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Get 50 Profitable SEO Niches (Over 5k Per Sale) With No Competition


The Competitive SEO Blueprint For 2013

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Super Competitive Niche Blueprint

If Lebron did SEO…He’d do this


Step 1: Knowing When To Go Competitive

The main reason why people rarely find success in competitive niches is because they don’t understand what makes them different from a medium or low competition niches.

The general belief of why sites fail to rank is

A) Your using the wrong links

B) Your strategy is not as “clever” as the top ranking sites


When it comes to really competitive niches with good SEOs operating in them, it truly has nothing to do with your “cleverness”. At least not in the way you think. It pretty much ALL comes down to who has the biggest budget AND who can spend their budget the most effectively

Don’t let the mental masturbation happy train you see on popular SEO sources fool you . If you don’t have a budget, then you should not be operating in these niches.

Let me say that again : If you do not have a budget you should not be operating in these niches


This is thoroughly explained in the video so I am not going to beat a dead horse.  In short though, if you are looking to rank your own sites or are new it is 10x easier and 10x more likely you will reach success by doing killer keyword research and using the method from the last vid here.


(Also there will always be exception to this, but 95% of the time this true. #inbeforetroll)


Step 2) Knowing What A Competitive Niche Is and Why You Can Beat It

For the most part, competitive niches are niches that big companies would LOVE to rank for. The most competitive of these are big simple broad business related searches.

Examples would be :

Credit repair

Home security

Web Design

Buy Homes


There are 1000s of multi million dollar companies that would love to rank for these…and only 10 top spots in Google. If you do just a little math its pretty clear that these searches are just going to turn into strategic bidding wars.

Anyhoo, competitive niches (in general, but not always) are broad searches that heavily relate to a product that can be sold online. How to cure acne, how to lose weight, etc.

Now I have broken down how to identify competition if this article. In general though if you look at a niche, think to your self “Is there a big company that would like to rank for this”.

If the answer is yes, then your probably going to be going up against professional SEOs with a solid budget.

Lucky for us, most SEOs are horrible at their jobs. So even if you have a smaller budget, you can womp them.


Why Most Big Budget SEO’s Are Terrible and You Can Beat Them

Most big budget SEO’s are terrible. This means competitive niches are actually WIDE open if we have even a decent budget, so don’t let yourself get intimidated.

You gotta understand big companies do not hire solo SEO’s do get them rankings (most of the time). They go to agencies because well…I have no clue…But they want to do businesses with other big businesses.

The thing is while agencies are usually pretty good at bringing in big customers, they don’t often have talented SEOs. This is because really good SEO’s can make WAY more money going solo or starting their own agency. This results in most agencies having to fill their SEO manager spots with people who have college degrees, but no real SEO experience.

For example, when I worked at a agency I was the ONLY person their who had ever ranked their own website in Google.

It was mind blowing.


Anyways, this results in the agency having a massive budget that is being spent by inexperienced SEOs, thus making them VERY easy to beat.


Step 3 : Understanding The Core Of SEO

I have laid this out all over Source Wave, but never really connected to the dots for you.

First off, there are 101 things Google looks at when ranking sites. Social media, page layout, basically all that “clever” stuff you read about in on hippie white hat blogs.

However, there are 2 things Google always (100% of the time..literally) responds to..

This is PR+Relevance


You can debate this and perform all the endless SEO rain dances all you want, but this is 100% fact.

If you get enough high PR relevant links, you can rank for ANYTHING within reason. Which in turn brings us to the only question that matters…How many high PR links can we get with our budget.


Step 4: The All Out Warbeast SEO Method

What good SEO’s look like

This is EXACTLY what I do when I get a new client. Literally…step….by…freaking…step


Step 1: Collect my sign up fee from the client (Monthly service fee+set up fee)

I usually put this in one of those bank things….


Step 2: Spend ALL of it on PR links

Wait what hell?!

Yes, I spend the entire first months income on links. 



When you have a client, its about keeping them on long term and having to deal with them as little as possible. We don’t want one months pay. We want a client paying us for years and NOT constantly being on our butts 24/7.

The best way to get this  is to get them KILLER results in the first month. If you do this, they will trust you and your skill set with their money


Step 3: Pick Up High PR Sites

So what I do is go out and spend 80% of what they gave me on buying high PR5 sites. I then convert these PR 5s into sites that are relevant to my client. I then link these sites to my clients sites.

Boom…I got PR+Relevance.


Step 4: Buy High PR Home Page Links

The next thing I do is go find some high PR link brokers who are selling PR6 and above home page links.

I then spend the final 20% of what they gave me on these links. These links are usually monthly reoccurring.

I do not buy any more PR sites unless they are needed, so after the first month I keep 80% of the profits and the clients have stable rankings.


Step 5: Rank The Clients Uncompetitive Keywords

Remember this post? I use this exact method to then rank my clients smaller erroneous keywords.



Again, I am sure your shocked that I am not doing anything that complicated.

It may not sound as sexy as the last crazy method you read on some hippy SEO blog, but it just plain works.


Of Course There Is More To It!

In this method I use tactics like strategic link buying and building a high PR network. These two tactics to deserve a whole entire post of their own. (Which will be coming in the future)

(Also if you want to see my entire network building strategy, we covered it last week in Infinitum)


There are all sorts of tiny things you need master in this, and this post probably created even more questions!


But Your Missing The Point!

What I want you to take away from these two link building post this week is the CORES of good linkbuilding. I want you to see that at its CORE SEO is actually really simple.

Overcomplicated strategies, tiny details, and mental masturbation are not the key. Its is seeing the big picture, and understanding the core principle that make it up FIRST. Then, and only then should you start diving into all the tiny little details.

