Are You Doomed To Be An Online Failure?


Lets play a quick game. This game will within a few minutes tell you are going to fail or succeed online..


1 Rule Though

You must be honest. I don't want some lame hippy, I am so motivated answers. Be 100% truthful with what you at your core believe.



First off I am going to assume you want to make money online

Knowing that, I am also going to assume you have a goal


What it is it?

No seriously, say it out loud (or think it real hard if your shy)


Now…Is this goal relative to your true value?

I am talking about how much you believe you are truly worth

How much SHOULD you be making?


Now one of 4 things just happened

You either

A) Have a small goal and low self worth

B)Have a large goal and a low self worth

C)Have a small goal and a large self worth

D)Have a huge goal and crazy high self worth


The thing is all these mindsets, beside one, make it totally absolutely impossible to succeed online (or at anything really)


Mindset A means

Your destined to always work for someone else. You might think you want big things, but your don't believe you in yourself and have set your actual goals so that you do not let yourself down.

Its easy to keep your goals small and within reach, and take the path everyone else going down to achieve these goals.

You would like to be super successful, but you don't believe you can and don't want it



Mindset B means


You are my favorite type of person. A mental masturbationist. You can dream all day about your crazy goals, but you lack the belief in yourself to actually take the relentless action needed.

You want it bad, but you still don't believe you personally can achieve it. Your missing that thing that the super successful people have.

Whether its Donald Trumps hair, Britney Spears lack of morals or Mark Cubans coolness, you just don't have it. But boy thinking about it is fun.


Mindset C Means

Your a hipster. You ever meet one of those people that thinks they are just gods gift to earth, but when asked what they have planned cannot come up with diddly squat?

You feel like you could be a millionaire. You have that "gift". However, you do zero to actually lay down the tracks and have no clue what your goals are or how to reach them.

You want the fancy car, but you have no idea how to make the money. You want the empire, but your missing the steps to get there.


Mindset D means

You are destined to be successful. Even though things might not be where you want them to be now, you A) have clear goals and B)already view yourself as VERY valuable (and your actions are based on that).

I am going to be getting more into this, but when you have the total belief that a D has and the crazy big goals…Things 95% of the time work themselves at. These type of people always find a way. More on why in a sec.


The thing is I am sure a lot of people reading this believe they fall in mindset D. Its nice to believe right?


The big question is do your actions reflect that you are in the D group?

-Do you still dedicate more of your hours to someone else, than yourself?

-Do you have a solid idea of the business you want to run a year from now, 2 years from now?

-Do you spend your time doing trivial tasks online?

-Is your focus on the small things, and not the entire big picture?


If you answer yes to these, you are either lack belief or goals.


The thing is our actions are 100% responsible for how successful we are. I say it again, they are 100% responsible for how successful we are.

However, our actions are 100% controlled by our beliefs and goals.


It is not what you learn, know, or are good at. Those are more like weapons or tools to reach our goals.


You see if you desperately want to reach BIG goals and believe yourself capable of reaching them you will pick up the "know how" and become good at things as a result.


If your not successful right now it is not about what your doing, it is about how you are thinking.


You've Set Your Own Limits

One of the first things you have to realize is that our whole entire life, we have been embedded with a system of beliefs. The beliefs are often not based on reality and are often extremely limiting. Here are some super commons ones

-You have to go to college in order to be successful

-Getting rich has a lot to with getting lucky

-Making lots of money is hard

-You need money to make money


The funny thing is even though these beliefs are totally false.

-I know more millionaires who didn't go to college than did go to college. (Not that college is a bad thing if you use it as real education. However, a degree is not required to make money)

-Mark Cuban made tons of money before he made billions. It wasn't luck, it was him perfecting a process over and over. Donald trump lost everything and got it all back. Luck my butt

-I cannot speak for others, but as my income has gotten bigger everything has become very clear. Yes their is work involved, but once you know what to do its like riding a bike.

-The Author of The Millionaire Fastlane was living in a tiny studio apartment and barely scraping by driving limos. Then he just go sick of it and got rich.


The common beliefs most people have are why its so uncommon for people to find success. The thing is what most people truly believe just is not true.


For example: If you go to a bar on a Saturday night you will see hundreds of people held back by limiting beliefs. Almost every guy at the bar, and a large majority of other people at the bar are there hoping to meet someone.

The odd thing is you will rarely see people leave their groups to do exactly what they want…Meet someone.


