The Omega SEO Link Strategy Guide (Pro Link Building Explained)

Hey guys Becker here,

Today I want to teach you somethings that has made me a lot of money

You see by listening to you I have noticed that I have made a big mistake This is assuming that everyone here simply knows how to build good backlinks. Funny enough I forgot how tough it was to get started making links

I would sit around making crappy ezine articles for hours (with no results) I would hear about "link pyramids", "Buffer sites" and "link wheels" It all sounded very cool, but no one ever showed me how to get started

If only someone had put together a guide on all of this and explained in detail how to do it…

Well guess what I decided to do…



I am starting what I am calling the Omega SEO Guides. These guides will be EXTREMELY in depth guide explaining aspects of SEO

This is the first one and it is ALL about link strategies! Enjoy!


The Omega SEO Link Strategy Guide Of T-Rex Like Epicness

(Short Name: Omega T-Rex SEO Guide)

You laugh now but people will be searching for T-Rex SEO very soon


What This Guide Is

What I intend to do with this guide is write down every "advanced SEO strategy I have come across.I will then in great detail explain to exactly what this strategy is, why it works, and how to do it. (If you are TOTALLY new to SEO check out our beginners course here)

Why Do All This?

2 reasons…

A) This stuff confused the hell out of me when I first got started. People always say stuff like "link pyramid" but then never explain exactly what it is. This leaves you having to turn to resources like the Warrior Forum where every idiot is a self proclaimed SEO master and freely spews mis information like a drunk preacher.

Long story short : I want you to have a resource that is just easy and trustworthy


B) When you are buying links, there are a ton of vendors who go around throwing out these big SEO words. The funny thing is most of these vendors don't even know what the hell they are talking about.

I want you to be able to know what you are buying and be able to spot winner and loser SEO services


 So Lets Get Started!

The first thing I want to cover is basic link building theories and terminologies. This way when I dive into more advanced stuff it will make sense


Link Building Theories and Principles




The Theory Of "Juice" Transferal

What It Is

Juice transfer is one of the main concepts you need to understand before you dig into any type of back linking strategy. Link pyramids, circles and everything in between use this method as one of the main ways to build link power.


How It Works

When a site links to a website it transfers "link juice" to that site. That in turn increases its rank in Google. However, not only does the link juice go to the initial site, it ALSO goes to all the site the initial site is linking to.

For example : 1000 links go to a website. That website then links to Source Wave. The power of those 1000 links is then transferred from the middle site to Source Wave

In short, if a site links to your site, you not only gain juice from the link, but you also gain juice from the links linking to that site

Make sense?


The Theory Of Buffer Sites

 What It Is

One question that I constantly wondered when I got into this was "Why the heck don't people just send all of their links to their main site"

Well the reason is because Google hates this more than Justin Bieber fans hate death metal. If a site is brand new it makes absolutely zero sense for it to be getting thousands of links. This will almost always trigger a Google slap.

Remember the last theory though? The one about the "juice"? Well this is one of the most basic ways it is applied.

You see it makes perfect sense for thousands of links to be going to E-Zine articles. The site is massive and has millions of visitors. So we take advantage of this by creating a page with a link to our site on a larger "makes sense" site.

We then send tons of links to he larger sites page, thus safely transferring all the link juice to our site without triggering any Google alarms. Clever eh?



Link Strategies


Link Pyramid


What it is

A link pyramid…is a pyramid…of links…(Crazy Right?!)

But it is much more than that. It is a demonstration of one the cores of SEO. This is  the "juice transferal" we talked about earlier.


Why It Works

At first you might be thinking "Why not just send all your links to one site"

Well…the main reason is Google hates it…A lot. In fact sending a ton of links to your site to quickly will get your slapped faster than a dog that made a no-no in the house.

This is why instead of linking directly to your site, you instead build mass amount of links pointing to a bigger site that is linking  to your site. This way you gain all the "juice" without risking a red flag in Google.

But it gets deeper than that.

You can then build 1000 links to all of the links pointing at the bigger site. Mass links point to links that point to a big site that points to your site. This creates a "pyramid" like effect. (See I told you it was a pyramid of links..)


How To Do It

Step 1: Make a website (hopefully you have done that..if not check out the beginners course)

Step 2: Make a article/blog on a much larger site then link back to your site from it. Here are a few to get started WORDPRESS, E-ZINE ARTICLES, BLOGSPOT

Step 3: Create 200 links of any kind pointing to your page on these sites. The best links for this are wiki links, 2.0 links, and High PR Social Bookmarks (Can be purchased at Source Links)

Step 4: Create 1000 links pointing to the 200 links pointing to the pages. The best links for these are high pr comments, social bookmarks,wikis, and forum profile links,


My Favorite Pyramid For Post Penguin

I personally build a wordpress blog. I then build 70 2.0s sites using Senuke XCR. I then build 1000 wikis and 500 high PR comments that link to them.


Overall Effectiveness

Google is VERY aware of this strategy. This is why buying a couple of low quality Fiverr gigs is not the best idea. The "favorite" outline I listed above is what currently works extremely well for me.



