful




Guest Posting


What It Is

Guest posting is where you contact a blog and ask if you can make a guest post on it. 9/10 you the blog owner will let you leave a link back to your site.


How It Works

Basically you get link juice from a legitimate blog in exchange for guest post.


How to do it

Find blogs in your niche. You can do this with Google searches. Just type in (your niche) blog. Fairly easy. Contact the owner and propose a guest post


Overall Effectiveness

In my opinion this is a WAY over rated strategy when it comes to niche sites. You will see people on forums say this is the only way now….Be aware these people are IDIOTS

9/10 times the sites you can get a link from carries less weight than the links you can get from a Source Links high pr comment package. On top of this it is EXTREMELY time consuming.

When It Can Work

This is a different story when it comes to authority sites though.

If you have a small random site, chances are big authority sites will not let you guest post. However, if you have a long term authority type site yourself this is totally possible. Getting links from news site, big time blogs and generally HUGE sites is a very real possibility.

An example is me getting myself featured on Pro Blogger. Links from sites like this carry a ton of weight. They also provide great traffic.

So in short : For random niche sites, NO! For legitimate long term sites YES!



Link Baiting

Justin Biebers Haircut : Worlds Best Link Bait

What It Is

Link baiting is a very skillful advanced form of white hat SEO (It actually has more to do with public relations). This is where you create content that “baits” people into linking to you


How It Works

By baiting people into linking to us we can gain a huge amount of extremely high quality links fast. Depending on the potency of the bait, we can end up not only blasting our site to the top of Google AND also getting a surge of traffic.


How To Do It

So lets imagine we had a car related site and we wanted links from legitimate car dealer sites. We could, for example, make a top 10 list of dealership sites. We then email the sites we put in the list and say “Holy crap you made our top 10!”

We then provide them with “top 10″ badges they can put on their site that link to us. Boom, by stroking their ego we now have a ton of very legitimate links.


It Doesn’t Stop There

Now..This is just a simple example. I have seen this used in all sorts of ways. Interviewing a celebrity, doing something highly controversial, or creating something very useful all are ways to get links from people.


Overall Effectiveness

EXTREMELY effective…IF…You are clever.  Think of stuff that people will link to and create it.

Also, this is usually only worthwhile if you are building a long term site. It is also much easier if this site is a site that has news (business, celebrity, sports).



That is everything off the top of my head that I can come up with. Don’t worry I plan on adding MUCH more as I keep learning. I am also putting a link in the side bar so you can quick reference this.

ALSO I plan on adding many more guides like this..I am calling it the Omega Guide series!



What do you guys want to see Omega guides on? Types of back links? SEO Verbage? Just tell me and you got it