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Get 50 Profitable SEO Niches (Over 5k Per Sale) With No Competition


How To Become A Millionaire In A Year : Guaranteed

If your reading this right now there is about a 2% chance you make any notable amount of money online..

On top of that, only 1.5% of people in America make over 150k a year on or offline…


Which means that there is a whopping .01% chance that you make a substantial amount of money online (If so your a statistical anomaly…way to go!)


Thats is a really small percentage…The big question is why?

Is internet marketing or making money all that hard? Are 99.99% of people just dumb asses?


What in gods names are these people in the .01% doing


Is it luck?

Maybe sometimes…But I commonly see people lose all their online income and then a few months later have it all back. I have literally seen my business partner Alejandro increase or regain lost income at will.

Hell, Kelly Felix lost millions and then made it ALL back in a short time. If it came down to luck this just wouldn’t happen


Is it hard work?

Not really. Theres plenty of people who bust their ass trying to make it online for years and fail.

So hard work alone is not a factor


Is it being some super genius?

Well duh you cannot have the IQ a dog and do this. On the flip side though, most the REALLY successful marketers I know are incredibly simple people.

Heck, Frank Kern has 23 million dollar launches, yet if you see him talk he literally makes up words and just forgets stuff like whether or not he launched a product last year.

Obviously he is a smart guy, but hes also not a rocket scientist.



So what is it?

Well after meeting and talking with many extremely successful marketers (50k+ per month income) I have narrowed it down to one thing…


For lack of better words….It is a dysfunctional borderline OCD like obsession totally driven from passion.


“Okay so great Alex…We have to be an OCD lunatic to get good at internet marketing..”




The secret is knowing how to trigger dysfunctional obsession. Let me explain


How World of Warcraft Is Part Of The Ultimate Secret To Success

A screenshot of the total hours played on a WoW account (105 days)

If you do not know, World of Warcraft is an online game that had over 10 million players at one time.

Now impressive as that is, the most impressive is the effect it had on people. It was extremely common for a person to start playing WoW (World of Warcraft) and become borderline obsessed. To the point that they would spend every free moment they had playing it.

I had the same issue back when I used to play it. I would routinely have weekends off from work and spend 40 of those 48 hours playing WoW.


Yes it is stupid but take a step back and look at the big picture

People today have trouble getting good at things. This is supposedly due to lack of time, energy, etc.

But when you introduce obsession via passion…People can do just about anything at any level they want.


Above I said I would log 40 out 48 hour on WoW easily. The thing is this was COMMON. Everyone I played with (thousands of people) would easily…EASILY, put 40-60 hour a week into this game.

So why was it so easy for them put 40 hours a week into achieving success in a game, but impossible for them to put 5 hours a week into being successful in real life?




In order to reach the max level (aka success) in WoW you had to play a minimum of 1000 hours (3 hour a day for a year, or 6 hours a day for half a year). The thing is that millions of people hit this level.

How the hell did so many people reach this level of freak like dedication. This is a level of “freaky” obsession you only see in olympic athletes…Billionaires…World changers….(Starting to see the connection?)

Okay maybe to much dedication here…



Even if you are a total idiot, if you work at something with the obsession that WoW triggered in millions of people…You WILL succeed, GUARANTEED.

You might not be a billionaire, but you will be better than 99% of the world at it. (Remember how only 1% of people make 150k a year…See any connection to that 99%?)


So, the REAL secret to guaranteed success is finding a way to trigger the obsession that WoW caused, but in something that will make you money.


How Freaky “Wow” Like Obsession Made Me Millions

Time for a quick story (it has a point)

First off, I have always had somewhat of a gift and a curse. I am completely unable to work at something I am uninterested in and able to work endlessly on something I love.


So for most of my life this has translated into me getting kicked out of school, not being able to hold a job, being social inverted, and basically sucking at EVERYTHING because I didn’t know how to channel this.


Until I learned this about myself, the flip side (the love part) came out in weird ways. I would spend hours learning how crack computers, pick locks, and other weird skills so that I could get at stuff I wanted like video games/money. I thought it was normal, but I became very good at these totally odd ball skills very very quickly. Skills that usually take most people a long time to learn.


Anyways, when I was about 20ish years old I was still very socially inverted and girl crazy. Two things that do not go well together. So for a year I became obsessed with social psychology (to put it cleanly). It was literally all I thought about and practiced.