For example, I see people all the time completely ignoring one of the biggest cores of SEO, PR+Relevance, and instead getting stuck on something like spinning articles (or correcting my grammar on this blog…YOUR NOT ARE SPEND TIME WISELY)


Soooo Here Is The Big Thing

Takes this post and my last link building post. Go practice these simple basic, yet effective tactics. Start playing with high PR sites, get good at running simple link building, and more importantly UNDERSTAND the principles of SEO these tactics are based on.

Then once you get good at that, start nailing down the nitty gritty stuff like spinning, getting sneaky white hat links, and correcting my grammar =)


Till next time,


Got Questions or Have Ideas For A Post?

Hit me up in the comment section, I read EVERY single comment you post =)

Get 50 Profitable SEO Niches (Over 5k Per Sale) With No Competition


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  1. January 24, 2013

    Hi Becker, where do you find that the best place is for buying your PR5 domains?

  2. Steve
    January 24, 2013

    Killer rant Becker, Kudos mate.

    I have to bite my tongue every time I see someone on a forum saying things like “how can I build high quality back links for free, I need to make some money doing seo before I can spend $5 on my new career”.

    I’ll just point them in the direction of this post from now on :)

  3. January 24, 2013

    “For example, when I worked at a agency I was the ONLY person their who had ever ranked their own website in Google.”

    That made my day :D

    Like Paul already asked I would also like to know if you have found new places to find PR 2-3 (or 4-5) domains since I find it a bit difficult to find quality ones now that this has become more commonly known..

    Thanks for the quality stuff once again!

  4. Norbert
    January 24, 2013

    Sounds pretty simple indeed.

    Just one question: Are you using link building tools additionally for a wide anchor text profile? Or you are just variating the anchor text for the high PR links to get a natural effect?

    I guess, you are concentrating all your high PR power on the money keywords, so you are going to need something to balance it.


  5. Steve
    January 24, 2013

    I love how you are ripping on SEOMoz. I’ve been reading the blog lately and all the stuff sounds really great if you have the time to create amazing content and network with everyone in your niche. What’s funny is that no lawyers, doctors, or other high competitive niches like real estate our blogging and writing amazing content and networking with each other to try to get rankings.

    In those markets I find it hard to believe that the competitors would look at their amazing content and infographics and link to their other competitors. Just makes no sense from a competitive standpoint. If the internet was non-competivive and was truly all about “sharing” then I could see that happening.

    Alex, what is your honest opinion of SEOMoz tools? Are they worth it? Do you need them? Also, do you use ahrefs at all? I’ve been spying on my competitors backlinks in my niche and figured out how they’re ranking and it’s working.

  6. January 24, 2013

    Very cool Becker.This is pretty much what i do and now i am starting to get SEO clients, it is exactly what i do with my clients.

    For my own stuff i am still pretty much spamming the web with blog networks and tools and getting results. You just cant take these kind of links with clients.

    So i basically use a combination of this kind of high PR strategy + link buys + tiered web 2.0′s. Works amazing for clients. I was doing most of this stuff before i was turned on to Beckers material, but he really drives the hammer home and re-enforces stuff.

    So if you are reading this, stop reading this post and just do what he says. It will work :)

  7. Ron
    January 24, 2013

    Becker, How many PR links would you recommend to rank for a very competitive niche? 10 or even more at 20? And how long does it take you to rank for a competitive keyword?

    Thanks for taking the time 2 make the post!

  8. Becker
    January 24, 2013

    Ha on top of that, those links they are preaching about DO NOT work. They are totally unreliable and you are being paid to get results. lol on top of that Source Wave would be like seomoz’s wet dream. Tons of social shares, people linking to my articles etc…Yet we do not kill it in Google UNLESS I boost a page with PR links. In short…All their polarizing info sounds great….Until your client fires you lol

    SEOmoz is genius marketing though. They created a super popular blog and positioned themselves as experts to in turn sell their software.

    If you have client, their software is actually great for reporting and tracking every little thing. Its A+ stuff if your into that. It’s especially useful with big clients, who have massive sites with tons of errors n stuff. So yeah if you got clients, its dandy

  9. Becker
    January 24, 2013

    There are tons of place, just use Google and digital point to search for them!

  10. Becker
    January 24, 2013

    Haha thanks for appreciating my trolling rants Steve =)

  11. Becker
    January 24, 2013

    I got a few places, but I am gonna look into more set in stone ways to find good PR domains

  12. Becker
    January 24, 2013

    Hey Norbert, my exact ration of anchor text profile is in our last linking post. Check it out! =)

  13. Becker
    January 24, 2013

    Yep, with clients I always make sure to make “controllable” links. The 2.0s and buy you mentions are 100% in your control and almost always look pretty =)

    Thanks for the support andy!

  14. Becker
    January 24, 2013

    For like a average competitive niche like “dallas interior decorator” 10 or so should do

    For bad ass mofo niche like “credit repair” your gonna need at TON, so make sure your client is paying accordinly

  15. January 24, 2013

    Thanks Becker,
    I’m using the SW-autopilot for four sites. In addition to that, I like the sound of revelance. Even though I’m getting vanilla PR5 and PR3 from autopilot, grabbing a few PR5s of my own seems like a winner. What can I expect to pay for a solid PR5 that will stay PR5 for a while?

  16. jenny
    January 24, 2013


    do the high pr backlinks that i purchase have to have good traffic or Alexa rank?

    Also, when i purchase a high pr backlink, do i have to built alot of content and get traffic, social signals..or can it just have one page, no traffic and work just as well?

  17. January 24, 2013

    Hey Becker, THIS IS F***ing awesome…

    Actually I met several seller in Fiverr who sold permanent high PR backlinks in homepage (blogroll) for $5. Some offer to place our link in PR6 -7 sites.

    I think that’s too good to be true, so I ask them the URL of their site, and throw it in Majestic SEO. I also make sure that the site is indexed by Google and has valid PR. I also check the site personally to make sure that those sites don’t have ‘dirty’ links.

