Febuary Income Report

Hi there….This is Becker,

And according to our Facebook poll you want me to do more income

reports explaining how much internet money  we make at Source Wave

and then break down how we do it…


I don't want to do that…It's boring as hell. You and I have way better

things to do than breaking down my income like accountants.


So with out dramatics I made $167,000 profit in January and $163,000

in February… Here's a screenshot of a million dollars if you need

proof that I am not a joshing with ya…and yes I know I keep a

awkward amount of money in my checking account


Now that that is over…What I really want to talk about is how

you can increase YOUR income. Because lets face it, at the end of the day

the person you care about most is YOU and since I love to entertain

lets just cut to the chase and talk about your favorite subject.




How much money do you make?

Do you want more?

Do you want to be able to make more at will?


Good…because today I am going to literally tell you how to make more

at will… And don't worry I am not going to go all Tony Robbin's on you

and tell you the secret to making tons of money is smiling a lot. It's not.


There's a bit more to success than being happy all the time =)


You see I am going to do something weird and explain this to you based

on my real life factual experiences. Let me explain….


Oh and before we get into this I am going to be very blunt, use tasteless

humor, make grammatical mistakes and use profanity…You have been warned


ALSO…I am going to be a total asshole in this post. I will say mean offensive

things. BUT, know that I am in YOUR corner (even when your not) and I

truly 100% in my heart believe YOU can be super successful and I WANT

you to be…So try not to get your panties in a bunch as you read this.


Anyhoo….You see in December I made around $105,000. This made

me happy because my goal last year was to make my first million, which I did.


Come January I was pissed about this though,because  my goal this year is to make

2 million dollars in a year. That means I have to make $166,000 a month.


In short, unless I increased my monthly income by $60,000 I was not going

to hit my goal and when I do not hit my goals I die a little inside. This left

me in a pretty intimidating spot.


So here is EXACTLY what I did…I CHOSE to increase my income by $60,000 dollars


I didn't work harder, though I always work hard

I didn't over stretch my self

I didn't do anything that clever either


Working hard does not = more money


I literally just chose to increase my income. Now…How on earth can I just choose

to make more money..


The answer is simple : I UNDERSTAND how to…


And that is simply it. If you have the UNDERSTANDING to make more money

and you apply it…You make more money…


And in this post I am going do my very best to teach you exactly how to do the

same. When your done reading this you will know EXACTLY how to choose

to make more money and what you need to do to accomplish that…


So without further a due, lets talk about you…


How To Decide That Your Going To Get Richer

I hate talking to people about success, money, and happiness….




Because unless I am talking to a successful person, people VIOLENTLY

disagree with me. I have been called an idiot, misinformed, and even delusional

just for telling people that they can have whatever they want in life.


I tell them they can and they will try to their death to prove me wrong.

Its the most absurd  thing on the planet.


Most peoples reaction when I tell them that they can be successful… People think pretty low of themselves


Luckily though, these conversations educate me on the reasons why people do not

take control of their lives. To the point that I can pretty much counter any objection

they have to why the cannot hit success.


Now I tell people all the time "Dude, you can literally just decide to make money"


Besides laughter the counters I almost always here are

-No Alex, most people who try fail…You are just the 1% that succeeded

-I do not have the skills to make more money

-Not everyone can be successful

-You found a niche your really good at


So basically what I take away from this is everyone thinks they are skilless

un special idiots and I magically came across some special skills and then

won the lottery. Facepalm…


Fun Fact: When I started my business my only skill set was washing toilets

on a Air Force base, and FYI I was HORRIBLE at it…. The toilets there looked


While we are on the topic of toilets

Anyhoo, while I can address each of these "issues", what I prefer to do

is address the root problem…


The main reason people choose to not take control of their incomes is

they do not want to fail, and believe there is a greater chance that

they WILL fail than they will succeed.


So of course the solution is to throw up your hands,  wake up at 6 am

every day to go do stuff you really would prefer not to do and accept

the fact that you will never own a Lamborghini or take a vacation

to space.


