How To Build The Ultimate PR Network (Rank For Anything)

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And if you have been around Source Wave recently you'll notice I am breaking away from screaming/ranting at you via video to write another SEO Omega Guide


What Is An Omega Guide?

OmegaIf your a Source Wave virgin (how cute) , SEO Omega Guides are my attempt to make the ultimate resource on a topic of SEO. This is where I cover topics like keyword research, back linking  monetization in such detail that you will literally be an expert by the time you are done reading.

I also want to make it so that you will never have to look anywhere else for this info. One of the biggest issues I had when I first got started was that SEO info is never put in one place intelligently  making learning like a scavenger hunt.

The answer to this scavenger hunt? Source Wave Omega Guides.


The Most Effective Link Building Tactic

Today I am going to be going into the most effective link building tactic you can ever learn. If you master this, you can rank your clients and yourself for literally WHATEVER you want. (Notice how I bolded literally)

This is setting up your own high PR themed sites. Most people call this making a blog network.

The funny thing is this is something very few SEO's know how to do. I have worked with and directed multiple SEO's yet never met anyone who knows how to build a basic network. Ironically building a solid network is not hard,  nor time consuming, and requires basic knowledge.

What I am about to teach you has allowed me to out class other SEO's and get my clients results that no one else can. So get excited!

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SEO Omega Guide : Blog Networks

First off if your brand new to SEO, this will not make sense to you..Go read our free beginners course.

With that being said you need to first understand what the two biggest factors that go into how powerful a link is. These are PR + Relevance. This is heavily explained in THIS Omega guide.

To sum it all up though if you can get a link from a high PR site that is relevant to your site your gonna see VERY large rank increases. Now if you get a ton of these links your gonna see your site dominate Google

PERIOD. I don't care what hippie SEO theory you have heard, but if you master high PR relevant link building your going to win at SEO. This is also the current algorithms BIGGEST weak spot 


Keep In Mind : A PR links can still be good if its not relevant, and a relevant link can still be good if its not super high PR. They are just not PERFECT links.


But Heres The Issue

Where the hell are you gonna get a bunch of high PR relevant sites linking to in a timely manner. White hat hippies will tell you by networking with people and guest posting..

News flash: We are SEO's not public relations experts so good luck getting a link on the home pages of a PR 5 relevant site consistently. On top of that if you guest post your post will go on a inner page of a site that has no PR…In short this crap does not work

So in short..If your pretty much screwed if you want PR+relevant links…



You go out there and make your own high PR relevant sites and place links to your money site. This is why blog networks are SO insanely powerful. It gives us the powerhouse links that we would have to work our butts off to get, at a whim.

Using just this method I was able to get a new site of mine (that is shown of in Infinitum) to a PR 4 and crush huge searches in just one month.

In short…Its the beez kneez


So How Do We Do This?

Building a good power link base is pretty simple. In fact its comically easy when compared to some of the white hat "quality content" hippy BS out there.

It is done in 4 simple steps

  1. Identifying, scanning and buying high PR domains
  2. Setting up the domains safely
  3. Making the PR domains relevant to your site
  4. Placing links strategically on these domains

So without further adue lets get into that


PR Site Links Are Like The Hulk Hogan of SEO..brotha

PR Site Links Are Like The Hulk Hogan of SEO..brotha



Step 1 : Finding/Buying high PR domains

First off building a blog network is not free. If are strapped for cash either

A) Get a job…

B) Use cheaper SEO methods to give you budget money (Which is not as fast as getting a job)

C) Follow our quick guide on how to make "grunt" money online


How Much To Buy Sites For

So yeah..Sorry, this does take some investment depending on the network.

If your just starting, getting a few PR 2-3 sites will cost you about $200 and get you GREAT results as long as you do good keyword research

If your a vet or have a big client budget, you can pick up solid PR 5's for about $150 to $200 a pop. Then it is just  how powerful you want your network to be. If your doing good research $2k worth of sites with rank you for about whatever you want.

Now if you want to get REALLY competitive, aka your client is paying you 10k+ a month to rank for some serious keywords, then spending 5-10k on a network is a way to ensure they will always have results.


How To Find Sites

There are a ton of different ways to find sites. Here are a few


1) PR Powershot

If you want to save some money and just want some basic PR 2's to 3's then this is the way to go. PR Powershot basically goes out and finds expiring high PR domains on Godaddy. It then allows you to jump in and buy them at the last second.

This takes some time and your going to have to dig to find some winners however I have found and built many small reliable networks using this. The great thing is you can get most pr2 to pr3 sites for about $20 bucks. This lets you get started fairly cheaply.

You are almost never going to find anything higher than a PR 3 on here though..


2) Domain vendors

A lot of people will go out there and bid on high PR domains. They will then sell them for profit. These are called domain brokers.