    Now, not every site is good, some has dirty link, some has poor link profile, but some has more than 1.000 – 10.000 external link (according to majestic seo) and has more than 10 trust flow and citation flow.

    Great, high PR links for $5! So i bought several links from several sellers, and unfortunately after waiting few days, there’s virtually no improvement in my SERP. (Please note that the high PR sites has high OB links).

    What do you think the problem with this? I personally think that my links maybe haven’t indexed by Google yet (due to high OBL on those sites), so how to make sure that the links that we build get indexed?

    I will be really happy if you can answer this question. Thanks!

  18. January 24, 2013

    Hey ALex … has anyone crowned you the “coolest guy in IM’ing” yet? Cause I’ll be happy to. And FYI — I’m not some
    chick with the hots for you after watching those guitar riffs — I’m old enough to be your grandfather.

    Question: … I came across this free backlinking site recently.

    Any good? Or a waste of time?

    PS: I just bought Sourcewave 80% and am looking forward to diving in…

  19. January 24, 2013

    That’s where I normally go Alex, but it’s so full of scammers and fakes, it takes forever to check them out. I was just wondering if you had anywhere more reliable to buy from.

  20. January 24, 2013

    *My niche isn’t that competitive but i stuck at page 2.

  21. moneer
    January 24, 2013

    Becker, you are great,I will and try every point here and there to master SEO.

    Thanks for your good help

  22. Becker
    January 24, 2013

    Hey Randall, for a good one , bout 150-200. They are worth it long term though!

  23. Becker
    January 24, 2013

    Nope! and Nope!

    Just look for PR 5s with good link profiles!

  24. Becker
    January 24, 2013

    Hey Syamsul

    The problem is basically that your buying shitty links. A good PR 5 links will go for about 20-30 a month. It might also be the niche your or the level of outbound links on the site!

    You get what you pay for =)

  25. Becker
    January 24, 2013

    Ha thanks a ton skipper, my mom gave me that title long ago though :P

    It looks good to me, but be sure to inspect those link profiles!

  26. Becker
    January 24, 2013

    Just got to dig sometimes paul! Find a good broker and stick with em!

  27. Becker
    January 24, 2013

    Try to find some PR 5 links with low OBL and about 20,000k links going to them. Youll pop up to the top of page 1 real fast =)

  28. Becker
    January 24, 2013

    Glad to help Moneer!

  29. Dietrich
    January 24, 2013

    I think a good future instruction would be what needs to be done on your High PR site, once you have purchased it. Like…

    - How many pages of content should you put up right away.
    - How much and what kind of linking should be done to these sites.
    - If domain as additional internal PR pages, should they be duplicated with new content, then also used or just be redirected to home page.
    - Do you have a strategy to increase PR over time to these sites or just dont worry about it?
    - Do you set up a static front page or leave blog posts on front page?
    - If yo put post on front page, do you set the limit to be like 100 posts, or something else.

    This just came to mind as I have already set up a number of these and doing more now, so I was interested in hearing your thoughts on this.

    Maybe this would be a good topic for Infinitum?

    Thanks for giving quality information.

  30. RNeil
    January 24, 2013

    Always a worth while read. Appreciate the share. Good shit man.

  31. JorgeLuis
    January 24, 2013

    Hi Becker!!

    Great stuff as always my friend.

    Of course…. been an Infinitum member, this is now becoming a second nature to me =)

    Before joining Infinitum I was like:
    “OMFG!! This is something I’ve never seen in my life! Why is this dude sharing all this…?? Is it real!!?? I bet that tattoo on his arm is giving him all these SEO superpowers!!…oh man…. why they don’t tell you this on WF???…. I’ve finally found my personal SEO learning paradise”

    And after two months of joined Infinitum:
    “… Well…. Duh!!… Of course that’s what you need to do… PR + Relevance… come on! It’s common sense!”

    So for those who haven’t done it, be like Nike…. JUST DO IT! You’re not going to regret it!!

    Ok, so here’s my question:

    Becker, do you use other methods for getting high PR blogs rather than buying them from auctions or rent them?? I’ve been reading that you can use programs like Scrapebox + “Xenu Link Sleuth” to find OLD domains that have expired 2-5 years ago but the link profile is still intact, so you can buy them as with any regular website (for around $10) and then you will need to wait for the next PR bar update for their original PR to come back (which usually is PR2 to PR5).

    One of the most well know people (or the only one) who has talk about this is Hayden Miyamoto (makes like $40k+ monthly ranking his websites with High PR sites, like you teach us)


    1) Are you familiar with this methods? Do you use them?
    2) If so…Any change to teach this inside Infinitum in the future?

    Thanks and sorry for the long comment!

  32. Norbert
    January 24, 2013

    Hi Becker,

    just one last question: how do you predict your SEO service fee when taking high paying clients? Because if you are asking for too little money, you can spend all of it in the first month and still wouldn’t rank.

    For example if I would come here and say to you:

    “Hey Alex, here are $10 000 a month and rank me for “web design”!” How do you know if it’s a good price?

    Ok, you can check out the competition, but I guess you can’t simply predict that “if the sites in the top 10 are PR 5 and have a trust flow and citation flow of x, than I need that much money”

    Any advanced tactics for a better prediction?



  33. Taylor
    January 24, 2013

    hey Becker, when you buy PR5 domains like you said and make them relevant to your clients site’s niche, wouldn’t the PR of that PR5 domain change as well, after you completely changed the content/ site?

  34. Kay
    January 24, 2013

    I would love to know all this also.

  35. Inga
    January 24, 2013


    If I buy a bunch of nice PR 5′s and build pages on them to point to a money site or a client’s site, can all of those sites be hosted on the same host account on a regular host like i.e. Hostgator or do they need sit on different servers/some kind of special host account?

  36. January 24, 2013

    Hey Becker, Quality as always,

    Do you recommend that your clients work at developing a social media presence through blogging, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc in addition to your relevance + PR link building formula or is it pretty much a waste of their time?

