How To Become A Millionaire In A Year : Guaranteed

If your reading this right now there is about a 2% chance you make any notable amount of money online..

On top of that, only 1.5% of people in America make over 150k a year on or offline…


Which means that there is a whopping .01% chance that you make a substantial amount of money online (If so your a statistical anomaly…way to go!)


Thats is a really small percentage…The big question is why?

Is internet marketing or making money all that hard? Are 99.99% of people just dumb asses?


What in gods names are these people in the .01% doing


Is it luck?

Maybe sometimes…But I commonly see people lose all their online income and then a few months later have it all back. I have literally seen my business partner Alejandro increase or regain lost income at will.

Hell, Kelly Felix lost millions and then made it ALL back in a short time. If it came down to luck this just wouldn't happen


Is it hard work?

Not really. Theres plenty of people who bust their ass trying to make it online for years and fail.

So hard work alone is not a factor


Is it being some super genius?

Well duh you cannot have the IQ a dog and do this. On the flip side though, most the REALLY successful marketers I know are incredibly simple people.

Heck, Frank Kern has 23 million dollar launches, yet if you see him talk he literally makes up words and just forgets stuff like whether or not he launched a product last year.

Obviously he is a smart guy, but hes also not a rocket scientist.



So what is it?

Well after meeting and talking with many extremely successful marketers (50k+ per month income) I have narrowed it down to one thing…


For lack of better words….It is a dysfunctional borderline OCD like obsession totally driven from passion.


"Okay so great Alex…We have to be an OCD lunatic to get good at internet marketing.."




The secret is knowing how to trigger dysfunctional obsession. Let me explain


How World of Warcraft Is Part Of The Ultimate Secret To Success

A screenshot of the total hours played on a WoW account (105 days)

If you do not know, World of Warcraft is an online game that had over 10 million players at one time.

Now impressive as that is, the most impressive is the effect it had on people. It was extremely common for a person to start playing WoW (World of Warcraft) and become borderline obsessed. To the point that they would spend every free moment they had playing it.

I had the same issue back when I used to play it. I would routinely have weekends off from work and spend 40 of those 48 hours playing WoW.


Yes it is stupid but take a step back and look at the big picture

People today have trouble getting good at things. This is supposedly due to lack of time, energy, etc.

But when you introduce obsession via passion…People can do just about anything at any level they want.


Above I said I would log 40 out 48 hour on WoW easily. The thing is this was COMMON. Everyone I played with (thousands of people) would easily…EASILY, put 40-60 hour a week into this game.

So why was it so easy for them put 40 hours a week into achieving success in a game, but impossible for them to put 5 hours a week into being successful in real life?




In order to reach the max level (aka success) in WoW you had to play a minimum of 1000 hours (3 hour a day for a year, or 6 hours a day for half a year). The thing is that millions of people hit this level.

How the hell did so many people reach this level of freak like dedication. This is a level of "freaky" obsession you only see in olympic athletes…Billionaires…World changers….(Starting to see the connection?)

Okay maybe to much dedication here…



Even if you are a total idiot, if you work at something with the obsession that WoW triggered in millions of people…You WILL succeed, GUARANTEED.

You might not be a billionaire, but you will be better than 99% of the world at it. (Remember how only 1% of people make 150k a year…See any connection to that 99%?)


So, the REAL secret to guaranteed success is finding a way to trigger the obsession that WoW caused, but in something that will make you money.


How Freaky "Wow" Like Obsession Made Me Millions

Time for a quick story (it has a point)

First off, I have always had somewhat of a gift and a curse. I am completely unable to work at something I am uninterested in and able to work endlessly on something I love.


So for most of my life this has translated into me getting kicked out of school, not being able to hold a job, being social inverted, and basically sucking at EVERYTHING because I didn't know how to channel this.


Until I learned this about myself, the flip side (the love part) came out in weird ways. I would spend hours learning how crack computers, pick locks, and other weird skills so that I could get at stuff I wanted like video games/money. I thought it was normal, but I became very good at these totally odd ball skills very very quickly. Skills that usually take most people a long time to learn.


Anyways, when I was about 20ish years old I was still very socially inverted and girl crazy. Two things that do not go well together. So for a year I became obsessed with social psychology (to put it cleanly). It was literally all I thought about and practiced.

Now at first…I was probably the weirdest creepiest dude at the bar. Picture an awkward nerd wearing a flashy Ed Hardy shirt (think Jersey Shore) walking around the bar trying to make conversation with every person in a 10 ft radius..Yeah…It was bad..

But after a year of "practice" I could virtually could walk up to any group of people/girl at bar and "befriend" them.

I read countless books on how people think, how our brains works, down to the very core of why behave like we do in any social situation. I was no Brad Pitt, but compared to the awkward turtle I was before it was like night and day.

It was to the point where I was coaching other people to do it too. Most people stay the same socially their entire lives…So the fact that I could change my social standing at will (which most people think is just "the hand they are dealt") was pretty cool.


Weird I know…But

A) Don't act like you never wished you were more socially savvy

B) This has a point to making money



After sometime, I heard about some people who were making money blogging…So I decided to start a blog about how to meet women in college. I didn't do this so much to make money, but because I was super passionate about it.

But then came the list of problems that most bloggers run into. Getting traffic, entertaining people, making money, keeping traffic, building a list…You know, the usual. To top it off I was a horrible writer with zero marketing experience.


Well…Because of my dating guru passion it literally triggered the "WoW" like obsession I was talking about earlier, but it was directed at making my site bigger.