Link Chains

What It Is

A link wheel…Is a circle (aka wheel) of links. Similar to a pyramid, it involves transferring link juice to pages to make them more powerful.


How It Works

Remember the powerful base links we made for the pyramid? Not only can we transfer the juice from mass links, we can also transfer the power of these bigger links to other big links.

What happens is everytime we create a page on a bigger site, we not only link to our site, but we also link to another big page we created on another site. The following big page ALSO links to our site, and then again links to another big site page. This can go on indefinitley

The end result is all these sites keep transferring link juice not only to your site, but the next big site. This transfer of link juice makes every link in the chain more powerful as the chain grows. For example if we did a chain of 50 sites, the links near the end of the chain would be extremely potent



It is very important to not close the chain. This will set off Google alarms and get your site pushed down a flight of stairs.

By closing the chain I mean linking the final or any sequential site to a site earlier in the chain. Only link forward, never backwards

How To Do This

This is somewhat similar to creating a link pyramid

Step 1: Create a page on any of the following sites WORDPRESSE-ZINE ARTICLESBLOGSPOT

Step 2: Create a page on another article directory or 2.0 Sites. For directories I consistently use a list put together By Glenn Allsop on Viperchill. Here it is

Step 3: Link the first page to your website, and the 2nd page you just created.

Step 4: Repeat this same process over and over. Link your 2nd page to your site and a 3rd page. Link your 3rd page to your site and your 4th page


My Favorite Chain Post Penguin

I am much more of a pyramid guy, however I routinely do this with Web 2.0s I create.


Overall Effectivness

While this is still a popular tactic, it is hard and time consuming to set up because of the manual submission to big sites. Go for pyramids.


Link Wheels

What It Is

A link wheel is virtually identical to a link chain except it closes the link trail. The final site in the chain links back to the first site, making a "wheel" of links. The BIG difference is that in order to make it safe you cannot link every site to your main site.


How It Works

The way a link wheel works is by making a turbo charged wheel of links. Then one to a few sites ( I suggest only 1) links to your main site.

REMEMBER: Making a link chain wheel (aka every site linking to your site) is SUPER dangerous. If you do this, do not blame me when your site gets beaten by a sack of pennies.

Anyhoo, when the link gets placed to your site, all of the massive amount of juice being transferred trough the wheel gets sent to your site. This can result in a dramatic climb in rankings if you have enough sites in the wheel.


How To Do It

This is very similar to the link chain

Step 1: Create a link chain. However, do not link to your site.

Step 2: Close the link chain by linking the end site to first site

Step 3: Link one of the sites in the chain to your main site.


My Favorite Wheel Post Penguin

I prefer to do this with 3/5 wordpress 2.0s sites. Huge link wheels are dangerous, but small targeted ones work great.


Overall Effectiveness

When paired with other strategy I am about to get to, it can be extremely potent




Tier Linking

What It Is

Tier linking is one of the most potent and popular linking strategies. In fact Pat Flynn of SPI used this type of strategy almost exclusively to rank one of his website sites. (Check it out here)

This is basically building a tier of quality links to your site, and then making a second tier of less quality links that points at the first tier. It is basically creating a bunch of link pyramids that are pointing at your site


How It Works

Currently, it is not a great idea to send many "crummy links to your site". Now while the definition of "crummy links" can be debated, it is usually best to only send super high quality links to your site.

These high quality links make up the first tier. These are usually  made up of 2.0s, social platforms, high PR social bookmarks, high PR wikis and high pr Article sites.

You then build a 2nd tier of low quality 2.0s, bookmarks and other links of the sort. These links then all go the the 1st tier.

The result is a bunch of high quality, turbo charged links pointing at your site. This transfer of link juice allows you to keep a squeaky clean link profile, while also building a mass amount of links.


How To Do It

This is very similar to a link pyramid

Step 1: The most basic way to do this is to go and create pages on WORDPRESSE-ZINE ARTICLESBLOGSPOT. Then link to your site.  This will be the first tier. You can link them in chain if you like. Just do not make a link circle.

Step 2: Create mass links from tools, Fiverr, or Source Links to all of these pages

Step 3: Rinse and repeat


My Favorite Way To Do This

Post penguin I am all about doing this with social platforms and 2.0s. I will create youtube, facebook, and twitter pages. Then I will abuse this strategy all day. I will get into this in a sec


Overall Effectiveness

This is your bread and butter linking strategy. It is fairly easy to do and works great for even tough keywords.




Social Tiered Linking

What It Is

Social Tiered linking is the exact same thing as tiered linking except we are using social platforms.


How It Works

Google is ALL about social right now. People also link MUCH more to social sites than they do other types of sites. So what we do is use this to our advantage and create social pages. We then use them in place of other tier sites and link to them.

At the moment, Google pays WAY more attention to social sites because they are true signs of popularity. On top of this, it is great for us because Google cannot truly track what is going on behind the scenes on these sites.

This means can create HUGE boosts in rankings and creates a much more natural image in Googles eyes. (If you can't be popular, fake it!)


How To Do It

Fairly simple instead of building 2.0s and article page, we instead build pages on social sites.