    The client in my link is finding it a bit of a challenge.


  37. Bruce
    January 24, 2013

    Hi Becker

    I specialize in purchasing aged, high PR (expired) domains (with decent MajesticSEO and OpenSiteExplorer “domain rank and authority rank. However, where I still struggle is finding a truly effective method for repopulating an expired domain with content that is relevant to my client sites.

    For example, as you well know, it is close to impossible to buy 20 – 30 expired domains that not only meet all the desired “Google Juice” criteria you and I look for, but are also THEMATICALLY RELEVANT to the sites being linked to. So, the next best thing is to buy expired domains that meet all our criteria EXCEPT relevancy.

    So, let’s say YOU had a website all about “project management training courses” and you had a bunch of high PR, high domain and authority rank, high citation and trust-flow domains that YOU’D purchased from say, Godaddy.Auctions. How would YOU go about taking one of those expired domains (let’s pretend it was called: and creating content relevant to “project management training courses”???

    A lot of expired domains don’t allow you the luxury of accessing their caches via, and so, in many cases, you don’t have much to go on. However, in the case of a domain that had little of no relevance to your target site (as would be the case with and a website about project management training courses), what would you do?

    I am a very avid admirer of your (let’s just say… “delightfully controversial”) SEPO techniques… and therefore i would really appreciate your guidance in this.



  38. Itu
    January 24, 2013

    Why do you give so much value away to us bro…

    I have mad respect for you bro!

  39. January 24, 2013

    You’ve just gotta read Becker’s other posts and products, Bruce. As Becker hinted at the beginning of his post, he leaves breadcrumbs of info scattered around his stuff. You will get answers to all your questions if you look. BUT don’t expect him to hand feed you and give every nitty gritty detail all in one place. He wont. He wants us to grow and think for ourselves.

    May the SEO force be with you!


  40. January 24, 2013

    Looking forard to the webinar. Good luck with your voice!

  41. Steve
    January 24, 2013

    Ok Becker… Question. I’m starting an SEO business. I have 5 high PR domains I want to use for SEO purposes for my clients( just started will have more later I’m sure) If I want to use them all as general sites rather than changing the meta info to make them specific for each business what should I do. I’ve seen other SEO type sites where they make the meta info “Random CIty Local Business Reviews” and just have a huge blogroll on the homepage will like 30 or so articles and seperate catergories for each term… ex: dentist category, design category, etc… Is this a good strategy? I would like to use all 5 site for any clients I get so they rank a bit faster… Thanks


  42. January 24, 2013

    this is great stuff Becker…I’ve been really focusing on methods to gain an SEO clients faith in the initial months so that they become long term customers, and obviously the only way of doing that is getting results for them. So I take great heart from your comments on how to get those quick initial results and after your earlier post on low to medium competition sites, I’ve finally started using my copy of SeNuke without fear that I am going to overdo my link building with it. thanks for the great info. I’ll be joining Infinitum too!! As everyone seems to like saying now…I’ll see you on the inside!!

  43. Abe
    January 25, 2013


    Do have a couple ideas to attract paying customers that would have a budget to get in the door. Many people are afraid to spend money in this economy. Thanks

  44. January 25, 2013

    Yes, I’d like to know the answers of as well. Especially, if some of the internal pages should be recreated as well.

    Or do you just set some sort of 301 redirect to the home page?

  45. January 25, 2013

    This stuff really works. Took a site that had a terrible link profile – over optimized and non relevant – a bit like the kardashians. The site wasn’t even in the top 100 then I went out and bought like 5 PR 5 links and the site jumped literally to #3 and 4 for the keywords we were going for.

    I of course used the tactics taught in infinitum (bytheway beckers claim that you will never have to buy another SEO course again is true) so the links weren’t JUST PR5 links but their profile matched Becker’s tips for getting those types of links and literally about 10 days later we went from nowhere to #3 and 4. With a crappy link profile too.

    This stuff just works.

  46. January 25, 2013

    Hi Paul,
    Check out fiverr, check out the sellers for high pr backlinks with high ratings. Just found out about this –>

    Its like 10 little dollars for 20 high page rank pr links.

    16 people gave super great comments.

    ecreationsage created 7 months ago
    thumb up – positive
    Good work, fast and effective! Real page PR4 as specified.

    One of the users comments, the best part its express 24 hours to deliever, if they do not deliever within 24 hours, you are not going to pay anything.

    Dude Paul, if you get a client for 500 USD/month, you can use 50 gigs and get a huge boost. If you got a client for 5000 USD, its like 500 gigs!

    Solid Man!

    Anthony Zheng Gao

  47. January 25, 2013

    Dude Steve, just try fiverr, check out 3 tings when going to, check out express gigs and seller ratings and level, Level 1 and above is considered good.


  48. Dan
    January 25, 2013

    Why wouldn’t i buy a few PR6 sites and instead of posting homepage links and paying every month (20%) for them, make 3-4 PR6 sites of my own and post all my links on my own PR6 home page links??

    If I pay $30 per link x 10 links = $300 per month for home page links, isn’t better to buy a PR6 site for $600-$700 and I can post all my home page links there??

    Why not do that??

  49. January 25, 2013

    Short. Simple. To the point. No filler and no BS. I’m diggin’ your style, Becker!

  50. Dan
    January 25, 2013

    Beker… first a HUGE thanks for your great info!!

    I listen to all your videos, subscribed to Infinitum, bought 80% – 20% product, subscribed to autopilot

    I looked all over the place and can not find PR5 site with more than a few thousands back links, I looked in all the sources you gave, I can’t find PR5 with 20,000 BL anywhere – I don’t care about the price

    Where/ how do you find them?

  51. Dan
    January 25, 2013

    What do you mean by “link profile”?

    who they link to or who is linking to them?

  52. Lloyd
    January 25, 2013

    Use SEO hosting so that they are on different c-class IP address. Also use domain privacy.