Now at first…I was probably the weirdest creepiest dude at the bar. Picture an awkward nerd wearing a flashy Ed Hardy shirt (think Jersey Shore) walking around the bar trying to make conversation with every person in a 10 ft radius..Yeah…It was bad..

But after a year of “practice” I could virtually could walk up to any group of people/girl at bar and “befriend” them.

I read countless books on how people think, how our brains works, down to the very core of why behave like we do in any social situation. I was no Brad Pitt, but compared to the awkward turtle I was before it was like night and day.

It was to the point where I was coaching other people to do it too. Most people stay the same socially their entire lives…So the fact that I could change my social standing at will (which most people think is just “the hand they are dealt”) was pretty cool.


Weird I know…But

A) Don’t act like you never wished you were more socially savvy

B) This has a point to making money



After sometime, I heard about some people who were making money blogging…So I decided to start a blog about how to meet women in college. I didn’t do this so much to make money, but because I was super passionate about it.

But then came the list of problems that most bloggers run into. Getting traffic, entertaining people, making money, keeping traffic, building a list…You know, the usual. To top it off I was a horrible writer with zero marketing experience.


Well…Because of my dating guru passion it literally triggered the “WoW” like obsession I was talking about earlier, but it was directed at making my site bigger.

I learned SEO, effective blogging, conversions, product creation, and I became GOOD at them…Very good. Not because I wanted to be a world class marketer, but because I was freaky passionate about this website.


Fast forward a few months later and the site was a landmark in the “dating niche”, receiving almost 3k visits a day. You literally could not Google anything college related and not find it. This was all due to marketing skills I learned because I was so passionate about being a dating guru.


Taking Control Of The Passion

At this point I was about 23 and the days of being a “dating guru” were behind me. I had a new passion now…SEO and marketing…But on top of that I had an even bigger obsession, creating a HUGE marketing blog/brand.

I now knew that with passionate obsession I could do virtually anything, but this time I decided to point it in a direction that made money. With that I sold my blog for a lofty 5 figure sum and began Source Wave.


I then ended up meeting Alex Cass and from then on I became obsessed with growing the brand. I wasn’t learning SEO or marketing just to make money, that didn’t excite me. I learned SEO and marketing so that I could BLOW UP Source Wave.

I learned how to launch BIG products, do SEO for corporations, create software, everything I could to make Source Wave bigger and bigger. I wanted to make it it “Maserati” of internet marketing.

A year later Source Wave is valued at over 2 million dollars and is one of the top  10,000 trafficked sites in the world…Hurray. WoW like obsession pays off.


And the best part is it has been fun, exciting and most of all never felt like work.


So What Is The Point

The point is, this is how almost every REALLY successful marketer behaves. If you ask them why they do marketing you will hear answers like “It’s really fun”. Very few BIG marketers (30K per month+) do it solely for money, it is literally just like waking up and playing World of Warcraft to them. It is their freaky obsession.

It’s the Word of Warcraft like obsession that has made them so successful. There is no earthly way they could of reached such heights or put in so much work if it was “work” for them. After all no one likes to “work”

So the big trick is learning your own way to “channel” that  WoW like obsession via passion.


Making Your Own WoW Like Obsession

So go back to my initial story. I didn’t tell you about my dating guru obsession for fun. I told you that because you probably have a very similar obsession. Whether it is music, ninja turtles, or crafting samurai swords.Everyone has an extreme passion (If you don’t your dead inside and I don’t like you.)

Now the secret is to take that extreme passion, and combine it with IM(internet marketing).

If your just getting started in SEO…Do not start making niche websites about “how to cook lasagna”…How the f@$k are you supposed to trigger obsession doing that.


Another big news flash, if your one of those people who got into marketing so you could work two hours a week…Again…How the f@$k are you supposed to trigger obsession that way.

The desire not to work will never trigger the desire to make something great.


The key is to take what you are most passionate about, what excites you most, and then use SEO/IM as a way to turn that passion into something that makes money.
That is how you are going to become a bad ass marketer REALLY fast.


“But what if I just work real hard?”


Because here is the thing…Hard work..That’s great, but it does lead to creating GREAT things unless it is backed by crazy passion.