I learned SEO, effective blogging, conversions, product creation, and I became GOOD at them…Very good. Not because I wanted to be a world class marketer, but because I was freaky passionate about this website.


Fast forward a few months later and the site was a landmark in the "dating niche", receiving almost 3k visits a day. You literally could not Google anything college related and not find it. This was all due to marketing skills I learned because I was so passionate about being a dating guru.


Taking Control Of The Passion

At this point I was about 23 and the days of being a "dating guru" were behind me. I had a new passion now…SEO and marketing…But on top of that I had an even bigger obsession, creating a HUGE marketing blog/brand.

I now knew that with passionate obsession I could do virtually anything, but this time I decided to point it in a direction that made money. With that I sold my blog for a lofty 5 figure sum and began Source Wave.


I then ended up meeting Alex Cass and from then on I became obsessed with growing the brand. I wasn't learning SEO or marketing just to make money, that didn't excite me. I learned SEO and marketing so that I could BLOW UP Source Wave.

I learned how to launch BIG products, do SEO for corporations, create software, everything I could to make Source Wave bigger and bigger. I wanted to make it it "Maserati" of internet marketing.

A year later Source Wave is valued at over 2 million dollars and is one of the top  10,000 trafficked sites in the world…Hurray. WoW like obsession pays off.


And the best part is it has been fun, exciting and most of all never felt like work.


So What Is The Point

The point is, this is how almost every REALLY successful marketer behaves. If you ask them why they do marketing you will hear answers like "It's really fun". Very few BIG marketers (30K per month+) do it solely for money, it is literally just like waking up and playing World of Warcraft to them. It is their freaky obsession.

It's the Word of Warcraft like obsession that has made them so successful. There is no earthly way they could of reached such heights or put in so much work if it was "work" for them. After all no one likes to "work"

So the big trick is learning your own way to "channel" that  WoW like obsession via passion.


Making Your Own WoW Like Obsession

So go back to my initial story. I didn't tell you about my dating guru obsession for fun. I told you that because you probably have a very similar obsession. Whether it is music, ninja turtles, or crafting samurai swords.Everyone has an extreme passion (If you don't your dead inside and I don't like you.)

Now the secret is to take that extreme passion, and combine it with IM(internet marketing).

If your just getting started in SEO…Do not start making niche websites about "how to cook lasagna"…How the [email protected]$k are you supposed to trigger obsession doing that.


Another big news flash, if your one of those people who got into marketing so you could work two hours a week…Again…How the [email protected]$k are you supposed to trigger obsession that way.

The desire not to work will never trigger the desire to make something great.


The key is to take what you are most passionate about, what excites you most, and then use SEO/IM as a way to turn that passion into something that makes money.
That is how you are going to become a bad ass marketer REALLY fast.


"But what if I just work real hard?"


Because here is the thing…Hard work..That's great, but it does lead to creating GREAT things unless it is backed by crazy passion.

Millions of kids each year put in insane amounts of un passion driven hard work in college, to get the wonderful reward of being told when to wake up, what to do, and making enough money to live an average life.

If you like waking up up at 6am every day so that you can afford to pay your bills, great! Work hard!
But if you want to run your life and "afford" a Ferrari work passionate!


Hard work is not enough. Passion driven hard work pointed in a direction that makes money is how you blows up your life financially(and happiness wise).


Be sure to watch this. Compare how hes talking to the "WoW like obsession"

Look at Steve Vai. The guy did not spend 10 hours a day practicing guitar because he wanted be a world famous musician. He did it because it excited the hell out of him, and then he transfered that passion into making money. Zero "work" involved.


Look at Mark Zuckerberg. He didn't get started coding so he could build Facebook. He got started coding because he wanted to make cool games for him and his sisters to play. It excited him, and later that excitement transferred to making Facebook, and that transferred into billions


Look at his interviews now, the dude is literally have a nerdgasm talking about Facebook. Thats not hard work, that is unbridled nerdy joy.


Look at Bill Gates…He didn't sit in his garage building the future of computers to originally make money…If you've seen him in interviews he did it because it was "fun".


Look at Rob Dydrek (Founder of DC shoes) The guy turned his passion of skate boarding and doing crazy crap into a networth of 15 million


Look at Justin Bieber and just feel incredibly frusterated


All the people above worked super hard…Of course…But it was passion driven hard work….Not labor "learn something for the sake of learning it" hardwork.


My 2 Cents For IM

If you want to be really successful in IM, find some way to mix your IM with something your SUPER passionate about. Picture yourself making millions doing it. Then just do it.

Do not learn SEO/IM to find a way to quit your job. Learn SEO/IM as a tool to grow your passion.


Sure you will fail a lot. But the best boxers have been punched in the face MANY times.


I research successful people as a hobby and the only connection I see is pure excitement and passionate obsession in a direction that makes money. The type of excitement that keeps them up at night. There is no blueprint, no avoiding failure, no "step by step never work again system".

It just that simple though. Approach something that creates a WoW like obsession in yourself (that makes money) and let it take over. The answers will eventually work themselves out. Do it for long enough and it is literally impossible not to make bags of money.


I write this post right now and run Source Wave not as some way to create money (though that is a huge perk). I do this because its fun as hell and I literally pounce out of bed everyday in excitement to work on it. I do everything I do because its fun and that is why it is so good. That is why I do alright.


Can you say the same?


If not then you might be doing something wrong.



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