Penguin 2 Update Guide

What do penguin and the Biebs have in common..They make girl SEO's scream! =D =D =D

Seriously…Stop it…

Stop asking me what Penguin 2.0 is going to do

It is like asking me if what Justin Bieber is gonna do next

The answer (In both cases): I don't effing know! I just know its gonna be really bad and EVERYONE is gonna be talking about it for the next few months.


Now lets ask a better question… Am I worried about Penguin 2.0?

The answer: No not really


Is this because I am the god of SEO, blessed by Matt Cutt's at birth to divinely conquer rankings for all time?



It just simply I feel like I have a very good understanding of HOW Google creates its "filters"

The SEO I do is designed to avoid these filters and rules they HAVE to follow.


Until they COMPLETELY change how the SERPs work or TOTALLY break their rules (which they can't without damaging their business) I am not too worried.

So unless either of those two things happen…I actually really ENJOY updates (same with other SEO's)


You have to understand updates are a great thing. Penguin made me a literal millionaire and is one of the main reasons why Source Wave is so big right now. Crazy right?


So what I want to do today is teach you 3 things that will make you PUMPED about this update or at least comfortable with it. These are

A)  Why you should LOVE updates

B) What it would take to truly change SEO (and screw all of us)

C) The rules Google has to follow when committing mass genocide on its serps (aka updates)



I want to show you how YOU can use this update to propel yourself from being an average SEO, to a millionaire superstar SEO. This is your big chance…Again…This is YOUR (you reading this article) BIG CHANCE (as in biggest opportunity you will have)


So without further adue…Lets just hop straight into it


Why You Need To LOVE Updates

dogI was not lying when I said penguin made me a millionaire. Since that update I have never gotten more BIG clients, had more SEO success, or grew my brand as much. I have consistently had 80-120k plus months because of it. So thank you.

Screen Shot 2013-05-17 at 10.44.59 AM

The same goes for many other SEO's. When talking to my good friend Mike Long (makes 100k a month purely from SEO rankings alone) he exclaimed "Dude I LOVE every update, it is like Christmas every time they roll a new one out!"


So how is it that two of the most successful SEO's LOVE updates, but if you check the warrior forum SEO board it looks like the D Day scene from saving private Ryan.

Its is really simple


Updates get rid of all bad SEO's


Let me rephrase that


Updates make it so good SEO's have NO competition


When penguin came around it tanked

-Long time lazy bad SEO's

-SEO agencies

-Anyone just getting started in SEO


Literally the whole entire industry went from thousands of competitors, to just a handful of people.

And the thing is penguin made it MUCH easier to rank faster than ever before.



On top of that, do you think this stopped the demand for SEO? Hell no!

-People wanted more SEO products

-Businesses left their agencies and NEEDED new working SEO asap

-People got fed up with doing SEO and would rather just have someone else do it

-The current leaders threw in the towel, leaving their spot wide open

-Agencies needed big services to save their SEO (cough cough Source Autopilot)


So look what the big terrible Penguin did for us few good SEO's

-It made getting results easier than ever (No competition + faster responding serps)

-It made demand higher than ever

-It made it scarier than ever (the ability to charge more)


It was the PERFECT STORM of business and I am super surprised no one else has capitalized on it besides myself and a few others.



All you literally had to was step in, figure out what was up, and put up a open sign.

Case and point: This time last a year and a half ago I was sleeping on a mattress on the floor. Now I am one of the highest paid SEO consultants in the world.


Cocindence? Not really, I do not even consider myself to be an amazing SEO. I just figured out what works and took the empty parking spot.


So….Just straight up, I LOVE updates. Even if Google takes out all my sites, all I have to do is get together with a few SEO buddies, figure it out and then turn that into a product for big businesses.


With that being said, this is YOUR time to step up and do this too. So before I get into any of that, you sir…Should be excited as hell, especially if your just getting started in this.

Now lets get into what a truly scary update would be and why this is not it.