Now there are a few ways to find them..Also when your making mass PR networks having your own private list of domain brokers is very important. Its like having the "hook up"

The best places to look are


Google : Do a bunch of related Google searches. You will have to dig but vendors will show up

The digital point buy/sell forum : This is where you will find a lot more underground vendors


Other than that you might have to stick to using some tools to find the really high PR domains. A decent one is Fresh Drop


How To Choose The Best Sites


Choosing the best sites is not hard, but if you do not know what your doing your going to lose hundreds of dollars. Just follow these steps and you will be fine


1) Scan the sites backlinks

This is done by throwing the site into majestic SEO. What we want to see is large amount of links coming from good sources.

This is because when a domain expires, if it does not have a healthy link profile it loses PR fast when the content changes. We will be changing the content, so it is super important that the site has good links.

On top of this, the links ALSO effect the amount of link juice the site will give. A PR 5 with 100k links will give more juice than a PR 5 with 40 links. This also depends on where the links are coming from, and the PR of the links, this can be a pain to find out though.

In short though, a good amount of links with a good trust and citation flow (10+) is a good sign.


Here is my criteria for PR domains. Feel totally free to break this, as I do all the time. These are simply my best practices to be 100% safe

PR 3 – 100+ links

Pr 4 – 800+ links

Pr 5 – 1500+ links


2) Make sure the PR is real

The next thing we need to do is make sure this is not a fake PR domain


Fake PR domain: When you 301 redirect a high PR domain to another site, the site gains the PR of the redirected site. A lot of people will do this, then sell the site that gain the "fake PR". Then as soon as it is sold they will remove the redirect, thus wiping out the sold sites PR


This is very easy to check for. Simply go to this fake PR checker. Throw the domain in and look at the results.


3) Make sure the site is healthy

The last thing we want do is make sure the site is 1)indexed and 2) healthy

A lot of people will go to google and enter "site: (the url). If the site is indexed it will show up.

I go one step further though. I simply to put in the domain name ( If the site is healthy and has PR it will show up due to it exact match-ness. If it is not showing up this is usually a sign the site stinks. It might be indexed, but that does not mean its not penalized.


Voila, You Now Know How To Buy High Pr Domains

As long as you make sure to follow the info above, you are pretty much guaranteed to be an effective domain buyer..Now onto the next step




Step 2: Setting Up Domains Safely

If you do not know, Google does not like blog networks. This is because they work REALLY well and are very hard to find without a manual review..IF they are done right.

Now if Google finds your network your PR sites will get deindexed and your money sites will get a penalty. We want to avoid this. The good news is that if you follow a few simple steps it is highly unlikely that your PR sites will ever be found.

These are those simple steps and things to avoid


Set Your Sites Up On Different IP Addresses

While I personally believe this is a tad overkill, it is basic practice to put your sites on what is called "different class C ip hosting".

We do this so that Google cannot simply check a single IP and find all of your PR sites. Though keep in mind, if someone is manually checking your IPs your probably screwed anyways unless you have a very natural looking network.

If you are not very technical, don't worry. Simply sign up for SEO hosting here. It is a fairly inexpensive way to have all your sites on different IP addresses.

Then simply install WordPress and hosting as usual..If you do not know how to do that, then go to our beginners course.

This will give you very basic IP protection. I would not dive any deeper than this though. Your IP addresses won't usually get looked at until you've made some other mistakes.


Do Not Interlink Your PR Sites

This means if you have two PR sites linking to your money site do not link them together. This leaves a huge footprint and sets off a ton of red flags


Do Not Publicly Sell Links

Doi…First off (and I don't care what any sales letter tells you), there is no such thing as a safe advertised network and there never will be ever again.

What drives me nuts is that people think Google is clever enough to track their analytics, hosting, etc but is to stupid to read the huge SEO forums online when it comes to combatting spam.

If you advertise selling your networks links on forums or BIG public places your gonna catch a spanking. This also puts your network at a huge risk. Do not do this OR if you want to do it privately.

With that being said, if your thinking about joining a network ask yourself "Could Google easily find this"


Make Your Sites Semi Unique

By this I mean different wordpress themes, unique content and different layouts.

Now take this a far as you want. This actually does not make your network any less trackable from a "technical" side. It also does not effect how powerful the links are.

The reason we do this is to make our sites not so obvious at first glance. If all your sites are just on a blank wordpress theme with the same content, its very easy to spot it as a blog network.

Now if you want your network to even be able to pass a manual review, go all out with this. Make your sites look legit, put decent content to them and format them differently.

I am somewhat in the middle with this. I make most my network sites "video style" sites or add a few 150 word articles. I also try to make the sites seems like real sites.


REMEMBER: The chance of your network getting a manual review are slim to none. If your brand new to this, it is more important to take action and just get the network up. Do not spend all night trying to make your network "pretty". It truly does not matter when your network is in its "baby" stage.