  53. Becker
    January 25, 2013

    so…fucking..awesome mike…Awesome to see you getting results!

  54. Becker
    January 25, 2013

    Hey Dan, great question

    The reason why is because, lets imagine a client gives us 2g the first month. That would only let us get like 4 PR 6 domains. That MIGHT not be enough to get results

    So I go out and spend 80% on PR5s to give us a solid foundation, but then I get a SUPER bang for my buck by getting 4 PR 6 links for about $200. This lets me REALLY squeeze a ton out of that last 20%. Its more expensive in the long run BUT remember our goal is to get KILLER results the first month…no matter what

  55. Becker
    January 25, 2013

    You gotta REALLY dig

    Just FYI I break my 10k links rule all the time. I only have that rule so that YOU never buy a bad domain. Feel free to break my rule and get a PR 5 with 2k links or something. I am not making laws, I am just making best practices. Sometimes following the best practices is not the “best” route

  56. January 25, 2013

    Becker, is it intended that the strategies are cumulative?


    - low comp = low comp strategy of daily links
    - medium comp = medium comp fortnightly campaign + low comp daily campaign
    - high comp =low daily, medium fortnightly + the high comp strategies?

  57. Anand
    January 25, 2013

    High PR homepage links mean “blogroll links” you mean
    or you mean only link coming from homepage only?

  58. January 25, 2013

    Hey guys the more of you that use fiverrrrrrr for your NON relevant, SPAMMY, cheap, HIGH PR backlinks the better…

    More work for us guys providing legitimate, RELEVANT, high PR backlinks and good SEO.

    I think a lot of you guys did NOT read the thing about RELEVANT! Fiverr will get you 1000′s of backlinks from RUBBISH directory and other websites that Google really HATES. Did you guys not read the Google PANDA and PENGUIN updates?

    I get loads of news customers from people buying fiverr backlinks and then having GOOGLE SPANK them and drop their rankings into oblivion – it’s great – long live Fiverr…

  59. Taylor
    January 25, 2013

    BUMP, I would definitely like to know the answer to this too. Interesting…

  60. Dan
    January 25, 2013

    I got a few PR5 from TB but some have a few hundred BL, some 3K-4K

    But I got a lot of PR3 with over 10K and some with over 20K and some PR4 with 5K-7K

    will they have the same power or better PR5 ??

  61. Dan
    January 25, 2013

    but if I can afford buying 5-6 PR6 sites per month (or more) is it better to buy my own PR6 site and mix posts with links and home page links?? All going to my sites (or customer sites) instead of paying $30 – $50 a month per link on other sites for home page links ??

    That gets pricy if I have to get 20 PR6 home page links on other sites for $30-$50 per month – thats almost 1K a month – isn’t better to layout 3-4K to get my own PR6 sites…?

    I can actually make an extra few buck to cover it by “renting” the home page links to seo’s…..:)

  62. Dan
    January 25, 2013

    did you try them? to make sure the sites are good?

  63. January 25, 2013

    Thank you so much Becker. You really Rocks! I love you :-)

  64. January 25, 2013


    I would be interested to hear what you would recommend in regards to Dietrichs post above as well ^^.

    Also – What do you think about High PR domains that have little to no backlinks, BUT are aged 8-12 years old?

    Thanks in advance!



  65. January 25, 2013

    Another great video / article Becker. I also find the comments and your replies very helpful. Every time you release a new post I have a few more “aha” moments!

  66. Becker
    January 25, 2013

    Yeah gonna have to agree with Jonathan here.

    The reason why fiverr kind of sucks is because you cannot run GOOD link building for just $5 a pop. There is just to much overhead if your making quality links to do that.

    That is why 99% of fiverr gigs are just plain bad

  67. January 25, 2013

    Becker I understand the method, but my question is about buying high PR domains. In one of your articles you linked to a tool, which I purchased, for identifying expired domains with PR.

    The problem is that Google is a domain registrar, so once the site expires, they are able to see this and know that it got transferred to a new owner. So although there is toolbar pagerank, if you look at the backlinks of these sites most of them go back to 0.

    I see this all the time, especially in places like fiverr, where there are sites with a pr of 5 or 6, but if you run the backlinks through OpenSiteExplorer or Majestic, there are no inbound links (or very few, and they are new).

    So can you explain to me how this method can work? What am I missing?

  68. January 25, 2013

    Out of curiosity what is SW autopilot?

  69. jim
    January 25, 2013

    LOL so true about seomoz. Never seen such worthless website in my life. “Find high society people, play golf with them for 5 years. Wait for them to offer you a backlink on their site. But don’t ASK them for a backlink because that’s blackhat, yes blackhat like those guys that use senuke, yes those guys that never shower. So just wait until your high society friends offer a blacklink to you while casually playing golf. Do this, and Matt Cutts will personally write you a thank you letter. And you’ll be revered here at the comment section of SeoMoz. Thank you for viewing another whiteboard friday here at seomoz”.

  70. Becker
    January 25, 2013

    Yes check the current PR, this has never really happened to me Marceeia :P

  71. Becker
    January 25, 2013

    hahahahaha this was awesome

  72. Yon
    January 25, 2013


    did the price of infinitum went up?

  73. Inga
    January 25, 2013

    When we buy PR 5 domains, does it matter if the domain names are not relevant as long as the content we set up with them are relevant? Or do the domain names need be relevant?

  74. Charley Gud
    January 25, 2013

    I am wondering this, too. The high PR domains i see for sale are either random characters or foreign words. Those are in the $200 to $900 range depending on the PR. The domains that have high PR and are actually related to web design or credit repair are 4 or 5 figures, and way harder to find. Is a foreign word as a domain name with credit repair content good enough to satisfy the relevancy requirement?