Millions of kids each year put in insane amounts of un passion driven hard work in college, to get the wonderful reward of being told when to wake up, what to do, and making enough money to live an average life.

If you like waking up up at 6am every day so that you can afford to pay your bills, great! Work hard!
But if you want to run your life and “afford” a Ferrari work passionate!


Hard work is not enough. Passion driven hard work pointed in a direction that makes money is how you blows up your life financially(and happiness wise).


Be sure to watch this. Compare how hes talking to the “WoW like obsession”

Look at Steve Vai. The guy did not spend 10 hours a day practicing guitar because he wanted be a world famous musician. He did it because it excited the hell out of him, and then he transfered that passion into making money. Zero “work” involved.


Look at Mark Zuckerberg. He didn’t get started coding so he could build Facebook. He got started coding because he wanted to make cool games for him and his sisters to play. It excited him, and later that excitement transferred to making Facebook, and that transferred into billions


Look at his interviews now, the dude is literally have a nerdgasm talking about Facebook. Thats not hard work, that is unbridled nerdy joy.


Look at Bill Gates…He didn’t sit in his garage building the future of computers to originally make money…If you’ve seen him in interviews he did it because it was “fun”.


Look at Rob Dydrek (Founder of DC shoes) The guy turned his passion of skate boarding and doing crazy crap into a networth of 15 million


Look at Justin Bieber and just feel incredibly frusterated


All the people above worked super hard…Of course…But it was passion driven hard work….Not labor “learn something for the sake of learning it” hardwork.


My 2 Cents For IM

If you want to be really successful in IM, find some way to mix your IM with something your SUPER passionate about. Picture yourself making millions doing it. Then just do it.

Do not learn SEO/IM to find a way to quit your job. Learn SEO/IM as a tool to grow your passion.


Sure you will fail a lot. But the best boxers have been punched in the face MANY times.


I research successful people as a hobby and the only connection I see is pure excitement and passionate obsession in a direction that makes money. The type of excitement that keeps them up at night. There is no blueprint, no avoiding failure, no “step by step never work again system”.

It just that simple though. Approach something that creates a WoW like obsession in yourself (that makes money) and let it take over. The answers will eventually work themselves out. Do it for long enough and it is literally impossible not to make bags of money.


I write this post right now and run Source Wave not as some way to create money (though that is a huge perk). I do this because its fun as hell and I literally pounce out of bed everyday in excitement to work on it. I do everything I do because its fun and that is why it is so good. That is why I do alright.


Can you say the same?


If not then you might be doing something wrong.



Get 50 Profitable SEO Niches (Over 5k Per Sale) With No Competition


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  1. March 15, 2013

    Thanks Becker, really nice read :)

    I use to be obsessive over video games.

  2. March 15, 2013

    Love these type of posts man, so true. All my 1mill+ friends are the same, not super smart just driven and obsessed.

  3. March 15, 2013

    That is exactly right! Very well said Alex! Perfect breakdown.

  4. Becker
    March 15, 2013

    Haha WoW days were EPIC =)

  5. Becker
    March 15, 2013

    Yep most of mine are the same way. Most of my super smart friends work desk jobs

  6. Becker
    March 15, 2013

    Glad you enjoyed my man!

  7. March 15, 2013

    This got me excited as hell! Thanks for the post.

  8. Becker
    March 15, 2013

    Glad I could help Kyle

  9. lee
    March 15, 2013

    Cheers for that Becker, another quality piece of advice that will be added to the arsenal ;oP

  10. March 16, 2013

    Best post on the site, and it has nothing to do with seo :)

  11. March 16, 2013

    thanks Becker for the great read. The benefit of being OCD about something is the great amount of focus and concentration you apply to the activity. Even now, I am concentrating on being successful at IM..but building too many sites at once, so not really focussed. I think,after reading this, I need to pick one of my sites and make it the best it can be.

  12. Becker
    March 16, 2013

    haha thanks bud

  13. Becker
    March 16, 2013

    Dont pick a site, make a site about what you want and then go crazy!

