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Hi friend,

If your reading this  there is a 1/5 chance your going to die in the next 5 years

According to a recent study  done by FDAP if you have consumed any of the following


-Oreo cookies

-Beef jerky


You have likely contracted a rare pathogen that accidentally triggers extremely sore feet.

Now while none of this is true, by now I likely have your full attention which is great because you are about to read one of the most useful SEO articles of your life


Local SEO? More Like Local Goldmine

On a serious note if your on this site you are probably into SEO. If you are into SEO you probably are really interested in money. Which is great because that is what this post is gonna be all about

Last I spoke with you I introduced you to what I like to call SEO multipliers. These are ways to drastically increase how quickly you start making money with SEO.

Perhaps the best of these is what is known as Local SEO.


What Is Local SEO?

Now local SEO is a very limiting name. I prefer to call it doing SEO for businesses, or Professional SEO. (Now you can say your a PRO SEO…High five). So before we get into this, just keep in mind we don't have to stick to businesses in our local area.

In short, local SEO is where you find businesses that would benefit from better SEO rankings and then you get them to pay you for your help. Instead of doing SEO for yourself, you are doing SEO for someone else.


Why Would You Want To Do This?

First off the SECOND you get good at SEO the first thing you need to do is be hopping into local SEO. In fact you need to moving your SEO in the direction of a real business period…But more on that later.


WAIT! "What If I Am Bad At SEO?"

Congrats, your on the best SEO website on the web.

If your new heres our free beginners course.

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Now why would you want to do this?

Because even if you are a SEO rockstar, it will take you a couple of months to reach a $150+ a day income.

On the flip side, once you get good at local SEO you can literally go from zero to 10k a month within a month realistically.


Its just to easy not to rock out doing local SEO

Now you have to realize that rankings your own websites can be just as profitable as doing local SEO…But it is NOT as explosive or easy to do.

I want you to see the true potential of this, and for you to do that you need to understand the biggest perks of local SEO


Perk #1 : You Are Paid Before You Rank

This right here is the main reason why you can build an income SO fast doing this.

In personal SEO you only get paid after your site is killing it. When you do local SEO your get paid the second you start working on a persons site.

This means if you get six $500-$1000 clients in a month, you are INSTANTLY at a full time income (Note all of this will be recurring). This is almost impossible to achieve so quickly with your own sites.


Perk #2: Less Competitive/Easier To Rank

First…There are some searches out there like Dallas Dentist, Austin Lawyer, Texas Credit Repair that are tough as hell to rank for.

However, when you first start out doing this you are likely going to get clients that want to rank for EASY keywords. These are keywords ANYONE can rank for, and your going to be getting paid very well to rank for them.


Perk #3: You Have A Budget

When you are doing work on your own sites, buying links comes straight out of your pocket.

When you do local SEO, you can spend money your clients are giving you to get results. This makes ranking extremely easy because you can use the raw power your budget allows you WITHOUT having to pay for it out of pocket.

On top of this, the tougher the search you are targeting the more you can charge. This means you can also afford to spend more on tough searches, allowing you easily rank for them as well.


Perk #4: Your Ranking Aged Quality Domains (Most of The Time)

One of the biggest challenges of ranking your own site is that you are trying to rank a brand new site that has no trust or authority. This means you cannot just slam the site to the top of Google and it's going to take time to build trust.

In local SEO, most of the time your clients have 5 year old sites with content already on them. So not only are these sites 100% done, they also have trust with Google.

This means you can be way more direct and have very little chance of being penalized.




If your not doing this already…Boom wake up call

I am not telling you to drop all your current sites and just do this. I am telling that you can be doing this as well and making even more money.


"But How Do I Get Clients/Businesses On Board?"

Good question…In fact this is the number one barrier of entry for most people that get into local SEO

Lucky for you this is EXACTLY what we are going to focus on today. (Later this week I will show you how to get clients results)

So…without further adue…Lets hop into another Source Wave Omega Guide



Source Wave Omega Guide


How To Get Local SEO Clients


What Is A Source Wave Omega Guide?

If your a Source Wave virgin (how cute) , SEO Omega Guides are my attempt to make the ultimate resource on a topic of SEO. This is where I cover topics like keyword research, back linking  monetization in such detail that you will literally be an expert by the time you are done reading.

I also want to make it so that you will never have to look anywhere else for this info. One of the biggest issues I had when I first got started was that SEO info is never put in one place intelligently  making learning like a scavenger hunt.

The answer to this scavenger hunt? Source Wave Omega Guides.