That's great…Except one day good sir your going to die and money

means absolutely NOTHING. All that matters is your life experience

and if you are okay with accepting ANYTHING but an amazing life

where you reach your goals and live your dreams…Well you might

as well already be dead.


So before I get any farther know that I am encouraging you to

chase your DREAMS. If you spend your time at a JOB your

only chasing money. Money in exchange for your life

experience is a pretty bad deal in my opinion.


Anyhoo, now that I have said mean things back to the main point.


People truly believe that they will most likely fail…So they do not

take action OR believe they can choose their income..


To that I say this…. If you knew EVERYTHING that Donald

Trump knows…Would you have trouble making a million dollars

this year?




If you knew everything good ol Donald knows you would not be wasting

your time reading this blog post and you would be out there making

mountains of money…


Every person who is successful just understands what you do not


The point IS that what is stopping you from choosing to make

tons of money is simply the knowledge in your head. More

so the UNDERSTANDING of how to make money


So if we break this down to a kindergarten equation




So….If you're tracking me right now, then you already know

how to CHOOSE your income…


You CHOOSE your income by CHOOSING to increase your



By golly gosh…Simple isn't it? People that make a ton of

money do not wave some magic wand, they simply choose

to increase their understanding of how to reach their goals.


So let that sink in for a sec…. All you have to do to get richer TODAY

is CHOOSE to increase your understanding and apply it.




Now with that being said…The reason why 95% of entrepreneurs

fail is not because of some dumb shit luck. It is because 95%

of entrepreneurs behave like greedy unimaginative children.


Instead of seeking understanding, they seek money. They

try to start a big business, when they lack the core understanding

to run a simple hot dog stand.


In Uptown Dallas….Where I live. People constantly tell me

they are gonna get into real estate, stocks, oil and gas. Every time they do…they

fail…Why? Because they lack the core understanding to sell a pizza

or manage a hamster. Its a never ending cycle of failure due to the lack

of understanding that you need to FOCUS on understanding.


The same goes for online marketers. They start trying to make money

online and their only focus in on making money. Of course they always

fail at first (I did) because they lack the understanding… They then quit

before their understanding reaches a point where they make money.


Its really that simple. If a entrepreneur has  understanding he

ALWAYS succeeds. If a marketer focuses on growing his

understanding he will INEVITABLY guaranteed make money.


It's not luck. If you put me in front of a computer a 2 years ago

I wouldn't be able to do much. I had no understanding.


Now if you give me an internet connection and sit me

in front of a computer  I will have it shitting

money by the end of the month.


My secret is not that I have some fancy SEO skill (though

I am pretty handy at it), my secret I understand how to

get people from point A to B and make them buy stuff.


Same thing with my partner. Last month we helped

a dating company have their biggest product launch of

all time with our UNDERSTANDING…Same goes

for the guys at Money Mindset who we helped have

a 500k+ launch.


It ALL comes down to CHOOSING to increase your



Let's Put This Into Practice

Knowing what I explained above, what do you think I decided

to do when I needed to essentially double my income in less than

a month…


I instantly sought to increase my understanding of how to make

more money….


I sought ways to sell better, I sought ways to use my time better,

I sought ways to expand my business more intelligently, I sought

how to do everything better than I already was.


I did not seek money. I sought knowledge and combined it with massive action.

Because like our 1st grade teacher told us, the more you know the farther you go!



I did this in a few ways which I will explain later on. In short though I spoke with

and learned from people that are richer than me and better than me at business. I basically

sought THEIR understanding.


Then all I did was work hard and applied it


It truly is that damn simple.


How To Increase Your Income Starting Today

Now…Am I telling you if you read a few books you're going to increase your income

by 60,000 dollars this month?…No…If your just starting out you probably won't

increase your income at all.


Understanding has a momentum to it, it starts slowly and once you get

going its return exponentially grows.