  75. January 25, 2013

    I’m trying to figure out what kind of content to put on a purchased PR5 domain? I must’ve missed that somewhere in all your great material. Also, does it matter if the domain is relevant to the KW or site you’re trying to rank?

  76. January 25, 2013

    Inga to answer your questions, The domain name doesn’t have to be relevant but the content on the page does.

  77. January 25, 2013

    Becker Great stuff man! I started connecting with Tom at TB and it seems like he is really out there to help new customers and people referred by you. Do you usually go out n search for these high pr domains, or does tom secretly give you access to his stash of high pr domains ? lol

  78. January 26, 2013


    Say I have a budget of $1000 to spend on buying expired domains. Would you buy a ton of PR2/3′s or a handful of PR5/6′s?

    Also, I’m losing a lot of auctions at the prices in your first webby. Have prices increased recently?


  79. January 26, 2013

    I’ve learned so much from your videos and truly appreciate it. Today’s video must have been a real eye opener for a lot of people, although I already knew the answer, but can see why a lot of people didn’t. I have a lot of knowledge in the IM world, but SEO hasn’t been my strongpoint, therefore these videos have been great for me. You are appreciated.
    Look forward to every one that you send me. Thanks so much.
    Morris (Murph) Murphy

  80. Tom
    January 26, 2013

    Hey, I got a question:

    I got a website, which i ranked to 3rd spot on page 1 in the – which is google for slovakia – . However on the my page is way back on the page 15 or something.

    I got that there is more sites from other countries in, slovak language so some of the czech sites rank for that be the reason the lower ranking. But there is one site, which ranks below me in but ranks 2nd in

    How is that possible?

    Btw thanks for all the gold you giving out for us lost soul who looking for the answers in internet marketing. Its really valuable stuff, i learned way more from you than anybody else on the web.

  81. Marc
    January 26, 2013

    Hi Tom,

    He’s most likely optimized much better than your site for

    Look at your competitions link profile using majesticseo, and also look at the on page optimizaton + interlinking.

    You’ll figure out really quick why that person outranks you in the main google site, as compared to the

    If all else fails, just use High PR links + Relevance lol… has worked wonders for me :)

    Take Cares!

  82. Clara
    January 27, 2013

    Hi Jason, thank you for all these guides. I’m going to implement all your recommendations!

    Btw, I don’t think people point out your grammar “just because” they want to. I just came across your blog today and spent the last 5 hours reading your posts. However I found that there are lots of typos, spelling errors and that sort of thing that can be easily corrected by doing some proofreading or paying someone to do it for you. (I personally use a proofreader for my articles)

    It’s does affect the reader’s experience of your website- at some points I wonder what part of the sentence subject you’re referring to because your have some typos in your sentence.

    Anyhow, GREAT content. I like your no bullshit or beating around the bush approach and I’ll be following your stuff :) So bummed that I missed the promotion you were running till the 22nd!

  83. Clara
    January 27, 2013

    omg Alex, I’m so sorry I just realised I got your name wrong in the previous post! It’s because you say you’re into guitars and I listen to Jason BECKER. HAHA. I don’t know how I got mixed up there. I’ll repost the comment with your name.

  84. Clara
    January 27, 2013

    Hi Alex, thank you for all these guides. I’m going to implement all your recommendations!

    Btw, I don’t think people point out your grammar “just because” they want to. I just came across your blog today and spent the last 5 hours reading your posts. However I found that there are lots of typos, spelling errors and that sort of thing that can be easily corrected by doing some proofreading or paying someone to do it for you. (I personally use a proofreader for my articles)

    It’s does affect the reader’s experience of your website- at some points I wonder what part of the sentence subject you’re referring to because your have some typos in your sentence.

    Anyhow, GREAT content. I like your no bullshit or beating around the bush approach and I’ll be following your stuff So bummed that I missed the promotion you were running till the 22nd!

  85. Becker
    January 27, 2013

    Ha now you know why I use video :P

  86. January 27, 2013

    I’ve learned more about SEO from source wave in the past two weeks than i have for the past three years on the warrior forum! Fact!
    Never thought SEO Could be so exciting. Nice work boys.

  87. January 27, 2013

    Hey Becker… Thanks for all of the great information!

    When you buy a high PR site, do you try and recreate any of the pages (from the URLs from previous owner), or do you setup a 301 redirect or anything like that?

    Or do you just ignore all of that stuff and just setup a site on the domain without regard to where outside links are pointing to the domain?


  88. Phil
    January 28, 2013

    What kind of monthly budget do you need to make this work? And how many keywords can you target effectively with that budget?

  89. ronald
    January 28, 2013

    Hi Becker,

    Really great stuff here.

    I am not into buying domains and stuff like that but want to buy high PR homepage backlinks.

    Would you consider to be a good partner for this? Or can you make an other recommendation?

  90. Clara
    January 28, 2013

    ah yea actually the same shit happens to me too because I’m dyslexic.

    Your videos are great, stick to them. :)

  91. January 28, 2013

    Hey Alex,

    I just found your dream domain on Flippa! :-D is on auction!

    Check it out:

    Take care!

  92. January 28, 2013

    Hey Alex!

    I was just wondering where do u get good quality PR5 domains and/or backlinks. Also, how much are you willing to pay for a PR5 domain. Thanks!

  93. January 29, 2013

    Hey Becker, I’m interested in the same question as FryGuy. If you don’t set up the newly purchased high-PR site to have the same pages as it used to (and if you do, can you tell us how?) – won’t it lose its PR eventually? Do you just keep switching these out as they lose PR since it takes a while to become worthless? Would love to know. Thanks!

  94. January 29, 2013

    Well, that’s true lol…

    However after waiting several days now I can see quite dramatic improvement in my ranking. Buying shitty links in bulk worked, lol… but you have to be patient.