Why? Because of beliefs like

– I am not good looking enough to talk to this person

-This person is busy or might get mad

-Other people will judge me

-I am not interesting enough

-Its not socially acceptable to be 100% forward


The ironic thing is that none of these beliefs are true OR even matter. In the past I used to coach dating. You know what the biggest hindrance to people meeting eachother was? These beliefs! (Don't worry this ties into making money)

Think back to the mindsets I talked about before. You will see the A's stay in their comfort zone, the B) Make half assed attempts because they don't believe they can and then see the C) Expect people to approach them.


Then very rarely you will see a D. A guy who truly believes he is 100% valuable and is so hungry to get his goals that not taking action is impossible. His beliefs are

-I am good looking enough to talk to this person

-People are friendly

-Other people can't judge me and their opinions do not matter

-I am interesting

-People like me BECAUSE I am 100% myself


And BAM you will usually see people climbing over themselves to talk to his person. He has broken every common social belief and taken drastic action. Because of this he gets what he believes he deserves.

The funny thing is this is RARELY the best looking or most interesting person in the room… (I've seen short asian men go home with models)



All this person had to do was break outside of his limiting beliefs, and create outrageous desire for his goals. This has put him in the D mindset and hes is being heavily rewarded.


Here is the thing though…No one starts off with a D mindset. In fact most of the time, the people with D mindsets started off as A mindsets (Like myself)


The Gift Of A Gun To The Head

Now developing a D mindset is not hard, it is simply a process.

Your whole life you have been ingrained with a system of beliefs and set your goals accordingly. You can imagine you have bigger goals, but your true beliefs will alway bring them back to your own reality.

You can say you want a Ferrari, but if your beliefs think your a janitor your real goal will be a Kia.


Now vice versa, the goals you have inspire you to take types of action, by taking action you obtain experiences that turn into your beliefs. For example if a guy went to a bar one night, and was swarmed by models his new belief would be he is a very attractive man. His actions would reflect this until his beliefs are proven otherwise.


However, belief changing experiences rarely happen without action that is the result of big goals. Your beliefs control your goals, your goals control your actions, your actions control your beliefs.

See the cycle? It either builds on it self, or creates massive decay. Most people by their 20's have been on a decaying cycle for so long that its impossible to break. Off to the cubicle with you.


However, if you can stall the negative cycle and slowly get yourself on a positive cycle, it grows on itself just like the negative cycle decays on itself.

You set a big goal out of no where, you take action towards that goal and something sort of good happens. A new positive belief develops and you set your goals a bit higher. Its like a snowball.


You just have to break out of the cycle of decay.


Now, would you like to know how most people break out of this?

Because they had the gift of a figurative gun to their head.


Most big time internet marketers (The $50k+ per month owners) always started off in a bad way. They were in such a bad painful position in life that they HAD to set a big goal to get out of it

-Pat Flynn lost his job and HAD to make money (Now earns 50k+ per month)

Mario Brown came to America with $500 in his pocket and HAD to make money (Now earns 100k+ per month)

Tony Robbins was a janitor who HATED his life (Now is stupidly rich)


Myself? My whole life up until a few years ago I had been a extreme mindset A person and worst of all I was okay with it. Until, it lead me into one of the most painful situations of my life.


I eventually drifted into the US Air Force and into a job where I was working for some of the biggest pieces of human shit I could imagine. I would literally be up at night dreading my future and would rather be homeless than stay where I was working. I am not going to whine about it or go into detail, but in short it was bad. However it also lead me to where I am today so I am thankful! A gun to my head saved my life.

(Mind you this had nothing to do with the Air Force which is overall great for young people. It was the people I worked for, who for the large part were civilian contractors..Non military)


Myself and all of these people HAD to set some sort of incredible goal to escape our painful situations

My goal was just to make $80 bucks a day online…Tony Robbin's was to make just 3,600 a month. They might seem small but they were huge at the time.


Then we all had good experiences that changed our beliefs, that in turn changed our goals, that in turn influenced our actions.


The Downside

Most people never reach this level of pain. They never are FORCED to have to make a goal and take drastic action. Working 50 hours a week on something they don't absolutely hate might not make them happy, but it doesn't kill them.


So how do we break into the positive cycle of success if we are not in serious pain?


Step 1: Aim Obnoxiously High

Most internet marketers I know reach a point where they are "comfy" for the first time. Usually they reach $100 a day (their ultimate goal) and go passive. The funny thing is about a year into this they usually lose all their income becuase there is no such thing as a long term totally passive income online.