  14. Dustin
    March 16, 2013

    Really nice Post, YEAH passion is absolutley all it needs. I used to play Guildwars and was one of the top PVP players, just because I was so addicted to PVP.
    BECKER I really need to THANK you alot because because of you and your our absolute unique and awsome information I finally found my passionheart again.
    Since I stoped playing that game I was searching for passion in real life and it may sound neardy but I found it with Searching, Buying PR Domains and building a Blognetwork.
    Strange… never expected that to make so much fun :) THANK YOU ALOT BECKER

    Quick note that .gifs really drag alot attention…very nice I will use that in the future too. ;)

  15. nazeem
    March 16, 2013

    hi Becker,

    great post .Yes i have a passion that i combine with IM as you said .It’s very fun as you said but sometimes it’s very difficult .Iwent through a lot when learning my passion (difficulties,set backs …you know) .
    And then i discovered IM i was very excited i made around 200$ the second month ,i was very happy (i thought yeah i am becoming rich lol) and it stopped !! zero $ the third month .I know that i have to keep up the hard work but when you have a set back like that it’s very difficult it’s like climbing a mountain or walking against the wind .
    I don’t know when i will earn my next dollar !
    Do you have any suggestion for those difficult moments or set back .What do you do to overcome them and how you motivate yourself ?
    thanks !

  16. Becker
    March 16, 2013

    hahah glad I could help Dustin!

  17. Becker
    March 16, 2013

    Learn from them and base it around having fun. Like I said, college flirt was always fun to work on, even if it was not making money. That is all I needed to stay motivated!

  18. March 16, 2013

    Everyone I know is a gamer. And I suck at it. So I go to their game parties and sit there eating the cool food and working on my sites. I tell them it’s “my type of gaming” and they just shrug and offer me more chips.

    I have cool friends.

    I could have never put my experience into words, however. Well, done. I’m going to harness those aspects of my brain, and see if I can’t squeeze out some more success.

  19. Chris
    March 16, 2013

    One word… Wow! ;-)

  20. jim
    March 16, 2013

    Nice article becker.

    While I like IM and it’s my career, here’s what I am truly passionate about:

    chasing tail
    watching movies

    And I don’t want to open a party business, I don’t want to be a ‘how to meet girls instructor’ (can life get creepier than doing that? answer: no), and I don’t think I qualify as a future movie star. Also I said I like to watch movies not to appear in them. And no I don’t want to blog about any of them either. Blogging sucks.

    Any advice on how to channel my passion lol

  21. March 16, 2013

    Becker thank you for this great post. I’m obsesses with SEO and getting website rank. And you are right every time I try something just to make money I fail every signal time. Now that’s I do it just because it excite me to make a change for better I succeed. Thank for writing this post with sugar coding it

  22. March 16, 2013

    Hey Alex very kuul stuff! Couldn’t agree more.

  23. Babu
    March 16, 2013

    infinite kisses and lots of love for u becker. Missed u all these years. (not the other way).

  24. March 16, 2013


    Insightful and spot on. Thank you for this. It has given me a lot to think about.

  25. leeshoes
    March 16, 2013

    so True.

    when I got started working in IM, i did it just to quit my desk job and the only thing I thought was how to make the most money in the shortest amount of time.. might have worked in the 2000-2005 era I guess, but not now.

    Got some success with a health-slash-beauty authority site that I set up thinking the keywords were uncompetitive and shit. Had some success but damn was it hard to get passionate about this topic.. literally had to fight with myself to find motivation to write articles.

    So I started a fitness and nutrition blog and I love to write on it, plus I educated myself at the same time on a subject im passionate about

  26. March 16, 2013

    No joke the dating ebooks that i would torrent is what got me into IM. I thought, “If these guys sell these ebooks, it costs them nothing, and they are making a killing!!” then i read about twenty books on IM and here I am now, re-learning all of my knowledge with your site lol. I love internet marketing and my friends get bored of my telling them of new accomplishments i have every day. It is actually hard for me to get off my computer because IM is so addicting!! there is always new keywords to make money off of daily, so hard to stop!!!

    great read, thanks becker

  27. March 16, 2013

    Hey Becker,
    I’ve been following you for a few months now, and I have to way this is one of your finest posts. Not to short change any of the other EXCELLENT information you have sprinkled on our brains.

    I remember when someone said “do what you love, and the money will come”. You have just solidified this.

    Well done, man.


