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Some people requested income proof..Sigh..Here ya go

Hey guys,

So good news, I achieved my new years resolution of making 6 figures in a month,

Which is honestly beyond me..

When first got into internet marketing all I wanted was to pay my rent, play skyrim and get a nice guitar eventually.


Now here is the crazy thing

I am not the best blogger (I can barely even write)

I am not the best product creator or JV marketer

I am not the worlds best SEO

I have zero clue how the "real" business world works


But at this moment I have surpassed (counting my blessings, knock on wood, luckiest guy in the world) some of the best of the best in all of those areas.




That is a REALLY good question. Who the hell am I, and what the F did I do to get here?

I mean you might see me all put together on SourceTV, but in reality I am sitting here working on a $30 ikea desk in smelly pajamas with my dog boots attacking me.

Not very successful sounding…In fact nothing has really changed since I was living in a 5×10 smelly room in a college house with a mattress on the floor.


I am pretty much a professional hobo




So How Have I Achieved An Income Like This?

You know at first…my answer would be "I have no clue. This is just weird."

But after I thought about it I was able to narrow it down to 5 very simple things.


Now what I want to do today is simply give away those 5 simple things so you can use them too…

Sound cool?


First Off

Source Wave is and will ALWAYS be a results, actionable content only SEO blog.

I refuse to be one of those bloggers that gets so full of themselves that they stop making actionable content and replaces it with whatever random mental masturbation reflection pops into their heads when they are showering.

You're not here to find the meaning of life, or the 10 steps to being a delightful person to work with. What I think about when I am eating cheeseburgers does not qualify as quality actionable content.


This site is about

-Case studies

-Step by step instructions

-What it takes to actually rank in Google


So if your new here and don't care about my hippy thoughts on business go check this case study out.

I rank a website for a huge keyword in 24 hours..Check it out…It's neat


However, if you have been here awhile you know building a real online business is about more than just step by step instruction.

So without further adue


The 5 Catalyst Of Success


What is a catalyst for success?

First off it sounds awesome…Say "catalyst of success"…Its sounds like legendary weapon from Lord of The Rings or something.

But it has more use than just slaying Sauron. It is something that guarantees you will eventually be extremely successful.


The first thing you got to understand is that money is an idea. It has no backing or value outside of peoples thoughts. It is a made up concept, and has no power besides what we give it.

But the question is…If the monetary value were stripped from every person and thing on the planet..Would it lose all of its value? Of course not.


You see, the amount of money we make is simply a reflection of how much value we put into the world.


If you give a TON of value to a TON of people, your perceived value will be astronomical.

Think of Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook. The 26 billion in his bank, outside of human reality, is just a number on a computer screen. It means nothing to a dog, and would mean nothing to a super advanced alien race on another planet. It is simply a representation of human value.


Now hold the phone, value does not always convert into a monetary sum. It can also convert straight into influence. While Martin Luther King might not have been a billionaire, his actions changed the world forever.

But today we are focusing on converting value into $$.


So in short, the person that provides the most value to the most people will be rich. Always…No matter what.

So instead of focusing on making money, focus on creating VALUE.


Here is 5 ways to do just that


Catalyst 1: Relentless Giving

When I first got started in IM I would read blogs like Viperchill and Smart Passive Income. Literally all Glenn  and Pat  do is give to the extreme.

Read their blogs, you will have to DIG to find them asking for anything.


But to find them giving?…Heck just look at the front page. Look at Pat Flynns niche site duel, with thousands of comments. Its easily the most read SEO post I have ever seen.

The thing is Pat Flynn is not a world renown SEO expert. Its just that he was the first person EVER to be totally transparent with how he ranked a site in Google.


Now there are thousands of SEO's who could of done it faster and better. But instead of giving they kept the info ALL to themselves, like greedy assholes.

Guess what, the traffic Pat Flynn's "giving" got him is enough to build a multi million dollar SEO business overnight. Now Pat Flynn is one of the worlds most successful and richest bloggers.