Just Don't Be Stupid

If you go on any forum, your going to see people endlessly debating about the stuff above. Just remember these people are stupid…Like really stupid.

As long as you don't do anything blatantly stupid your chances of getting busted are pretty unlikey if you have a small personal network.

Focus more on taking action and don't let paranoia stop you. Now lets move to the next step




We are 2k words into this..Take a break and watch a funny video


Step 3 : Making Your Sites Relevant

So this is where we make our network like 3x more effective. This is because we are going to turn our sites into "perfect link farms". We are going to do this by making the sites relevant to your niche.


So What Does It Mean To Be Relevant?

Being "relevant" is actually pretty simple. Google looks at some very basic things when determining what a site is "relevant" too.

Its looks at things like

-Title and meta tags

-The content on the page

-Image titles


Whatever you fill the above areas with will determine what your site is "relevant:" to.


How Do We Use This?

So ideally if we are trying to rank a site for a keyword like "Light Sabers for sale" we want to make our PR network links relevant to "lightsabers"

So we could go out and buy five PR5 sites. We would then fill these sites with lightsaber related info.

Ideally, we would want a site with a relevant URL. This is VERY hard to do though, and is not that important. So in short, do not let a PR sites url be a factor.


For example 

Title : Reviews of Lighsabers

Content: A 150 word article talking about why Dart Vaders lightsaber should of been pink

Images : Titled "lightsabers" and preferably of lightsabers


Boom The Site Is Relevant

Now this is the bare minimum you have to do to get maximum results. If you want to make your PR sites seem more legitimate go crazy. Overall though, this will make your sites the perfect place to get links from.


Does The Site HAVE To Be Relevant

Look…It would be a HUGE waste of money if you could only use one PR site for one money site/site your trying to rank. For example, you might have other sites you want to rank in Google but your "lightsaber" site is not relevant

Remember what I said in the beginning though…PR links are still very powerful even if they are not relevant.

So, what I do is build a PR network around the most competitive niches I am targeting. This way the links give me a lot of ground in the TOUGH niches. Then I will add a few other links on the PR site to my easier niches.

This way my tough niche sites still rank and my lower competitive niche sites also rank even though they do not have the most "relevant" links.


Step 4 : Strategically Linking

Okay now that we have our sites set up, time to just slap links all over them…NO!

If you have spent any time here you already know there are a ton of factors that effect how much juice a link passes on. You also know that Google has some pretty sharp over optimization rules.

If you don't know these things, then here is EXACTLY how you need to link from your sites.


The Rule Of 3

One thing you got to keep in mind is that you do not just have to place one link per money site on your PR sites. Each link will send more juice to your site, with diminishing returns.

This basically means each links is less powerful, but is still powerful since it is coming from a high PR relevant site.


So what I like to do is build 3 links per money site. I do it in the following pattern

-The first link is an exact anchor text link (lightsabers for sale)

– The 2nd link ia relevant anchor text link (star wars)

– The 3rd link is either a url link ( or a picture link..Like the one below



Yes this was neccesary



Too Many Links = Bad

Having too many links on your PR site will not totally ruin the power of your links, however for optimal results try to keep your outbound links under 10.

If your running a link selling business, try to keep it under 80 and there will still be decent juice. After 100 your gonna start to see a huge decline in juice.


Get It On The Page With The PR

You must must must get your links on the page with the PR. This will always be the home page. There are a few ways to do this.

-In the side bar

-In the footer

-In the content


The best place to place the link is at the start of the content. A cool thing about sidebar link though, is you will get multiple (site wide) links from it. This gets you a solid amount of link juice.


It Is Pretty Simple

As long as you follow the simple guidelines above your gonna have a hard time messing up.



Bam..Get Ready To Sell A Ton Of Lightsabers!

I am hoping your niche is not lightsabers, but you get the point.

By following what I laid out above you can be as competitive as you want to be OR just crush smaller niches left and right. High PR relevant links ARE the most powerful links you can create efficiently.


So What Now?

Well if you are new to this I suggest you first get REALLY good at keyword research. Feel free to subscribe for our free "24 hour" SEO keyword research guide.

Then you should go out and try using PR power shot to find a few cheap PR2-3s.

If you did good keyword research your going to see almost overnight results. Then make some money from those sites and rinse/repeate

Pretty easy =)


And if your a veteran..Well I am sure you already have all sorts of idea!



Got Questions?

Hit me up in the comment section below and I will do my best to answer.

Also, if you want to see this all done live with a few more tricks, check out our members area Source Infinitum. Pretty sure it will blow your mind!


So…With all that being said guys, thanks so much for checking out another Omega guide and using Source Wave. I will catch you in the next episode of Source TV



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