Then they usually get PISSED , and because they have the belief that they can make money online, they set a goal well past $100 a day. They usually achieve it.


Quick Example

My good friend Alex Trfirio got to $100 a day from SEO. He then lost all of it after going passive. He then got pissed, and hit PPC (buying ads and selling products) with a vengeance. Within 2 months he was making $600 a day. ($18,000 a month)

Now what held him back from making $600 a day in the first place? Not being smart enough, OR his goal of just making $100 a day. His new higher goal inspired greater action.


So Skip The Small Goals

When I was in the AF I was pissed. I was tired of being trampled on by dead beats and wanted to never be told what to do again. I instantly wanted to show up the people I worked for someday. I wanted to be able to drive back up to where I worked in a Maserati and be like "HA!"… I had been in so much pain, that I was driven to never be in that situation ever again.

More so I wanted not only escape it, but crush it.

For almost 2 years this became my desktop background



Now child like ego aside, from that point on I set big goals and all my actions were based on the thought process of making $10k a month. 100 dollar days were a benchmark , not the goal.

Because of this my entire thought process was not "How can I scrounge up the money to get out of here" it was "How can I easily afford a Maserati someday".

Since my goal required a lot of capital, my actions were not driven by being "average" they were driven by being the best because I  desperately NEEDED to be best to reach my goals.


Imagine how you behave right now, if your goal that you were obsessed with was making a million dollars a year. How would your actions change?

Would you spend time making niche sites that might make $10 a day OR focus on making an empire of huge authority sites that makes $1000 a day and could turn into HUGE businesses?

You would obviously focus on the latter, and your actions and thoughts would align with this. No longer would you be trying to manipulate the system, your goal would be to RUN the system. See how that works?


Step 2 : Force New Beliefs On Yourself

When you first start off, you are not going to see yourself as someone who can make a million in a year. That is absurd (or is it?..I meet totally normal people who are millionaires every day)

In fact making $3,000 a month might seem crazy.


That is fine.


However, you need to start aligning your beliefs with your massive goals and bring them into reality. Every day for almost a year I pictured myself living in a big apartment in Uptown Dallas and driving around in a Maserati.


Every day.


I'd look at apartments, I look at car prices, and I'd picture myself doing things that were totally outside my reach.

At first it seemed silly, but after thinking about it obsessively it eventually started to seem more realistic. I began less as a dream, and more as the inevitable future.


When you set your goals high, and picture them every second of the day you start believing they can happen. On top of that, the massive action your goals are inspiring starts to be driven by those goals and beliefs.

Your massive goals inspire massive action at first, and when combined with obsessive forceful believing, you start taking massive high value actions to reach those goals.


You have to picture yourself, instead of running a bunch of tiny niche sites, being the guy who runs an empire. Picture it enough and you start to believe it. Believe it enough and it becomes your reality. Your reality then defines your actions (Remember the guy at the bar)


Step 3: Take New Reality Driven Action

If you have weak beliefs, and small goals your going to take small steps and achieve small things.

If you have high valued beliefs, and huge goals you going to strive to take massive steps and achieve great things.


It truly is THAT simple.


Making $1000 dollars a day is easier than making $100 a day. It just comes down to belief and goals. The beauty of it is once you blow past your big goals, your goals get BIGGER and your beliefs get stronger. Your now permanently stuck on the cycle of growth.

After I had my first 10k month, making 50k a month seemed doable, and then I said hell of it why not 100k a month. My actions fell in place with my goals and beliefs, then became reality.


My belief that I was going to inevitably drive a Maserati and live in a big apartment in Dallas  is now my reality. I write to you now from a big apartment in Uptown Dallas and have a Maserati parked in my garage.

But this was caused by my ACTIONS which are directly controlled by my goals and beliefs.


So in short

Step 1: Set big goals that excite you (even if they seem silly at the time)

Step 2: Picture yourself achieving these goals every day and believe they are inevitable

Step 3: Take action based on these big goals that is backed by belief



And That Is It!

Is it about learning new stuff? Of course!

Is it about hard work and sound business? Duh


But your actions are going to control what you learn and how you move your online business. Your actions are controlled by your beliefs and your beliefs are controlled by your goals.

Trying to make a ton of money online without your beliefs and goals in place is like trying to grow a tree without roots.


No one starts off as a mindset D, hell I do not even know if I truly believe I am yet but I know how to move myself to that mindset, and now you do too =)


Till next time,





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