An Update That I Would Fear (It doesn't seem like this is it)

First off… I don't think any of the sites I have shared with you will get tanked by the update (They might…but I am not to worried about it)

What will probably happen if Source Wave gets big enough is someone at Google will just pick off any sites I have shared, pick out the links behind them, and tank them.


That is okay. I keep my money sites and my clients sites so far away from Source Wave that they are essentially another entity. The sites I share with you, are sites I make purely so that you can learn from and see what actually works. I love the fact that I can create live demos for you guys, and then come back to see all the success stories


Now…With that being said, in the future there is an update that I am SUPER afraid of. It is when Google stops using backlinks or the PR of a site to determine its ranking.

I personally believe in the next 5 years Google will switch almost to a purely social ranking algorithm.


This would be good and bad.


The Bad

-Creating little spam sites to make money would die for awhile

-You wouldn't be able to as easily rank for searches or outrank things that people actually use

-The entire basis of every SEO software, service and business would be turned upside down


The Good

-New MASSIVE demand true marketers (People who can get people to love businesses)

-Quality content will reign supreme (I REALLY like this)

-SEO would be far more predictable


So…I essentially look forward to this update because I really love creating brands and communities online. However it will be a big change. The only step is being READY for it, which I think I am.


With that being said this not what penguin 2.0 is doing

Matt Cutt's and other sources have said it is focusing on SeNuke style link building (basically automated spammy link building)


We can pick out 2 things from this

A) Links will still matter

B)Spammy links will probably be hit


I don't build spammy links, and making automated links is my least favorite part of SEO. If it cuts out this type of link building…Great…All for it.

But the overall message is links will still matter and its gonna make it much harder for cheap or spammy SEO's


So no Google is not turning SEO on its head, it is just looking at links differently. All you have to do is build different links…Ta da!


Now there is another reason I am not worried. This is because I have totally pulled out my ass a list of rules Google has to follow when it makes updates.

While it might come from my nether region, you will see that these are all essentially true. As long as you keep them in mind its hard to get hit by any update (long term).


Why Updates Are Super Tough To Pull Off

First off…Stop using "update" or "penalty" to describe any of this.

What you got to understand is Google is updating its FILTER. It is finding away to let good sites in and keep bad sites out.


Now what you also must understand is that this is difficult as hell for them to do. 90% of the bazillion sites on the web are good sites (sorta).

Basically their job is to do brain surgery with a machete. They have to find a way to filter out millions of sites, without touching the bazillion good sites that people actively search for.


Can you imagine that? They have to find what a bad million sites all have in common, but DO NOT have in common with a bazillion other sites.

If they overstep just a tiny fraction BOOM a zillion good sites get nuked, and their users flip shit.


Here check out exactly what penguin 1 did and WHY it was so effective

What is something EVERY SEO site had in common but good sites did not?

The answer is over optimized anchor text in its links + over optimized pages. No natural site ranking for the search "red socks" would have a thousand links all with the anchor text "red socks"

Boom…In one simple swoop they could take out a TON of SEO sites and leave almost all natural sites alone.


Imagine this box below represent the types of websites online (SEO and natural)



Boom Google has just spotted something that many SEO sites have in common, but do NOT have in common with natural sites.

It creates a filter based on that


What happens?

Google removes a LARGE percentage of SEO sites, while only taking out a small percentage of natural sites



As you can see, the sites that had more in common with natural sites (lower anchor text) survived the filter. However, Google largely managed to take out a majority of SEO sites with only a few natural causalities.


This is what Google has to deal with every update. Take out as many SEO sites with as few natural casualties as possible.


But Here Is Where The Problem Starts

Every big site on the web does SEO. Like every single one. These are sites people NEED and will hurt Google if they do not show up.

So Google again has to write in what types of SEO to ignore or change their filter to only get rid of crappy sites.

Because of this their job is incredibly hard, and creates a bunch of rules I have never seen them break (or that they cannot break)


The Rules Of Updates (and How To Get Around Them)

Before I get into this, a better name would be your update shields. If you can fall under these "protections" your gonna have a hard time getting smacked.


