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Hey! Go back and watch the video!


Okay great

So You Got Your First Client and You're All Like

But WAIT! How Do You Provide The Service


Well that is exactly what I want to break down in the written version of this post. Now a lot of this is covered in the video in a over the shoulder way, HOWEVER I want you to have a free quick reference in this article (If you appreciate that please toss our fan page a like below)

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The thing about local SEO is it is borderline easy to assembly line the whole process once you get it done.

While every client of mine gets special attention, I have a streamlined way of giving that attention that lets me


1. First identify and fix possible issues

2. Understand exactly what they need

3. Get them results


And those three things is what it all comes down to! So without further adue here are my steps to doing this


Step 1: Checking Their Past Links

Taking a peek at your clients backlinks is a 110% must do!

This is a step I do not see many local SEO's do, and frankly it is mind blowing. If you fail to do this your setting yourself up to get either

A) And extremely unhappy customer

B) Frustrating results

C) Possibly sued (which is why you should never GUARANTEE results in a contract)


What this step does is check to make sure your clients site is healthy…If you fail to check this and address this within the first month your gonna be in for some hurt.

What you have to understand is that most clients you get will have had SEO work done in the past. If their rankings are very poor its likely they had their SEO done by idiots and their site is damaged to the point where it will not rank.

This is NOT your fault and most of the time not even the best SEO in the world will fix this. So how do we check for this?


Step 1: Check its current rankings

If your client had SEO work done in the past, and their site is optimized (if it is not check step 2) they SHOULD at least be past page 5.

If they are sitting past page 5 with an optimized site that has a year or so worth of SEO done to it then SOMETHING is wrong. This is your first sign that your client has handed you a corpse you can't revive


Step 2: Check their links

Now what we want to do is check their link profile in majestic. Right off the bat we want to check a few things

1) How far their SEO dates back (can be seen for the past 5 years). If they have links dating back a few years they HAVE had SEO work done for them. This usually is bad, as if the SEO work was any good they would be ranking


2) Their trust flow and citation flow – If it is below 20 they more than likely have bad links


The next thing we want to check is their back links. Now if you have the $40 per month version of majestic (which you should) you can see a large majority of their links. Now what we want to do is check for


1) Bad Links – To check for these go back to their farthest back pages in majestic. If they have a TON of links with zero trust flow/citation flow…They have bad links


2) Blog Networks – Not all blog networks are bad. But for the most part, SEO service providers in the past just threw sites up on networks to get rankings. When these networks got blasted, all of their clients got blown up.

Now, a lot of networks just threw in the towel and never even took the links down. So your gonna see a lot of potential clients with old networks still aimed at them.

The will be pretty obvious. Just stand alone blog posts on random sites, with their anchor text. You might have to dig a little bit, but its worth finding them

Example of a typical blog network site


3) Over Optimized Anchor Text – The other thing most SEO services messed up was anchor text. If your clients is trying to rank for "Monkey Clothes" and 90% of his anchor text is "Monkey Clothes" they probably triggered a penguin penalty.


What To Do If You Have A Client With A "Corpse" Site

No… you do not try to repair the SEO, that has like a 10% chance of working. If you let a client stay on, and then at the end of 6 months say…"Well your site was busted the whole time, thanks for the money"…They are gonna flip shit and say "Why couldn't you fix this or why didn't you tell me from the get go"

This is not your fault, but when someone is paying you keep this in mind "If they are not happy, you are wrong". So with that being said, trying to revive a dead site rarely works and is not something you can rely on


So what do you do?

Its really simple…

1st : Buy a new domain and push ALL of the content to this domain. (Get an optimized domain for best results EX:

2nd : Keep their old domain up (people might still come to it) but simply block robots from reading it. This way you have zero duplicate content

3rd : Rank the new domain…taaa daaah


This gets rid of all the negative SEO factors and gives you a fresh start!


"But isn't ranking a new domain harder than an aged domain?"

Yes…BUT it is

A) 10x easier than ranking a penalized domain

B) With the curent algorithm rankings come FAST so it doesn't matter


Bing bam boom, your client has a chance to rank again. Move to step 2


What If My Client Seems Healthy?

Then move to step 2


Step 2: Check Their Site

9/10 When you check a clients site..something might be a bit off

The next thing we want to do is optimize their website for their searches.


Your going to see primarily two set ups

1) A wordpress site which you SHOULD be able to optimize

2)A html site which might confuse you


If you see an HTML site and you don't know HTML here is what you do

1) Learn super simple basic html…

Holy crap your an internet marketer and the internet is built with HTML..Why the hell haven't you learned to read it yet. I took one basic HTML class when I was 14 years old and its totally covered my needs till now. Spend a day or two learning this

2) Make small changes with in the HTML. Meta tags and the content of a page is SUPER easy to modify without major changes.

