The Death Of PBN's?

Holy moly,


Did you guys hear about them darn tootin PBN thing-a-ma-jigs

get de-indexerated? Boy golly gosh gee wiz, it seems like SEO is

a changin forever…


Becker here and after looking through the PBN week

group and on reading a few "SEO blogs" the picture below

basically sums up the overall message




I don't see the big deal though.


Now look these are not bad sources of information, I

personally do not read SEO blogs/news though. I instead

try to get my information from leading 100k per

month SEO's because of the huge amount of tangible

data they have.


I also only really care about income

earned because that is the whole point of SEO and

the only "score board" that really matters. Theory

and analysis is great, but if it doesn't directly lead

to increased income its just thought.


Here's what I have seen from the SEO's I listen to


Greg Morrison, who I am pretty sure is closing in on

past 200k a month, only noticed a few sites being de

indexed and mostly due to who is info.


Alex Miller at Posirank, who has clients paying more

than 50k per month for linkage, again did not notice much and

pointed out the huge footprints in peoples networks.


Jimmy Kelly, who I have not spoke to in awhile but follow

has not reported anything alarming. This dude is probably

one of the better SEO's on the planet and is far beyond

PBN's though. Last we spoke, he was railing in well over

100k a month and I'm sure this may of doubled by now.


Kotton Grammer (142k a month) did not take any hits

and while he still uses PBNs, is seeing a ton of ways

to rank other than PBN's


Dan Anderson (100k a month affiliate) did not take any

serious hits.


Kelly Felix, though I have not met him, still crushes the

Gold IRA niche and you can even scrape up his PR links.

(Just Google "gold ira" and scrape the top site)


Glen Allsop and Diggy at Viperchill hardly took a scratch as well.


Long story short, for SEO's that paid attention to the signs

and prepared, nothing really happened.


I personally own a fairly large PR network at Autopilot and

have my own (though I am moving away from solely PBN's)

and I will admit I lost about 15% of my Autopilot network.

(Which we took down immediately and are replacing)


However, every site fell into the SAME category

1. Was on SEO hosting (which we moved away from quite

some time ago)


2. Lacked what I am going to show you in this post


Heres a few things though

1. I and no one I have talked to saw a penalty to

money sites.


Granted a few SEO's did and I'll explain why

I think that happened in a moment


2. My horrible, disgraceful, massive footprint example network

I have used to rank sites right in front you here is still



The slim, simple money sites that I ranked live on here are still

ranking and still making thousands of dollars and carrying

authority in Google.


Now its only a matter of time before they get hit, because they

are just "silly" and I have been using them as examples for

almost a year…


But the point of the story is, nothing has changed. Almost a year

ago I started yelling






Granted this is stuff I got from people who were yelling it before

me (Alex Miller for example) and low and behold… This is how

most people got caught.


Now there are a few more things, but it seems like

those are the reason most networks got hit. Keep in mind

my example network is embarrassingly bad, but it covers

those few things and has kept 4k-8k a month sites producing



Now I do not claim to see the future or be able to firmly predict

Google. I don't even consider myself to be an amazing SEO, just

a smart guy. (And frankly it doesn't take talent to make money

with SEO right now, check out my example money sites on

here…They are plain silly)


My secret these days is having the best SEO's on the planet

pointing out this stuff well in advance. (Alex Miller, Kotton

Grammer, and the OMG NHB crew)


These guys are the best of the best and run circles around

most big names (even me, thankfully they are on my side)

and if they say something is happening…it is.


So don't only take my word on it, take the word of a group

of SEO's bringing in well over 500k a month  in profits.


And based on all that I have seen after comparing notes

with them this is what all the hub bub is about


Spencer Haws' PBN's Are Dead Post

I don't know him personally, as I don't really read SEO

blogs. I do know he gives a ton of value out and is super

honest. and seems like a great guy.


My heart also goes out to him because I know Google

cracked down on him hard. However to me, it looks like

the same exact thing that happened to the big blog networks

a few years ago.


Google picked him and few others out, and made an example.

After that, if Google wants to connect the dots and get you

they will. I'm going to assume that they connected the dots

from the Rank Hero network, back to his sites and then nuked

everything to glass as well as any SEO sites related by hosting

or resemblance.


The same exact thing happened a few years ago when Google

crushed every public PBN provider, and by crush I mean

CRUSHED. Every site they tried to replace got shot down and

it was 100% big brother mode on them from there out.


This is what I believe happened here. Rank Hero and other

BIG networks obviously shared a ton in common with smaller



For example if you were sharing hosting with their hubs, similar

IP's, similar content ETC ETC it is likely you got caught in the

shock wave of "BOOM"


When Google passes a manual action you do not want to stand to close

When Google passes a manual action you do not want to stand to close

If not, I really don't think you have a ton to worry about

as of TODAY (Google could come wipe out and contradict

everything I am saying tomorrow afternoon…so)


Why? Two reasons


1. I know plenty of people who lost a lot of their network but

not their rankings. If Google was penalizing for networks

universally you would see A LOT more bombs going off.