Rule 1: Do Not Take Out Natural Sites or Their Link Value

This right here is Googles biggest nuisance. How can you tell a good natural site vs a link farm? They have to literally create a algorithm for this.

This is essentially why Google has SUCH a hard time with blog networks. If done right, there is nothing that separates them from natural sites.


So until Google does a manual review, this form of linking is pretty much unstoppable especially when it comes to private networks. If Google went out there and nailed every site with PR that linked to a few different sites they would essentially destroy its entire ranking infrastructure.


This is why they INSTEAD go after huge blog advertised networks.

Think about it, what is a better way to use their time.

A) Taking out thousands of people doing SEO at once by focusing just on Build My Rank and a few other networks

B) Tracking down a few SEO's with private networks (who will essentially just hide them better next time)


Of course A).

Like with its filters, Google has to operate in "machete surgery" and take out problems in large generalized chunks.

Private networks have WAY to much in common with natural sites to be safely targeted in mass by Google. Because of that, their next biggest solution is knocking out the big networks.


Solution To Using This To Your Advantage:

Use only private non advertised networks or your own. End of story. Even if Google finds a way to target these, people will just make them look more natural.


Rule #2: Look The Other Way For Great Websites

If you look at the top 10 for any business search you will see every one of the stinkers using blatant SEO.

Another great example is Pat Flynn's security guard site. This site abused every rules (blog networks, automated links etc). Heck he even talked about it publicly to one hundred thousand people. Yet this site survives every update.


Why do these sites survive? Because they rock and people actively use them.


Why does this happen? Because obviously if Google went out their and smacked every site doing SEO, there would be no sites left =P


Solution To Using This To Your Advantage

Between updates, get your site to an authority level. Make sure people like your site, make good content to

A) Reduce your bounce rate

B) Get return visits

Make it a great solution for a search and your rankings WILL stick


Rule #3: Target Obvious Signs Of SEO

These are

-Low quality links on overspammed sites

-Over optimized sites

-Whatever is the most popular SEO method of the moment


How To Take Advantage Of This

Do not do blatantly obvious SEO. This is where all the PR1 link building, link timing, and anchor text variation come in.

Purdy easy.


Now with that being said…How can you make the most out of this update


How To Get Rich Off Updates

When everyone is getting it and successful, your gonna have a hard time standing out. You will have an even harder time making money due to so much competition

The secret is to wait for when the shit hits the fan, then be the first person to figure out how to fix it (or at least the one who talks the loudest about fixing it) first.


There is no better time to step up and be a leader than when an industry falls into chaos. Why can't the next leader be you?


Making Money Off SEO Is About More Than Ranking Websites

 The second this update hits, start testing testing testing. Something will click and work. Then take that knowledge and use it to its fullest.

Don't just rank your own sites and make 10k a month

-Make a product showing how you did it

-Start blogging about it for free (attract thousands)

-Turn your knowledge into a working service (people will scramble to get in)

-Be the one SEO offline service that "gets" the new update

-Go to events and speak about what the update did

-Take your SEO agencie to the next level and gobble up all the businesses fleeing other agencies

-Hell write a book on it


Soon you will be THE penguin 2.0 expert, the light at the end of the tunnel, the guy people feel okay writing $10,000 checks to.

Take your solution that is so highly in demand and use it to help thousands of people. Those thousands of people WILL pay you, and they will do so happily.


This is why updates are SO great. You just have to be the one person who keeps pushing forward while the masses wait for someone else to solve the problem.

This could be you, and by this time next year you too could be very well off.


Stop fearing updates and change. Use it as a way to cement yourself as an authority and then use that authority to first A) Help a ton of people B) Receive value (money) in return from other people.

Help enough people with their serious problem (penguin) and they will reward you without you even needing to ask for it.


So with that being said, go ahead Google…Release your furry lil friend. I will just be waiting to kidnap him and put him in zoo for everyone to see :)






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