  28. March 17, 2013

    Ahh! Those university days, I used to play all night long busy clearing level after level of Warcraft III (has some similarity with WoW as they are from same production studio if i’m not wrong) only to find out that the sun has risen and don’t bother to go to class! That was the story of almost all year of my 4 year university career (i’m a CS major by the way that’s why i’m not the owner of a giant start-up right now! ;) )

    You’re so true Becker that passion drives us if not you’re dead inside already! The only thing we have to do is blend the key ingredient together and make a niche smoochie! :D

    P.S, What happened to your guitar solos? Where are they? I’m really waiting for the next one.

    Thanks for your post. :)

  29. March 17, 2013

    That Justin Bieber comment made me laugh out loud. Very good sir.

    I can relate. I’ve had two individuals approach me (I’m a developer) about creating the “next Facebook”. Both wanted to target a niche, build a social network around it, and then sell it for millions (to be fair, one of them was very passionate about the niche, but he was still mostly focused on the profits). I tried to convince both of them to concentrate on building something “great” and hopefully the profits would eventually come, but they were just too money oriented from the start.

    Both attempts failed – not because the concepts were bad – it was just that the focus was ill-placed. I enjoyed trying to help them, but I was too busy to become obsessed with their sites in their stead.

  30. March 18, 2013

    Good stuff, Becker!

    I can actually remember the point in my life where I thought to myself: “the key is that I need to become obsessed with what I do.”

    I call the process “The Grind”. Keep going at it until you see success. And the only way to do it is if you’re working on something you just can’t help but work on.

  31. March 18, 2013

    Hey Becker:

    Marco here checking in all the way from Costa Rica. You made a great point about finding our obsession. If you don’t like what you’re doing and you can’t spend endless hours doing it, then you don’t need to be doing it.

    My grandpa, may he rest in peace, used to say that if something isn’t worth doing right, then it isn’t worth doing at all. Why bother?

    And my dad is obsessive about details. He was in the construction industry before he retired. He was in business with my brother and they were always arguing because my brother was always trying to cut corners. My brother’s favorite argument used to be, “But dad, nobody’s going to see that!” My dad would respond, “But you and I will both know it was not done the way it was supposed to be done. Would you want someone doing that if they were doing work for you?”

    Keep the great stuff coming. If you ever stop obsessing long enough to take a vacation, come visit Costa Rica. I would be happy to show you around.

  32. March 18, 2013

    wow… Your f@$king awesome. Battle passion keeps you alive.

  33. John
    March 18, 2013

    thank you man,
    i really had a few tears reading this.
    i feel so sorry for all the kids out there who are wasting their lifes, by playing videogames, eating shit, beeing depresive or doing drugs. there is so much more out there

  34. Joel
    March 19, 2013


  35. Uku
    March 19, 2013

    Hi. Becker,

    Thank You for Your Epic Videos.

    We are starting a new website with Your Suggestions and we have one question, if You have time to answer it :)

    Ex. We have Honda Cars, Audi Cars, Ferrari Cars, Toyota Cars aso. Pages in our

    Website. We are optimizing every Page with SEOnuke, Do we get in trouble when the

    last word ( in this exmple “Cars”) is on Every Page. Is this over Optimization?

    All the Best and Thank You for Source-Wave.


  36. March 19, 2013

    Becker, you talk a lot about buying High PR links. Where are the best places to find sellers of High PR links, (other than contacting webmasters from Google searches…tedious!)?

  37. John
    March 20, 2013

    hey becker,
    why is underdog down? i wanted to watch the vid about pr powershot, but the page is down, please fix this. i bought this product about 4 or 5 months ago, why dont i have access to it after this short time?

  38. March 21, 2013

    Great Post. I just bought your 500K offering!

  39. Chris
    March 21, 2013

    Very inspirational Becker (Standing ovation)

    I can relate to ALOT of what you said, freaky!

  40. Jacqueline
    March 21, 2013

    Love this post. Thanks for writing it!

  41. Chris
    March 21, 2013

    Great post. It is very Owen Cook, but I like the passion!

  42. Rogger Ladislau
    March 21, 2013

    Is really very interesting everything what you wrote Becker, because i am extremely addict in Seo and i started to like very more after that i learned Seo with you |o|

    I’m amazed with you and very grateful.