In short, the understanding you start obtaining today is going to

start putting money in your pocket a month or two from now. Do not

focus on the money though…Focus on growing your understanding.


The first thing you need to understand, is that by choosing to focus

on understanding you can choose your income. I have pretty much

beaten that horse dead though


Then, if your brand new to making money for yourself, the first thing you

need to understand is HOW people get rich and HOW they think.


Almost every self made millionaire I know views money and wealth

in the same way. Its not a coincidence either.


I could write a small book for you on this, but I rather just suggest

THIS BOOK to you. Within a year of reading it I hit a millionaire

net worth.


Then whatever business you want to get into, you need to do the following


1.Make friends with people who RUN similar or the same businesses

This is exactly how I got into SEO and making products online. I met my good

friend Alex Trifiro who was making $150 a day doing SEO and learned from him.


In the past year I have watch him go from that, to $2000-$3000 a day from

FB ads.


Same thing goes for products. I originally got started by helping Cass for free.

We became good friends through it, and I developed a core understanding of



Case and point, FIND people who are doing EXACTLY what you want to

do and befriend them in any way possible. They have the understanding

you need.


2. Focus On Learning How The Ground Floor Works

If you want to get into selling houses, do not start by selling houses.


Start by selling yard signs…


If you want to open a clothing store, do not start by opening a clothing

store. Start by working at a clothing store.


When Ralph Lauren was 25 he was a sales assistant at Brooke's Brothers


Donald Trump started everything by working at his dads real estate firm


Zuckerberg learned his first coding from making simple php games for

his siblings


If you cannot sell a cannot sell a yard sign you have no business selling

houses because you do not have the UNDERSTANDING to guarantee

success. You have to UNDERSTAND the bottom, before you can CONTROL

the top


3.  BURY Yourself In Information About Your Business

This is pretty common sense…But not to common


I have all sorts of friends who invest in stocks and similar

things. They will talk about it all day and tell me I need to be doing it.


The hil-fecking-larious thing is they have never bought

any advanced training on the topic, never attended a stock

event, never paid a millionaire investor to coach them.


If your looking to get started in something, you should

be knees deep in information about it. You should be

hanging out with people that do it and are GOOD at

it. You should be PAYING people to tell you how they

do it.


Live, eat, and breathe KNOWLEDGE. The best place

to get this from is DIRECTLY from the people who

are killing it as well.


Find courses that have helped people and BUY THEM

Find events about your topic and GO TO THEM

Find people who are better than you and PAY THEM


Before becoming Darth Vader Anakin got his understanding from Jedi's who were already smashing it…He then tried to kill them…Don't do that it's rude

4. Take Reckless CHALLENGING Action

The final thing you MUST do is take reckless action with your understanding…


Now I am not telling you to take out a 100k loan and blow your life savings

on your brand new business…


What I AM telling you to do is take action without worrying about everything being

perfect. In fact do not even aim for it to be perfect, aim for it to be DONE.


The biggest thing I see holding back most entrepreneurs is they get "stuck in the weeds"

worrying about problems they do not even have yet. They get stuck in a "what if" mindset.


For example I will be speaking somewhere and I will give the audience an INSANE blueprint

for getting clients (You can actually see it here…It earned me over 400k in new income this year).


Now…here is what you do when someone gives you a golden idea…You go DO IT! However, every

single time people will hesitate to take action and ask questions like

-What if the client has and HTML site

-What if we do not get the client fast results

-What if Google changes their algorithm


While these are somewhat relevant questions, THEY DO NOT MATTER at this point in time.

The only thing that matters is closing your client. Then when you have the client, you will

naturally solve these issues when and IF they become an issue. Until then it is TOTALLY



All of my biggest businesses I have literally thrown together in a span of weeks. I wanted

an SEO outsourcing service, about 7 days later Source Autopilot was made. I wanted a

business coaching mastermind, pow 3 days later Source Dynasty was made.


90% of the "problems" you think you will run into NEVER occur and the other

10% will naturally work themselves out.