For example: I am in the NHB OMG group, almost everyone

there uses PBNs. I saw literally zero reports of lost rankings.


I did see reports for de indexes, but zero dramatic losses

in rankings.


2. I have BAD networks laying around. Like bad, started almost 2 years

ago and  messes. They are still fine. The sites they aim at are fine.


While I have immensely improved how I do this, I still have these laying

around and they are still pumping a long to old ass money sites (most of

which I sold off)


Now…Theres A WHOLE Other Issue

Besides this mass de index that happened a few days ago

there is a much bigger issue at hand. The "steady" de indexing

that has been happening over time.


This is a WAY bigger issue because I do not think this is caused

by manual reviews. BIG manual reviews are not common, they are

just very severe and when they want to make an example of

people they do.


But for the most part, if your not running a huge link network

(200+ sites) your okay. The issue with these latest de indexes

is it looks like they are from "scrapes".




Because Google is removing networks 1-2 PBNs at a time. If it

was manual you would see entire networks being knocked out.


My belief is that they are throwing out a net with different requirements

and de indexing everything that comes back.


And in my opinion it isn't to dang hard for them to pin point.


Now I really don't think it has anything to do with plug ins or

any technical stuff besides hosting. I have sites with Main WP

and Cloud PBN and they all are working just fine. THOUGH,

this could be a easy scrape for Google in the future.


I think the issues are a little bit more obvious…


Here is what I think the "net" is looking for and why some PBNs

are so obvious.





Holy cow, look at most PBNs… They don't link to any other page

on the site. They literally just link out to other sites


How hard is it to write a code that digs up sites with only external



2. No related links to authorities

Most PBNs just link to sites that have low trust levels (aka new sites).


Again, c'mon now. How simple of "scrape" would that be. Find all

sites that link out to sites with no search volume, no traffic, and

no authority.


Place links to as many real related sites as possible


3. Links in every single post…

Golly gosh, how blatantly obvious is it when a site has only

5 posts, no internal links, and every post links out to a low

quality no-name site.


4. No internal pages

Again, Google heavily looks at links. But if a site has a PR 4

in Googles eyes, and zero internal pages that is a whole entire

red flag on its own.


Having contact pages and legal pages helps, but simply having

other crap on your site other than blog posts is SIMPLE


5. All on the same host or SEO hosting

I feel bad for SEOhost though.


6. Linking to de-indexed or crap sites

For example if a money site was labeled by Google, it

would obviously go look at the links and label any

obvious PBNs as bad juju.


The end…. Super simple



So…PBN's Are Not Dead…But Are Also Becoming Irrelevant

Like I said before, my secret to SEO is not pondering theory, spending

hours testing, or watching Matt Cutt's blog (Though, I personally think

he is quite the wiz)


Over the past year I have greatly shifted into a business owner who

understands SEO and my secret is that I have the best SEO's on

the planet as friends.


These are not well known bloggers, or famous gurus, they are

just underground dudes who kill it and run their own businesses.


And with that being said, I have seen enough proof that YES,

PBNs work and NO they are not dead…. The thing is, they are



In fact, I truly believe that links are only 50% of the off page



Right now, the true best SEO's are ranking WITHOUT links.


Yes…Without links… You see it happen all the time

with authority sites like Forbes (a page has no links yet

shows up first) so this really is not that shocking.


Now imagine if you knew the formula behind that…


On top of that, through just my testing CTR has an

incredible effect on rankings. One of the reasons I have

released a fews sites publicly on Source Wave is to test this.


Ever notice that after I released the Rhinoplasty site, BOOM

it dominated every search in Texas with just a few PR links.


The same exact thing happened with Shred Source.


And for both sites they got a big old authority site

link below box (see below) even though they are

super thin sites, and have HORRIBLE pr links

going to them.


Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 12.18.04 PM


This is because the second I released them, everyone

searched their search terms and then went right

down and clicked the site…


Wouldn't it make sense for Google to boost the sites

people told them they were searching for? Why would

you want a site with a low CTR at the top of the search

and the high CTR at the bottom. People are obviously

searching for the one at the bottom.


Now I thought this was just theory, but I have seen enough

research to realize this is where Google is headed. (Wiz kids

are already making software right now to game this)


On top of that, social signals, search volumes, and a bunch

of other things that people completely ignore are the true

driving force between major searches.


Even to the point that if you can get these in the right

combination you can get authority rankings with Fiverr

packages (Do not try this quite yet)


So heres the take away from that,:PBNs work and boy do they

work. But they are not where SEO is headed. I was not planning

on sharing this till the Phoenix launch but its brutally obvious.


So keep that in mind…


Now ENOUGH THEORY… Lets talk solutions…


Below is a webinar by my friend Stephen Floyd, who has had some

major success keeping his PBN safe.  A lot of people in the

PBN week group loved it and found it helpful so enjoy!


I think the product may be closed but a lot of people

still enjoyed the webinar. I am sure you can probably

message Stephen Floyd and he'd be happy to let ya in.





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