  43. March 21, 2013


    I am always careful with Local SEO because I know my instincts are to blow my Clients sites up way bigger than they ever considered…just because I can do it. Kind of hard to charge them (what it’s worth) when they didn’t order the Super Grande Deluxe package.
    I see Agencies that charge all Clients for every little thing, kind of like a hospital. I just can’t keep track of every Band-Aid but rather I focus on being sure that what ever I charge is going to be more than covered by the benefit the Client receives, so let’s pick a price that makes sense at the time for the Client and do the best for all of them. It’s really the only way I know how to work.

    Guess that’s why I can’t ever go back to a Corporate job.

  44. March 21, 2013

    Alex this was probably your best post yet. It has everything.

    Shitloads of humor (1st video had me on the floor, helpless), Justin Bieber comment!

    Shitloads of incredibly insightful observations and very sage analysis on the value of passion; the absolute necessity to have that passion to make something truly work and have fun doing it.

    You never fail to both impress and surprise, wonder what you’ve got in store for us next!

  45. Becker
    March 21, 2013

    Ha thanks Chris

  46. Becker
    March 21, 2013

    Glad you enjoyed!

  47. Becker
    March 21, 2013

    Thanks buddy, glad I could help!

  48. Becker
    March 21, 2013

    Thanks Robert!

  49. Becker
    March 21, 2013

    Tom, once you find one good seller he usually has many sites. Find a few and your set (sorry gotta protect mine…They only have so many sites and I have thousands of readers :( )

  50. March 21, 2013

    Great motivational stuff. It’s powerful.
    Appreciate the mental kick in the a$$

  51. Shirley
    March 21, 2013

    Great post Becker! Recovering Wow addict here, so I can definitely

    It’s sort of funny.. I am also on the email list for Chris Rempel’s blog and the headline of today’s newsletter:” Affiliate Myth #1: “Do what you love, and the money will follow…”
    I don’t think you are on the same page on this But I see good points from both sides. I also believe that sometimes passion comes after knowledge. The initial driver/motivator can be anything (money, social acceptance, desperation ..whatever), but it doesn’t last, unless you find something along the way that you become really good at and love.

    off topic.. I have also tried to purchase your underdog course but the link doesn’t work. Could you please let me know where I can get it? Cheers!

  52. March 21, 2013

    Great post – if you don’t mind me saying, it’s your best post by far! Not sure if you or any others have ever watched the “Secret” and other related stuff by Joe Vitale and Bob Procter, but all of them preach about having the “passion” – it is not enough to visualise your success – you have to feel it and be passionate about it. Pat Mesiti is another guy who preaches the same. All these guys started with nothing – heck Joe was homeless for 10 years! Yet they all made it to the .01% niche! Because of passion in what they believed in – the money came as a by-product. Yeah, it’s cool to learn all the SEO tools and methods, but, without focus, without drive and passion, you never get to see your own blueprint for success. Thanks again for a great post!

  53. March 21, 2013

    Great post Becker, Thanks again! I know I have been doing this mistake (using niches with 0 passion…), and am now focusing on my “passion” niches from now on…

  54. Jan
    March 21, 2013

    Hi Alex,

    is the case study that you promoted recently applicable also to non-english markets? I operate locally.

    Thank you and have a nice day!

  55. March 21, 2013

    Hi Becker,

    Amidst the rush to get rich and make money, passion somehow fell to the wayside. I have done so many sites that was an absolute bind to do because it was a ‘job’ and all have failed.

    I need to wake that passion up again. To re-visit what makes me tick, what gets me all fuzzy and excited and that it is ok to go for it no matter what (within reason of course – lasagne was never my thing).

    So thank you – I cannot wait to get started.

    PS…. Really love the Half mil report because that will be something I can do to fund my project(s).

  56. Ben
    March 21, 2013

    Really insightful thoughts here Becker. It makes complete sense though. Passionate obsession really is the key to advancing at whatever it is you want to get better at. That Steve Vai video is profound. I’m looking forward to more info from you.


  57. Becker
    March 21, 2013

    Nice Michele, thank you so much for the kind words!

  58. Becker
    March 21, 2013

    Glad i could help Ben =)

  59. Becker
    March 21, 2013

    Haha i like the $$ signs

  60. sensei
    March 21, 2013

    Hey Becker great post …. but… I believed u dropped the ball a lil… I was looking to learn your concept on how to make a mill in a year as the post suggested.

    Passion is great… but understanding how to sell and deliver what the market wants, needs or desires is a definite.