So..Getting Clients

Hopefully by now you are pumped about getting into local SEO.

Now the hardest part of all this is getting people give you money to do their SEO. Actually…It is not hard at all IF you know how to do it.


Before I get into this though…I have a brief warning

First off, as you know only about 2% of people find success in internet marketing or SEO. I truly believe this is only because 2% of people put in the effort and hold themselves accountable + create their own ideas.

Today I am not going to give you a for dummies "step by step blueprint", because frankly there is no step by step blueprint to success. The secret is to take other peoples ideas and make your own.


So today, I am not writing to the 98% of people that do not want to think. Today I am writing to you, the 2% who are going to have success and I am going to talk to you with the full expectation that you are an ambitious, clever intelligent person who does not constantly need their hand held.

In short, I am expecting to step up to the challenge and break out of your comfort zone. If that is not for you, then I am sorry but you likely fall in that 98% category.

Now lets get back into it!


Getting Clients Is Not Hard If You Do It Right

In my first month of local SEO, I literally made 5k in recurring income. Granted I am a talented guy, but you are too (right?).

Getting local clients is not hard IF you understand the 4 steps to getting them. These are


-Know how to locate the best potential clients

-Getting them on the phone

-Telling them what they need to hear

-Understanding how to close a deal


None of steps above are hard, and most businesses KNOW they need to be marketing themselves online. You simply need to follow the 4 steps I am about to give you and you WILL eventually hit success with this.


Step 1: Knowing How To Locate The Best Clients

Locating clients is easy if you know where to look

Locating clients is easy if you know where to look

First off there are a few requirements we will need a client to fall under


A) Has a high price per customer

We need this because most of the time we are not going to be targeting high traffic searches. Because of this we need the average customer the business gets to be fairly high priced, this will make it much easier to justify our price

For example

If you do SEO for a local hot dog stand and only get 100 people to their website, they will not make much money. This is because at a conversion rate of 5% they will have only made about 5 hot dog sales. This will net them a whopping $20 and not cover the cost of your service.


If you do SEO for a local dermatologist and get 100 people to their website, they will make a truckload. On average a dermatologist can make anywhere from $200-$1000 per customer. So at a 5% conversion rate they will get about 5 customers. This will realistically result in 2k+ in sales. This easily justifies you charging 1k per month for your service

See how that works?


B) They Cannot Already Be Ranking Well In Google

We want to find clients that are ranking poorly in Google. Chances are if the business is on the front page then they already have an SEO working on them.

Obviously, check a businesses ranking for "common sense" terms they would want to rank for before calling them.


How To Find Them

The easiest way to find potential clients is to do a quick Google search. Simply go to Google and type in businesses+a local area


For example

-Plano Architect

-Green Falls Dentist

-Dallas Sleep Center

-Arlington Chiropractor

-Orlando Construction


Then go back to page 2+ in Google. Go to each website and record their phone numbers. You now have a list of potential clients who need your help.


A Quick Bonus Tip : Target Small Towns and Suburbs

When you first get started do not target city wide searches (Ex: Dallas Dentist, Chicago Lawyer). These are usually tough and your gonna be in competition with SEO agencies. Keep in mind you CAN do far better SEO than them, its just theres way more business competition in these areas

Instead target medium sized towns and outlying suburbs of cities. These areas have FAR FAR less competition, are easy to rank for, and are far more likely to hire you.


Quick Bonus Tip #2 : Network Your Butt Off

In every major area there are hundreds of business owners who are constantly networking. There are tons of events you can attend and networking business groups you can join. Seriously just do a few quick Google searches.

If your truly ambitious go to these events, better yet speak at them and help business owners understand why internet marketing is so essential. I have made over $10,000 in clients from just speaking at one business networking event.

Is networking, speaking, and teaching up everyone alley? No…But neither is making a truck load of money online. Decide what type of person you want to be. Become a local leader in your industry and you will NEVER have trouble finding clients.


Step 2: Getting Them On The Phone

If you do not know, the owner or "decision maker" of a business rarely answers phone calls. They either have a secretary or an employee do this. These are called "gatekeepers" and their job is to decide who gets to talk to the boss. If your selling something they will often "screen" you out.

Because of this it can actually be a huge challenge to get the person your selling too on the phone. Keep my quick tip above about suburbs in mind. The bigger the area the business is in, the more likely they are marketed to constantly and the less likely they will be to take your call.