  95. Becker
    January 30, 2013

    Hey Hannah, the most important thing is to look at the sites backlinks. This is what will keep the PR of the site long term. We want tons of good backlinks, so that even though the content is not the same, the power is still there. With a good profile I have seen sites keep their PR for years =P

    You will usually see some loss in PR overtime though, it cannot be avoided. As long as the links are still running through it though, you will have good juice =)

  96. Rob
    January 30, 2013

    Thanks for your reply Becker.

    Could you pls share what you use to index your new domains fast, maybe via email ;)?

    Maybe if you have in mind some service that submits the domain to alexa type sites that make a page for your domain and link back to you.

    Again, I really appreciate all the info you have shared and I come here often to get motivated :D


  97. January 31, 2013

    Hi Alex. I’m VERY impressed with this data.

    If I promote non English sites – how to go about high PR domains/links?

    Also, if I start with PR3-4 domains – is this good enough for less competitive local keywords?

    To what would 5-10 PR5 number would change when buying PR3-4?

    Last question: if I find a nice PR5 page and add a comment there – do you think it’s a good approach to go about?


  98. Tiki
    February 3, 2013

    Alex what is your opinion on this software called Spark Market Pro? Thanx

  99. Tim
    February 5, 2013

    Sure would love to join your SEO club, but being on disability, the monthly cost is a bit out of my budget.

  100. John
    February 5, 2013

    yes, great job Becker, looks like the greater part of your readers have the same problem, getting reliable high pr backlinks related to their niche. can’t blame you for not sharing your sources. I spent the day yesterday browsing link brokers and link site information, and could not find anyone I would trust in google’s eyes. … hmm, maybe one day you’ll open up a little about one of your link brokers.. :)

  101. Joe
    February 5, 2013

    Jesus Christ – you’ve got the high PR domains, why don’t you try something with them and then come back and let is know what worked?

    Or better still for you, create a report about what worked and sell it.

  102. Becker
    February 5, 2013

    Ha some things you got to keep private + I dont think my link brokers could handle that many orders

  103. Chris
    February 5, 2013

    Hi Becker,

    first I would like to thank you for the great information you provide!! I am a seo from Germany and love the stuff you teach! I have a question: I am interested in your source infinitum course, but I would like to know, if when I subscribe I pay monthly and can unsubscribe every month, or if I have to pay for one year?

    Thanks a lot Becker!

  104. February 7, 2013

    Hi Becker,
    Love your simple approach and teaching style. Thanks for everything you do. Quick question for you. I’ve recently researched and picked up 4 or 5 high pr domains from Godaddy auctions using PR Powershot for the initial list. The domains I have purchased are not exactly related to my customer niches…in fact, I’m putting several clients links on these domains from various niches; plumber, dentist, chiropractor, landscaper, etc..

    My strategy is to basically use the wayback machine to see what the site looked like before it expired…then my VA recreates the site as close as possible to the original. I then add links on the home page in a widget area using exact match anchor text for the keywords I’m trying to rank for. Is the fact that the domains are not niche specific a huge problem? Is putting 8 links on a high pr domain a bad idea? In researching the competition, I see this is exactly what they are doing too. I’d appreciate your thoughts.
    Thanks again.

  105. February 7, 2013

    Good question FryGuy.
    I usually recreate the site as closely as possible to what it looked like right before it expired. Then I use a plugin called 404 redirect to redirect any links that I don’t have pages for to the home page. Of course my client links go in the widget section of the home page. The strategy seems to work. My domains aren’t always related to my clients niche….I’m curious how important that is. Any thoughts?

  106. February 7, 2013

    Great question Bruce…I have the exact same question…looking forward to Becker’s answer hopefully.

  107. February 7, 2013

    Great question….wondering this myself.

  108. Chris
    February 7, 2013

    Hi Becker,

    first I would like to thank you for the great information you provide!! I am a seo from Germany and love the stuff you teach! I have a question: I am interested in your source infinitum course, but I would like to know, if when I subscribe I pay monthly and can unsubscribe every month, or if I have to pay for one year?

    Thanks a lot Becker!

  109. George
    February 11, 2013

    Hey Becker,

    Do you use readable 85-90% unique spun content on your blog network or is all the content unique?



  110. Becker
    February 12, 2013

    I dont use spun content on my network :P

  111. February 20, 2013

    Hi Becker,

    I buy homepage links from a quality PR 3-4 Network. The CF/TF/Backlinks are great. Will this PR be enough to boost me to the top in untapped local niches?


  112. Nik
    February 21, 2013

    Where do you find PR5 links that meet your criteria? Lot of people sell them, but they’re on sites that have zero to do with my niches. How do I find them in my niches?

  113. James
    February 21, 2013

    Thanks for the awesome tips once again! Do you put those pr 5 domain’s you buy on one hosting account or do you get separate hosting?

  114. February 21, 2013

    Hi Becker – thanks for the great tips, got a couple of questions

    Q – i can find aged domains with no problems but finding them with a good link profile is harder – can this be remedied by powering up the backlinks to the bought domain once the content is in place. – keyphrases relevant to the theme

    Q – is it ok to create content that is obviously nothing to do with the actual domain name?

    Q – is 1 pr 5 site with content better than 2 or 3 Pr3 sites that have some of the target keywords in the domain?


  115. Becker
    February 21, 2013

    Yep, but i really depends on the domain and its backlink profile

  116. Lock
    February 21, 2013

    Hey there Becker,
    Is there any evidence that the TLD ( root domain ) for high PR links need to be country specific. So if you want to rank for a term in the UK you need to be buying high PR 5+ domains or can they be .com, .org or .net domains

  117. February 22, 2013

    So Jonathan, it sounds like you’re saying you’re a source of high quality backlinks. How can I contact you to ask more questions and get some quotes?

  118. February 25, 2013

    Hey Becker,

    Thanks for valuable tips. What will happen if we use this strategy for sites with low to medium keyword competition? I think it would be a definite winner. Yes the monthly cost will be high, but it would be ok as long as the income is higher than the SEO cost.