    Let’s examine Product/service x’s wants, needs, and desires x’s Sells= $$$$$
    So 5000 sells of a 200.00 product 1 million… 4 quarters in a year… WAHLA

    I know u know this… but i’m just putting it out there… Passion is the perk… But If I can get Jordan sneakers in the hands of 5000 customers a year with $200.00….
    I need no passion just a TECHNIQUE!

    SO, I’m a technique guy… as your SEO strategies are techniques.

    Thanks again all the best.

  61. March 21, 2013

    Thomas Dye here, I read your whole post, I know what you are saying
    is right on the money.

    I am 70 years old, I owned my own trucking company for over 25 years, I worked on and for a Water Company-Called East Bay MUD”Municipal Utility District” Putting in New Water Lines & Replacing old ones. Before that I drove for a few Tanker & Freight Companies.Total of 45 Years “No Accidents Ever!”

    I was a pretty fair Guitar Player , I formed a Band back in the Eighties, I found great musicians,Lead player ,Drummer,Base player,Had a Girl Singer, All Talented, We formed the Band Called “Sundown” We were together for over 8 Years, Until I had to Quit that band and just work for myself .

    When I formed that band I told them we needed around 60 songs so we
    would have a solid Product to Market, So we practiced for nearly a year
    and we perfected every song we learned in the lead players house, When
    we got ready to market the band,

    A lot of my customers were some of my contractor buddies that had daughters
    that got married and we played for their weddings, Got hooked up with a local
    DJ ,Moose Lodges, City functions, We took off and did not stop for 8 years,
    Because we had a Great Band, I really enjoyed that time.

    Now , I know some guitar players that can crank your head around as
    soon as they start playing , What I discovered along the path of learning
    the guitar, Was when you asked the really talented one’s to show you
    something they didn’t show you, Most of them usually said , I learned it
    you got to learn it, I Knew that, That’s why I was wanting them show me.

    Anyway , They”d say it all repeats all the way up the neck, I knew that to!
    so when they would show me a little ditty, Man I’d practice it for hours &
    Hours, So when they would just even tell me a few things I would go practice
    what ever mentioned, I was wholly serious , So what you say is true, Got
    to be serious and love what you are trying to do!

    I know from working since i was 16 years old until I retired, I was never ever
    out of a job my whole life, Because I always had skills, Truck Driver First
    Musician Second, I used the music”Sundown” Made me money then
    Launched my Trucking Business.

    I am real good friends with Merle Haggards Drummer Bif Adam he’s
    been to my house and played my drums many times, One nice fellow.
    He is also retired now.

    I want the SEO Skills That will Make me some Retirement Money
    I will say I want to make as much as I am able to,I work at it hard
    I know for a fact!! that nothing comes easy, You have to have Skill!

    Thank You Thomas Dye

    That’s about it

  62. March 21, 2013

    Hey Becker….this was an awesome post and has really awakened something inside me. You might say that I just had an “Aha” moment as I read this and I may even have discovered my passion.

    Keep up the good work and I will continue to follow.


  63. Becker
    March 21, 2013

    Great story to learn from Thomas, I hope I can help you earn some of that retirement money.

    And that is awesome about the band. Right now i am working like 12 hours a day on SW, but I would like to take some of that time soon to get REALLY good at guitar

    Its like those pros said though, its just practice, but they are practicing just to practice, they are practicing because that is 100% what they love to do. Its not like they are working =)


  64. Becker
    March 21, 2013

    Yeah, of course execution matters…In fact an average idea can make millions with the right execution

    But when you are super passionate about something (with the intent to make money) you WILL learn execution. Maybe not the first time around, but the lessons always work themsevles in

    Very good point though


  65. Becker
    March 21, 2013

    Glad I could help Mike!

  66. Bob
    March 21, 2013

    You are basically saying that most people paying you monthly to rank on Google are wasting their money and will fail.

    I was under the impression I could build a site, buy links, move up to page one and make money by giving someone who is passionate about the info I provide what they want. Rinse and repeat for more money.

    oh. I’m passionate about golf but the keyword research says PICK ANOTHER NICHE

    Maybe the 99% are just miss led by professional marketers – who are real passionate about making money…

    Always at the airport when my ship comes in.

  67. Erik
    March 21, 2013

    what a great post. just what i needed as i just purchased a book on this. as i found myself going in circles. i think this article could be a turning point for me.