For example: when you open up a basic html page it will have these basic things

<meta charset="UTF-8″ />
<title>Source Wave : SEO Blog</title>
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8″ />
<meta name="robots" content="index, follow" />
<meta name="description" content="Source Wave Marketing Is A SEO Blog That Shares The Latest Insights On SEO and Internet Marketing" />
<title>Daves Dental Shop</title>
<meta name="description" content="Dave is awesome" />
Dave is a great guy!


Now to make this optimized just change the stuff slightly to make it optimized


<title>Dallas Dentist Dave</title>
<meta name="description" content="Dave is a great Dallas Dentist and Fort Worth Dental Expert" />
Dave is a great guy and also a Dallas Dentist


Yes…That is a simple explanation. If you need more go to and spend 2 hours learning basic HTML. If you want a future in internet marketing, you should know the basics of how a web page works. Its SUPER SUPER SUPER (notice how I said super 3x) easy to learn.


What To Do To Their Site

The next thing you want to do is

A) Optimize the main page for the main keyword OR make a page focused around the main keyword

B) Make additional pages for the other keywords you want to rank for


A lot of times you will get a client with a branded home page url like :

This of course is not very SEO optimized. So sometimes it is just best to try and rank a page for their main keyword like

This truly depends on how well their homepage is already ranking and is up to you.


For their other more obscure searches. For example : Free teeth whitening Dallas…Your going to want to make additional URL optimized pages

Why? Because

A) Ranking the home page for every term is impossible. You can only optimize one page for so many searches

B) The url of a page provides a big bonus in ranking

C) Because I said so


Now Add The Secret Rank Increasers

Get the following on their pages

1) Links to authority sites (like wikipedia)

2) Youtube vids if you can

3)A google maps on the home page (helps with local)


Things That MUST Go

1) Phone numbers in the title

2) Over optimized pages (very common)


Bing Bam Boom, Their Site Is Ready To Rock

Now to move onto the next step


Step 3: Check Those Competitors, Ya Hear

Local SEO is about beating your competition

The biggest difference between local SEO and personal SEO is how you read competition.

In personal SEO your trying to find low competition

In local SEO your walking into a room full of tough competition (in certain niches) and saying "WHO WANTS SOME". In local SEO your pretty much only going to be able to rank by beating other SEOs.

Its pretty much like a never ending dog fight. (Que Kenny Loggins and Top Gun music)

Pretty much sums up local SEO…sort of…


…Yes I know that was not needed and distracting

Now before you get intimidated by the sweet guitar riffs, realize most SEO's are horrible. Like "really bad, your dog can beat them at SEO" horrible.

If you read everything on Source Wave you can beat about 95% of SEO's. If your an Infinitum members, you can beat 99% of them.


What we want to do now though, is simply gauge how big of a gun we need to bring to the SEO party. In short we are going to judge how much we will have to spend to beat them.


Now here is our secret weapon

Most SEO companies are short sited and only spend 20% of what a client gives them on getting results. I however, spend 100% of what they give me TILL I get results


Because I want a client for life…Not just 6 months. Get them results fast and you will never worry about them canceling. So with that strategy in mind, if a client is paying 1k a month I can get the results that most Agencies could only get in 5 months (spending $200 a month) in 1 month (Because I spend it all)


What We Do

The first thing we need to do is throw our competitors in Majestic SEO. Now lets use the search "Dallas Dentist" as an example. Keep in mind there are some bad ass mofos in this search. If you stick to suburbs starting off you will not have competition like this.

Lets throw in the number one site :


Now lets look at a few things they are doing


1) Buying relevant directory links

Okay so its obvious they are spending money. Here is a directory links.


2) Swapping links

After another quick look it is clear they are swapping links with other practices (or paying to be on them). This is really good SEO FYI


3) Working with link swapping services

After a bit more digging, it is pretty clear they working with A LOT of link swapping services


What This Tells Us

First off these guys are gonna be tough as hell to beat. Their main focus and top links ALL come from swapping links with other businesses.

Most of the time this is not the case, but to beat them (and this will take awhile) we will have to first get the same SEO they have. This takes us to the next step


Step 4: Mimic The Competition

To be a tough SEO, you first must copy the tough SEO's!

The first thing we need to do is get on the same level as our competition. Now the site above has some VERY good SEO, we might not be able to beat them but we can definitely beat some of the other competitors.

If I were to go for this search here is what I would do


A) Judge the cost to beat them : This would probably be about 2.5k a month at least.

B) Buy links from the same directories : I would go through their list of sites and get links their as well

C) Start swapping links with their friends: Obviously a lot of similar sites are open to trade, I would contact them and well…trade 😛


How To Judge The "How Much"

I have a simple rule of thumb for this.