NOW…The bigger point, when you take challenging action you gain MASSIVE understanding.

This how you get richer and richer, because you get better and better at what your

doing. You also learn through trial and error.


Challenging action is when you step out of your comfort zone. Whether it is doing something

better than before, doing it differently, or trying something completely new YOU must

do this if you want to grow richer.


The main reason a lot of people who work REALLY hard at their business still fail is

they stay within their comfort zone and keep doing the same thing over and over.


I know entrepreneurs who work 10 hour days and still do not make any money. The reason

for this is because they are not doing anything new. They are working but not

growing their understanding.


You MUST understand hard work alone does NOT grow your understanding. This

is why jobs are like poison to becoming rich. You bust your ass all day, but your

essentially doing the same thing every day, thus your understanding stop growing

about a month in.


With that being said, I always work hard and I will outwork anyone. However,

I did not work ANY harder in the when I was increasing my income. I did the

same level of "work" but made twice as much.


This is because, I was constantly breaking my comfort zone by doing things

better and faster. Thus my understanding is constantly sky rocketing, thus

my income keeps growing.


Putting It Into Action

In the 2nd part of this year myself and Cass will be breaking into the health

product niche, which is totally new to us. We are already applying

the exact steps I just laid out right before and will again be increasing

our income at will.


(Just FYI we will still be doing SEO, however the health niche

is about 2,000 times bigger than SEO. By the time I am 30 my

goal is to have a net worth well over 50 million, and this is

how we are gonna do it …at about 7 million current so

got a ways to go)


Anyhow, we are already doing all the steps I just covered.


Step 1: Make friends with people 

We have already reached out to the best sellers

of health products online and have friends in the niche.


We have also became good friends with several physical business

multi millionaires. Guys making well over a million a month. Just

from the simple conversations I have learned stuff that would of

taken me years to figure out.


Step 2: Understand How The Ground Floor Works

My big goal is physical health products. However we have never

sold a health product before, so the first step is launching a pure

info product.


We are also doing consulting for companies in niches like dating

so we can understand HOW to sell in different markets (actually

just launched a product for the largest dating company in the world

and learned a TON)


Again, we are learning how to operate at the ground level before

investing our butts in something and the understanding we are

gaining is incredible.


3. Bury Your Self In Information

Simply put…We are just paying the best of the best

to teach us and we are buying up every course

we can on selling.


Again, massive understanding bumps


4.Reckless Challenging Action

With our latest dating client, we had NEVER

launched a major dating product NOR had we ever

written sales material for one.


Instead of sitting around with the 1000 "what ifs" we took the

client and took massive challenging action outside of our

comfort zone.


A few months later they had their biggest launch in years and the

"what ifs" NEVER became an issue. The biggest bonus now is we

clearly understand how to launch in other niches. Understanding,

understanding, UNDERSTANDING.



And just like that we are choosing to grow our income, and this is

how next year I am going to CHOOSE to make 4 million and the year

after CHOOSE to make 8 million.


Get Off The Sidelines

Regardless of where you are in your life right now,  YOU have full

control of your income. You will be as rich or poor as you choose to be.


You are not held back by ANYTHING but the understanding you lack. And

by choosing to not grow your understanding you are choosing to be poor.


I firmly without a shadow of a doubt believe that EVERY SINGLE person

can become extremely successful.


And before you debate me there, I have seen a guy without limbs speak

and blow away audiences of 10s of thousands of people. (Google Nick



So yeah…You literally have no excuse. You can be INCREDIBLY wealthy

and its your choice. On top of that, if your still going to sit around telling

yourself not every can do it or that you cannot do it…Well, quite frankly

you're an idiot and probably deserve the super average bleh life your

going to live.


You are your greatest asset, you can do things in a way NO ONE else can

and you can choose to start becoming more successful TODAY. All you need

is the understanding to do so..


So with that being said….


How much money do you make?

Do you want more?

Are you going to chose to make more?


It's totally up to you


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