Heck look at SEOmoz. They started as an SEO consulting business…But instead of hoarding info, they put it ALL on their blog. Now their site is one of the top trafficked sites on the world and they do over 11 million dollars in sales a year. (Last I checked)


Oh, if only those original greedy SEO's had just SHARED. The simple act of giving without asking attracted so much traffic that SEOmoz and Pat Flynn will never have to worry about money every again.


How I Used This With Source Wave

Whenever I launched a product or got a new person on my email list, the first thing I did was OVERWHELM them with value. Post after post,  free course  after free course, and ALL of my best SEO secrets.

Because of this Source Wave stood out immediately to people. Instead of being just another brand spamming their email with junk, we became the brand that truly helped them.

When people are stumped or want SEO help…What brand do you think they thought of first? Source Wave!


The thing is in IM today you see SO many people trying to make a killing without providing much value to anyone. This is also why you see so many people fail at IM.

You will never receive value until you give it


When you give, everyone wins


Catalyst 2: Trust and Friendship

I don't care how great your sales pitch is or how clever it may be. It will always pale in comparison to power of trust and friendship.

I know A LOT of JV marketers, who will spend months creating the perfect marketing scheme and then recruit hundreds of JV marketers to send thousands of people to their sales pages.

Not a bad business idea..It does work. But at the  end of the day after all the JV commissions, they rarely make more than a few thousand dollars. This is because they have no value to people, and buy "value" instead.


Now a long while back I remember Glen Allsop launched a SEO course off ViperChill. Now my facts might not ALL be right, but he had no affiliate program, no mass amounts of JVs promoting him, and almost relied soley on his own list.

Not a 100% stat, but Glen sold almost 2,000 copies at $40 bucks a pop. (Or something crazy like that). Now do not get me wrong, his marketing was good but that was not why it banked so much.


The reason why Glen made so much more, is because he had earned the trust and friendship of thousands of people. He gave relentlessly and put so much effort into helping people that when he finally asked for something in return it was a no brainer (For thousands of people)

I SKIPPED the well crafted sale page and bought on Glens reputation alone. Now that is effective marketing!


How I Applied This Lesson To Source Wave

Whenever I launched a product or got a butt load of emails on my list, I did one thing : Befriend the people I had just met.

I put videos up of me, I put my personality out their, I told people the truth and tried my best to help them in over the top ways. The result? Trust! People believed me when I said thing and KNEW I had their best interest in mind.

On top of that because I put my SELF out their instead of hiding behind my computer, people got to know ME as a person.


My best selling tactic was not crazy sales letters, it was telling my list "This will genuinely help you".


This is why I am so shocked that the second most marketers get an email, the VERY first thing they do is send the person to someone else's offer.  Not only do they skip giving the person a chance to meet them, they try to take from them as a way of starting the relationship.



Catalyst 3: Extreme Diversity

The most dangerous thing you can do is try to be like someone else. Today the world is filled with so many businesses and people trying to get money, that consumers literally do not have the attention spam to become aware of "common" businesses.

Go into Best Buy. You will see something CRAZY in their computer section.

You will see row after row of computer that ALL look alike and are SUPER similar. There is almost no one in these isles.

Then if you look a little ways off you will see 2 computers ALL by themselves. The IMacs.


Now get this, there is literally nothing better hardware wise about these computers. In fact they are inferior to most PCS at the same price on the market. But holy crap are they different.

They are smooth, sexy, and everything about them down to the mouse is unique.


You will also see one more thing…A HUGE crowd around them and you will see entire marketing offices using solely Apple products. These computer make up 4% of all the computers at the store, but make up 80% of the sales.


So the question is, why the F$%K would you make your business plan "be like the other guys"?


How I Applied This To Source Wave

I guarantee I am not the first SEO blog you have ever been to or the first person to sell you an SEO product.

I DO guarantee you that I am the first SEO who films for you on a HD 3d set, plays guitar at you, uses potty words and has a totally over the top blog design with swishy logos and a weird name like Source Wave.