If it is a local keyword (City, Suburb, Town): if it is high competition (mostly city) then $2.5k a month, if it is low competition $1k a month

If it is a national keyword: If it is low competition 2.5-5k a month. If it is medium to high 5k-7.5k. If it is a tough mofo keyword 10k+.


How many keywords is this?

10 keywords, with a 25%-50% increase for 10 additional keywords


Do I do a set up fee?

Most SEO services do this…I do not, why? I do not need it and a one time upfront payment doesn't help my recurring revenue (which is all I care about). Sure I don't make as much as other SEO providers up front, but when I am wiping the floor with them for a tad cheaper 2 months later do you think I am going to lose many customers?


This Will Be The Majority Of Your Work

In step 5 we will be doing some HARD hitting SEO. However, hard hitting does not mean time consuming.

Mimicking competitors is the most time consuming task and should be part of your on going service. After the heavy hitting first month, taking time every month to check what your competitors are doing and match it will get you HUGE rank increases.

The best thing about your competition is you can ALWAYS see what they are doing and what is working best for them. Their power house links show up first in majestic and you can literally track anything they are focusing on doing.

Now lets focus on our secret sauce


Quick Tip

Remember when I said mimic your competion.

If your in a low competition area, why not steal mimic what the sites in TOUGH areas are doing anyways. This will give you  a serious edge in lower competition areas like suburbs.


Step 5: High PR Relevant Link Building + Local SEO

The final step to all this is crushing our targeted searches with high PR relevant backlinks.

You will see 100 different SEO strategies, but the CORE of ranking for whatever search you want is high PR relevant links…The end…Period…It always wins

There will of course be sites that have a serious edge on a search you might not be able to beat AND sometimes you will not be able to afford as many PR links as you need. However, 9/10 times this is what will win your search.


How Do We Do This?

Its borderline impossible to get your links on truly high PR relevant sites. You also don't have time for this if you want to be effective, despite what many white hat dumb asses may tell you.

To do this super quickly and super effectively, we literally just buy high PR sites and then put our own relevant content on them. This makes them a relevant high PR link. Bam we win.

Lucky for you I have created a 4000 word guide on doing this here.


What Elese? Time To Buy Links

Buying super high PR links from good quality sites in the fastest way to get an immediate bump from any search. You can find these links by using forums to locate sellers OR from buying your competitors links.

Again I have made another HUGE guide explaining how to do this here.


Anything Else?

Yes..For local searches (area based searches) reviews, citations, and links from relevant local area sites are becoming more and more important.

Its gonna be a pain in the butt, but I truly believe this will be what solely ranks sites locally in the future (especially reviews via the Google placeplus review system)


You also see the Google places/plus 7 box blanket the first page of searches. This used to be super easy to manipulate by simply building a ton of citation links, but after the G+ upgrade and importance of reviews it is just a big pile of WTF at the moment. It can also be a serious burden.

I have managed to rank well in this many times by mass building reviews and citations but its is really just a mess right now (its a mix of the users location,review, citations, local site links) and I more so aim to just out rank the plus box.

The reason for this is : Real reviews can be a pain in the butt to amass and getting links from local sites (think the local news or local review sites) can be a tough task. Sadly I think grey hat SEO is losing its luster in this area.

With that being said, in uncompetitive areas you can pummel the places box with citations and review links.


For Citation Links

Senuke can do this, my best advice if you cannot do it is to get a outsourcer to do it. Doing this manually can be VERY time consuming.

Just make sure the address on your plus Page + business details is exactly the same as what your putting on the citation sites. This goes for the website as well!


For Reviews

Just follow the exact same procedure above


You can easily both of these totally handled here (Local Citation/Review builder). Again the Plus listings can be extremely unreliable in tough areas, so do not lose your head on this. The links also work GREAT as local backlinks if you link back to your site.




Well congrats…Your ready to get your clients results! If you need more SEO expertise just check out some of our Omega Guide posts


So uh…Go Get Some Client!

In the last 2 posts I have shown you EXACTLY how I get clients and more importantly KEEP clients. You have everything I have now, besides my boyish good looks and ability to do a hand stand (helps with  client conversions).


What you need to do now is take imperfect action…NOW

Do not sit around trying to find out the nitty gritty details of my process….Hell do not even try to copy me. Take my ideas above, use them to get you started and then gain first hand experience so that you have your OWN ideas.

I cannot stress that enough. What I have given you above will ONLY get you started, it will NOT make you successful. Being that 2% of people who gets off their ass and take action (even if its not 100% right) will make you successful.


So with that being said. Give our little blog a like and then get the hell off it. If you want to make money doing this and are not picking up your phone to call businesses right now…You are wrong…Very wrong



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