For normal niches I make a

  • Yotube channel and video (EXTREMELY basic, just film a powerpoint)
  • Facebook fan page
  • Twitter page
  • Google Plus Page
You then link to your sites in the obvious areas. For example, on the Facebook website details section…Enter your website details (DUR). We can also link to our site in our Youtube video description.


Once done creating the properties I then buy views, tweets, and likes for the relevant platforms. DO NOT buy plus's as Google can track these. (These can be bought on Fiverr or Source Links)
We will then build mass amounts of links to these pages just like did for the basic tiered linking strategy.


My Favorite Way To Do This

I have outlined how I do this above. I am one of the few people I know who does this, and you are one of the few people I tell about it =)


Overall Effectiveness

This just freaking works. Combining social tiered linking and basic tiered linking is one of the cores of SEO.


Justified Linking

What  It Is

This right here is something I came up with after spending a lot of time with top black hatters (aka 300k-1 million dollar SEO earners) after the penguin patch. It is one of the nastier loop holes in the Google search engine and so far I am the only person I know personally who does this.


How It Works


Alright, so you just made a new site. Then you hit it with 10,000 links.


In Googles eyes this is totally unjustifiable. There is no way a new site or ANY site would get this many links so fast… unless…It was going viral.


Ever wonder why sites going viral:


A) Never get penalized even though they are literally being spammed with links from people


B) Someone show up in the search engine immediately


This is because Google algorithm makes SEVERE room for sites going viral. If Google did not have a algorithm in place to rank  sites going viral quickly, it would be IRRELEVANT (AKA Googles nightmare)


Because of this Google breaks almost all of its ranking rules as long as it is JUSTIFIED (aka backed by social signals)


So our goal is to justify our mass linking. If we do this we can get away with literal murder. We justify our linking by imitating a site going viral


How To Do This

This is semi complicated at first, but pretty easy once you do it once or twice

Step 1 : Make "base" links. These are 2.0s and social pages. Point them at your main site

Step 2: Wait 2 weeks

Step 3: Imitate your site be going viral on Facebook and twitter.  We do this by blasting it every few days with 200-1000 likes and reweets

Step 4: As we build these social signals we match them with 200-1000 links a day. This is A LOT of links, but they are justified by the social signals

Step 5: Googles sees your site going viral and believes the links are being created as a results. It rewards you with increases in rank.


Overall Effectivness

This just works. It is an extremely black hat method that I have used to slingshot many sites LITERALLY to the first spot in Google. Your site WILL get smacked if you mess this up though, so be careful




Guest Posting


What It Is

Guest posting is where you contact a blog and ask if you can make a guest post on it. 9/10 you the blog owner will let you leave a link back to your site.


How It Works

Basically you get link juice from a legitimate blog in exchange for guest post.


How to do it

Find blogs in your niche. You can do this with Google searches. Just type in (your niche) blog. Fairly easy. Contact the owner and propose a guest post


Overall Effectiveness

In my opinion this is a WAY over rated strategy when it comes to niche sites. You will see people on forums say this is the only way now….Be aware these people are IDIOTS

9/10 times the sites you can get a link from carries less weight than the links you can get from a Source Links high pr comment package. On top of this it is EXTREMELY time consuming.

When It Can Work

This is a different story when it comes to authority sites though.

If you have a small random site, chances are big authority sites will not let you guest post. However, if you have a long term authority type site yourself this is totally possible. Getting links from news site, big time blogs and generally HUGE sites is a very real possibility.

An example is me getting myself featured on Pro Blogger. Links from sites like this carry a ton of weight. They also provide great traffic.

So in short : For random niche sites, NO! For legitimate long term sites YES!



Link Baiting

Justin Biebers Haircut : Worlds Best Link Bait

What It Is

Link baiting is a very skillful advanced form of white hat SEO (It actually has more to do with public relations). This is where you create content that "baits" people into linking to you


How It Works

By baiting people into linking to us we can gain a huge amount of extremely high quality links fast. Depending on the potency of the bait, we can end up not only blasting our site to the top of Google AND also getting a surge of traffic.


How To Do It

So lets imagine we had a car related site and we wanted links from legitimate car dealer sites. We could, for example, make a top 10 list of dealership sites. We then email the sites we put in the list and say "Holy crap you made our top 10!"

We then provide them with "top 10″ badges they can put on their site that link to us. Boom, by stroking their ego we now have a ton of very legitimate links.


It Doesn't Stop There

Now..This is just a simple example. I have seen this used in all sorts of ways. Interviewing a celebrity, doing something highly controversial, or creating something very useful all are ways to get links from people.


Overall Effectiveness

EXTREMELY effective…IF…You are clever.  Think of stuff that people will link to and create it.

Also, this is usually only worthwhile if you are building a long term site. It is also much easier if this site is a site that has news (business, celebrity, sports).



That is everything off the top of my head that I can come up with. Don't worry I plan on adding MUCH more as I keep learning. I am also putting a link in the side bar so you can quick reference this.

ALSO I plan on adding many more guides like this..I am calling it the Omega Guide series!



What do you guys want to see Omega guides on? Types of back links? SEO Verbage? Just tell me and you got it


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