  119. Ceri Thomas
    February 25, 2013

    Hi Becker,

    You say in this post to go and buy high pr5 domains, when you say this, do you mean expired or expiring domains? Are these domains from sites like godaddy domain auctions or flippa?

    I’ve heard and seen that if you buy an expired pr domain and change the content it will lose pr upon next update but if you purchase an expiring domain before it’s dropped the pr will remain, do you find this to be correct?

    Are you buying domains with relevance and an existing link profile related to your niche or just any old high pr5 domain?

    A slightly off subject question… i’ve heard of persons purchasing high pr domains and 301 redirecting these to their new money sites to pass authority, apparently this can help even if the website 301 redirect is not relevant, i’ve done 301 redirects in the past for my personal sites but never in this way… just wondering your thoughts on this subject?

    Thanks for your always insightful and to the point info!


  120. Ceri Thomas
    March 4, 2013

    Hi Becker,

    I know this is an older thread now but I was hoping to hear your opinion on my above questions, would be much appreciated….


  121. March 8, 2013

    Hi Becker,

    I have read many SEO articles. This is one of the best. Thanks for taking time to write this. One question though. You haven’t mentioned about using social media buzz in this post for competitive SEO. Does that mean it is not necessary if you get backlinks from high PR domains?

  122. April 10, 2013

    Hi Beck, Once you’ve set up the high pr domains that you purchased then linked to your customers site, is it possible to use those same domains for a few other customers in the same niche but who aren’t competitors of your first customer or do you recommend getting all new high pr domains for each customer you get? If you can use the same Domains for a few customers in the same niche, how many before they get deluted or do they never get diluted?

  123. April 11, 2013

    Hey Alex

    Well done. I like a man who writes a ” no bullshit to the facts post ” Your post certainly makes sense without a doubt not to mention I’ve heard this before. Although I’ve only just started, I’m glad I have you guys behind me when I get my first client.


  124. WarrenC
    April 11, 2013

    Hi. This post was awesome. The first one in this series, the one titled in the email ‘The Medium Competition Blueprint For 2013′, doesn’t seem to be opening for me though. Is it just me?

  125. Jon
    April 11, 2013

    Becker, a couple of things. First thanks for this, have learned a lot. The page containing the “medium competition keywords” from your same email is not opening, page not found and malware detected? But at least this one still opens?

    Lastly, you had said in one of these videos that infinitum was $17/mo, going up later this month. So I clicked the link to the infinitum site, looked around, decided to join, but it was at $47/mo?

  126. lee hill
    April 11, 2013

    like everyone else one here we all seem to be asking for the same thing, WHERE DO YOU FIND HIGH PR SITES TO BUY, all the sites that I can find are either selling at $2000+ or are shit quality.

    you advertised this post as “This is EXACTLY what I do when I get a new client. Literally…step….by…freaking…step”

    but then you have left out the most crucial step in the entire process which is where to actually find the high PR sites at the cost you claim you can find them for.

    I have searched in google for hours and hours and also looked all over digital point and at the software you have mentioned in another post but cannot find PR6 sites for $200 with 10,000 backlinks.

    If anyone else on here can find such a source of this kind of site then please feel free to share because it doesnt look like we are going to get it.

  127. April 15, 2013

    Thanks I really enjoy your posts and can appreciate the ” out of the box” SEO thinking … and doing. Makes me laugh as most seo experts are only followers and parrot what others have been saying about SEO.

  128. April 17, 2013

    I would have to see them 1st. Have you?

  129. April 17, 2013

    Alex – I am having a difficult time understanding how to go get the PR5+ domains and building my network for the client. Do you have any “how to” posts or advice on how to buy a good domain, convert it to relevance for my client’s niche and go? I totally get it that it comes down to high PR relevant links. Any help you have on this would be mucho appreciated!

  130. May 9, 2013

    It is the best site I ever saw about SEO. Thanks Alex.

  131. Mitch
    May 14, 2013

    What is the name of the song at the end of this video? I dig it.

  132. May 30, 2013


  133. Mike
    June 24, 2013

    Where is a good place to buy/rent high PR backlinks?

  134. June 25, 2013

    Hello Becker,

    I love the offerings and find the Omega course worth every cent. My blog network is growing (8 now), and I can only imagine the difficulties managing a large one. How many do you manage, and what are some good tips for managing multiple WP blogs?

    For example do you use the same SEOhost account and same Namecheap account for them all, or do you diversify having to maintain multiple logins?

  135. Hiram
    July 1, 2013

    Dude your video at the end is so illuminati.

  136. Becker
    July 2, 2013


  137. Jason
    August 25, 2013

    Becker, the word is YOU’RE – as in YOU ARE

    I’m sorry man, you NEVER get that one right – LOL


  138. hil
    August 26, 2013

    I have seen heaps of PR 5,6,7,8 sites that have NO back links! What gives?

  139. Becker
    August 26, 2013

    Your mom goes to college

  140. January 11, 2014

    Thanks for valuable tips. What will happen if we use this strategy for sites with low to medium keyword competition? I think it would be a definite winner. Yes the monthly cost will be high, but it would be ok as long as the income is higher than the SEO cost.

  141. March 29, 2014

    I’m using the SW-autopilot for four sites. In addition to that, I like the sound of revelance. Even though I’m getting vanilla PR5 and PR3 from autopilot, grabbing a few PR5s of my own seems like a winner.

  142. May 13, 2014

    Do you use readable 85-90% unique spun content on your blog network or is all the content unique?



  143. June 7, 2014

    Thanks I really enjoy your posts and can appreciate the ” out of the box” SEO thinking … and doing. Makes me laugh as most seo experts are only followers and parrot what others have been saying about SEO.

  144. June 18, 2014

    you are the bestthe jayz of internet.great blueprint.

  145. July 12, 2014

    I too, would like to hear about 301 redirecting entire domains.

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