  68. March 21, 2013

    Thank you so much for this information/pep talk post. Lets see if I make let my obsession to become a billionaire a reality. ;)
    Thanks Alex

  69. March 22, 2013

    It’s impossible to explain it to most people as they will never truly understand it. I love doing building new businesses.
    Sure, the money is great, I have made millions, I am in that 1.5%, but it isn’t about the money at all. The only value money has to me is it’s value in building the next thing.

  70. Becker
    March 22, 2013

    Ha exactly Louie

    Congrats on kicking ass

  71. March 22, 2013

    hi becker,

    thanks for the great content…

    What do you think about combining SEO with Pickup-Coachings? I mean I ranked for the keyword “how to get a girlfriend” on #1 but nobody buys. i think the visitor are just too young….do you think it would make sense to rank for another keyword and combine that later on with coaching?

    whats your opinion about that?

  72. bharath
    March 22, 2013

    Hey Beck,

    This is so true, even I see this obsession in me for IM.
    And I purchased your Half-mil prod but I am not able to access the
    blueprint even after I share the email Id at the deluxe page. I haven’t
    received any login details..I have raised a support ticket, kindly check.

    Thanks… your posts are always awesome

  73. cbetz
    March 22, 2013

    Agreed. Best post yet. Other posts about how to dominate SEO have been great too, but this one takes the cake.

  74. James Sides
    March 23, 2013

    HAHA, just read this after someone linked it to me on my Fb wall and I got a real kick out of the Wow comparison.

    Before I became obsessed with IM I was a total wow addict as well, I logged over 250 days of play time in my five years hobby (crazy!!!).

    And I agree 100% that when I turned my obsessive compulsive personality to IM things went wild.

    I have NO middle ground, either I love something and go nuts with it or I hate it and can’t do it for five minutes.

    Great article!


    James Sides

  75. March 25, 2013

    I have that same desire & Passion. I love doing what I do with building websites and marketing etc–I just seem to be having abit harder go of it right now–but I LOVE IT & I look forward to the time when I am making more money online doing what I love!

  76. Lane Bell
    March 27, 2013

    Absolutely wonderful advice! Passiod driven focus is the key to success! Thanks again Becker! Would love to meet you in person some day!

  77. March 29, 2013


    This is a well thought out and excellent post. Very eye-opening and caused me to take a step back and ask why I am doing what I am doing. Call it peeling the onion back until you get to the root cause. I agree with you whole heartedly. Success in anything is driven by passion versus the desire to make money. It is very true. Do what you love and the money will follow. I truly believe this and you are living proof.

    Once again, thanks for this insight.

  78. April 1, 2013

    Nice and cool!this is helping me to look again inside of my potential,what I really have and what I will do about it.I learn a lot from many IM guru….many lessons,many video tutorials and spend a lot of money for the membership with many coaching programs.But…fail and fail not even make income??

  79. oliver
    April 9, 2013


    Google Chrome warns me to stay away form this website, but fck that shit! I want to read some epic stuff. I have been your long time reader and its amazing how you have been evolved to killer internet marketer.

    I want to copy you in near future!

    Thank you for epic reads.

  80. April 11, 2013

    Great advice and I know it works because I made it to a 6 figure income online twice in the past 10 years only to be hammered by Google and Co. Now working my way back again.

  81. May 2, 2013

    Great Post Alex,

    Just came across your blog the other day and have thoroughly enjoyed watching all of your posts and videos. I appreciate your honesty, realness, and transparency that other marketers seem to lack.

    About having an “obsessive passion” that is so true, because the only way you will be successful at anything is if you have an addictive drive, and are happy to work on what you like without it feeling like work. Thanks again for this post and looking forward to future posts.


  82. May 3, 2013

    Yeah dude. You’re really lucky you found this website.

    PS, I love the Steve Vai vid. I don’t think any other blogs out there are quite like source wave

  83. May 14, 2013

    I can’t stop reading all the posts on your website. It is great. Thanks for all the information.

  84. Gengis Suarez
    August 11, 2013

    This is a Great Article!!

  85. sajeev mathew
    November 25, 2013

    I loved your article..I am even more pumped up now:)..Becker you r r know… you are damn good

  86. May 15, 2014

    quality of content Becker… Quality

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