First off….Look I love you…I freaking love you (Okay this started weird)

You make Source Wave the huge massive piece of epic that it is (Over 100k visitors a month…Wow!)

So before you read the following. Thank you so much


With that being said, there is a downside to how huge Source Wave has gotten. My email gets flooded if I give it out. It can be a nightmare


Because of this I have to filter my emails through our zendesk.

Keep in mind I am saying this in the nicest way, if your email is not of large importance I will likely not have time to answer it. Not that I am snotty but I work 10 hours a day and like to spend the free time I have enjoying myself, and not answering emails.


Important emails are

-Becoming a SEO client

-A business proposition

-Needing me for an interview or publication


Non important or emails I will not respond to

-SEO help request. I like you, but please respect the fact that I am a human and not a SEO help hotline. I say this with a BIG please.

-Customer support (our zendesk will handle this)

-Source Autopilot Support (Use the support ticket system under your account)


So if you would like to get in contact with me, please go to our Zendesk below.

The fill out your request as follows


For Becker: (Your reason for contacting me)


This will ensure your email gets looked at.


Here is our zendesk :


Thanks so much!