Now, there are various ways to get these people on the phone. They range from just asking for them (will work in smaller areas) to down right trickery (almost needed in large areas). Lets go over the basics first


Basic Ways To Get To The Decision Maker

If your calling in smaller areas, sometimes asking in a way that does not annoy people is all you need.


Now the way most sales men call is like

"Hello, my name is captain salesman and I work for The Best Ever SEO Service. I am a sales man and was wondering if you have time to talk about our marketing service"


This will get you instantly ignored. Not so much that your doing anything wrong, it's just we are literally socially conditioned to hang up the phone when a telemarketer calls us….So rule #1: don't sound like a telemarketer.


What you want to do is casually sound like the perfect solution for their business. What I do is explain that I specialize in marketing for whatever profession I am calling, and was wondering if I can talk the person that makes marketing decisions.


For example

"Hey my name is Alex. I realize your probably pretty busy so just give me two seconds. I do marketing for dentist, and wanted to see if I could talk to who is in charge of your marketing a little bit later today or tomorrow?"

And that is it.


Two things to take away is how I say "just give me 2 seconds" and "can I talk to someone later today or tomorrow"

The first thing strangers think about when you talk to them is when your going to STOP talking to them. I literally tell them I will stop talking to them in 2 seconds, so that they can relax and assume I will ONLY take up two figurative seconds of their time. The moment someone thinks they will have to devote a lot of time to you they will find a way to flee.

On top of that, the decision maker will usually be busy, there for your not going to get through to them right away and if you try to you will get dismissed. Instead ask for a good time to call back so that you can be a welcome interruption later in the day.


If your just starting out stick to that. You WILL get turned away fairly often, but remember you only need 6 clients to be at a full time income. Even if you have a super low 5% conversion rate you are ONLY 100 calls away from being financially free.



Evil Ways To Get The Decision Maker On The Phone

Now, there are a bit more manipulate ways to get past the gate keepers and get the owner on the phone. Lucky for you I made an entire course on it back in the day.

If you like our FB fan page below it is all yours for free. (If you have already liked us, just pick it up off our fan page wall)


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I would explain this here, but I literally wrote a BOOK on it which you can download above.


Now that you know how to get them on the phone, lets move onto actually talking to them


Step 3: Telling Them What They Need To Hear

First off, this is where 90% of people mess up. Just because you know how beneficial SEO would be for their business does not mean they do.

In fact, most people you talk to won't even know what SEO is. They do not even care to be honest.


All…And I mean all business owners care about is results and getting an ROI + a few other things.

Before you sell to anyone you need to understand their problems and what they care about. If you can highlight what they care about and aggravate their problems you will have their attention. Here is what most business owners think about


What They Care About

– Making more money

-Getting more exposure

-Being easier to find

– Making a safe investment with an ROI


What Their Problems Are

– Their competitors being ahead of them

– Falling behind and becoming obsolete

– Losing their ability to be a long term business

– Being hard to find and losing money because of it


Notice how ranking higher in Google is no where in either of those. Neither is having good backlinks or having effective SEO. When we talk to them we MUST smother them with their "cares" and "problems" when we sell to them and not the technical side of what we do


How To Smother Business Owners With Cares and Problems

When I talk to a business owner I do not sell them at all. I frankly make them very upset, worried, and excited to have found a solution. This is because I stick to their cares and problems.

For example if I get a business owner on the phone.


"Hey my name is Alex. I work around the local area, and when searching for your profession online I noticed it is really hard to find you. With that being said your competitors A,B,C (look at whose ranking well) are all showing up highly everywhere I look and probably making a killing because of it"


Look what I just highlighted their. Their competitors are out doing them (problem) and making money they could be making (care). I do not mention SEO at all, I mention their huge problem and the money they are losing. Then after they respond I will throw in something like.


"Well, if you want I specialize in helping your type of profession get more exposure in searches. Basically, you jump on with me, I make you 10x easier to find online and you get more paying customers because of it"


Again I am not forcefully selling. I say "if you want" and mentioning I specialize in their profession (aka I am perfect for them). I then highlight what they care about "being found" and "getting more customers". I am basically saying, "If you want I can fix your problems and get you what you care about"

Then after that I will say


"I know your busy right now, but if your interested I would love to go over some of my past results with similar businesses and show you what I can do for you"


Remember, the person is likely busy AND is not going to buy from you over the phone. These two things work against you. Counter them by offering another time to "close the deal".

Also look at what I am saying "I am willing to show you that this is a sound investment before you buy". So far we have agitated their problems, provided them a solution and highlighted everything they care about. They would have to be insane not to want to speak with you further.