Do you know how many "Smart Passive Income" spin offs I have seen stall out? Do you know how many SEO blogs with just basic studies and average no identity writers I have seen die?

You remember what Source Wave is not because the information is the best in the world, you remember it because this place is weird, awesome, and 100% unique.


When I get new emails, I don't want to be like every other marketer out there. I want to be that weird dude who sends you crazy memes and excites you. If you open my email and come to Source Wave…You WILL remember me..

So make your goal not to model after others, but to be 100% different than them


Catalyst 4: Reach As Many People As Possible

If you cannot reach people, you cannot give them mind blowing shit or show them how awesome you are.

Case closed.


Now this can be a challenge, but remember everything you have going for you if you apply the other catalyst. Every person that meets you will become a spreader of your influence making it impossible for you to not create huge awareness.

Because of your giving, people WILL spread the word.


So how do you get those initial people there…Simple, by creating value and giving to people with the reach you need.


Source Waves example

When we created Source Wave myself and Alejandro would find people with huge email lists of marketers. We would then offer them a 100% commission on products we sold.

Now our products were AWESOME. When people picked them up they were impressed, and we also had killer sales pitches. This in turn created tons of value for the the people with the reach.


Because we were looking out for our promoters interest BEFORE our own, they sent us people. We then gave those people MASSIVE value that they were not used to, built their trust, and became 100% unique in their eyes.


What is mind blowing is again, I see many marketers get the first part right and attract ton of promoters. But then their products are a blank piece of shit PDF, and they have zero intention of doing anything but abusing the people who buy it.

These marketers NEVER last long term. When you do reach people, its not time to cash in. Its is time to give!


Catalyst 5: Recognizing Your Own Value

Now with so much giving of value it might be hard to see where exactly you benefit.

Look, giving value is like a boomerang. The more you give, the farther it goes and the harder it comes back.


But where a lot of people mess up, is they never get ready to catch the boomerang. Instead, they keep giving and do not place a value on themsevles. The result? Massive influence. By no means will you be a failure if you give, but refuse to receive.

Great people like Lincoln, Gandhi, and Yoda did this. However, we are here to make money.


In order to make money you HAVE to catch the boomerang, and accept the value people want to give back.


Look at Tony Robbins, the dude could of just gave amazing seminars helping people for free his entire life. Instead, he caught the boomerang he had thrown SO hard and agreed to receive value in return.

Now his books are read by millions and he lives in a beach fortress. He is also one of the wealthiest people on the planet.


Tony Robbins House

Tony Robbins can charge thousands to those that attend his seminars because before they ever attended he had already given them tens of thousands in value.


How I Applied This To Source Wave

I give 98% of what I know away for free, and I love doing it. I get to help thousand of people. Because of that thousands of people recognize my value.

Because of this when I release high end product, or offer high end services to clients the amount of value I can receive is quite large. People give me so much value BECAUSE I have already given them so much value in return.

I can charge a SEO client 10k a month without a crazy sales pitch, because I have already helped their business so much already. Receiving is PART of giving.


So in short the reason why most people never receive is they NEVER give. Vice versa the reason why some super successful people never make money, is they never receive. Which is fine…If your goal is not to make money


I see some people throw the value boomerang so hard, yet feel guilty about catching it when it comes back to them. Get just as good at throwing the boomerang as you are at catching it.


So Boom…

If you do not full fill all of these, you cannot make lots of money….According to the 24 year old who thought this up in the shower after reading a very good book (The Go Giver)


If you do not give, you will never receive

If you do not reach people, you cannot give

If do not gain trust, you cannot reach people

If you are not unique, you will not be remembered after reaching people

If you do not receive, you will not become stupid rich…(Imagine how easy Yoda could of beaten Darth Sidius if he had been a business tycoon….Yeah.. now you see the big picture)


So in short…..Stop being such a selfish boring untrustworthy prick and start making money =)




Now I want to lead by example! Enjoy your access to the Source Vault below!





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