At this point simply schedule a in person or over the phone meeting. It is now time to "close the deal"


Step 4: Closing The Deal

When I first got into this I would mostly do in person meetings. Now many of my clients are all over the nation so I cannot do this. I usually meet via skype, or gotomeeting. I do the same thing that I would do in the in person meeting though.

Here is exactly what I do


Step 1: Search For Them In Google and Show Them Their Awful Ranking

I do this to ,again , make them realize where they are suffering. Most of the time they are not even aware of this.

I then physically show them the first page of Google and say I can get you here. This makes them understand what SEO is and what I do.


Step 2: Bring Up The Keyword Tool and Show Them The Traffic They Are Losing

Very simply, I bring up the keyword tool and show them the search volumes for relevant local searches (Keep it on broad). I then ask them for the amount they make per customer. Usually its around $200-$2000 dollars.


Step 3: Compare How Much They Could Be Making On A "Bad Day"

I then give them a low end estimate of how much they could profit. For example I will say


"Look 2,000 people search for your business in this area per month…If we can get even 5% of those people to your site and convert them at 5% then you will make $2,000 a month off of us. By the way these are my super low end bad day estimates. Most Google traffic converts much higher and we can likely get more than 5% of these people."


What this does is make them realize how much money they are missing out on and gets them excited. After all, this is the LOW end estimates. It also justifies my fee that I will pitch at the end.


Step 4: Walk Them Through Results

If your anywhere decent at SEO, you need to be tracking your current rankings. Then use the results you have gotten yourself as case studies to present them.

On top of this, if you want to really blow them away, buy a few exact match domains for local areas (For example arlingtonchiropractor.com). Rank these sites in about a week and track it all.

Boom you now have undeniable proof that

A)They will make money back

B)You consistently work.

Not only are they in a position to make money, but you are a safe investment.


Step 5: Mention Your Price

My price starting off was $500 to $1000 a month. (I now charge quite a bit more and deal with national clients)

If your just starting out, go for around $500. This is pretty cheap, but your goal right now is to build a solid testimonial base from your first clients. Get them on board, get them results, and get a testimonial from them.

Then after that ONLY charge $1000+ a month. Always compare your final price to how much they could be making. You need to be selling a $100 bill for $20 in their eyes


Step 6: Counter Objections

At this point the person will either be all in OR will have some questions. You need to be able to answer these. Here are a few of the most common ones


Will you need access to my site?

Yes, we need this to optimize it for Google searches. We will not be making any large changes to it, just moving a few words around.


How long till I see results

If you follow the SEO I have given you on Source Wave, then you can get them results in 1 month. I will also be getting into the results part of this later this week.


Is this safe, will my business get in trouble

Yes this is totally legal and the way I do this is 100% safe


How do you make my site rank in Google

The secret is to go change a few words on your site and optimize the files so that it's a perfect match for the searches you need. Then we got to authoritative websites and build links to your site. This builds trust in Google and makes your site look good. This results in higher rankings. (Remember your client has no clue what SEO is, keep it as "for dummies" as possible


Is there a contract and can I cancel

I personally give them the first month without contract because I know they will get results. I also let them know they will lose rankings if they cancel (I use high Pr sites that I can remove links from).

I do this because it make them feel safer about coming on and its easier to sell them a 6 month contract after they see results


Step #7: Close The Deal

At this point offer them the chance to join. Also, give them a 10% discount if you can get it all handled today. This pushes them to join then and there.

Now you usually will need to take a check because most business owners are unfamiliar with paypal. Here are a few things to help this go smoother


-Get your assumed business name and open a business bank account. This way you can get checks written to your businesses name (looks 100x more professional)


-Get legal contract set up. I simply borrowed mine from another SEO buddy of mine. You will have to figure this out on your own


-Have a customer support email and phone number so they can reach you.



Quick Bonus Tip

What I like to do sometimes if they are still on the fence is offer them a free demo ranking.

To do this I will rank their website for a super low competition search like "(their profession) + (area code they are in). These usually only require mimimal on page SEO and a few back links.

Then I report this back to them and this usually will close the deal.


Boom You Have A Client


Congratulations, you have now convinced someone to pay your bills in return for SEO.

Now if you can get them results you will have a nice income stream for quite some time, maybe even years…But that create an even bigger question


How Are You Going To Get Results?

Heck how do you even go about providing this service??

Well check back here in a few days because I am going to be adding how I go about getting clients results.


See you then!


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