How To Use "SEO Splitting" To Make An Extra $10,000

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And today I have another post for you from another 6 figure per month

SEO. This post is by my good friend Kotton Grammar.


This dude is literally the best SEO sales person I have ever seen (on top

of being a SEO wiz) and it's apparent because in the past 9 months he

has grown his 1 man SEO firm to over $140,000 per month in earnings.


It is my personal belief that the easiest way to reach a full time

income in SEO is with clients, and this the go-to guy when it

come to reeling them in.




(And also please try to find any place online other than Source Wave

where you have multiple 100k per month SEO's teaching

you…..paid or free)


How To Add $10,000 To Your Monthly Income With "SEO Splitting"

(By Kotton Grammar)

I've talked to 100's of SEO's over the last few months and it seems the #1

question I get is "What's the best way get lots of high paying Clients?"


There are many different ways to make money through search engine

optimization.When you combine world class SEO with the most

innovative ideas to obtain clients you turn yourself into a

juggernaut. My specialty is SEO client consulting & conversion.


I spend hours upon hours every day in research and development

creating new ways to obtain new clients for my SEO Firms. I have

built a client acquisition playbook that has over 43 different

methods that are successful with another 30 ideas in Que to test.


By just  revealing a few of these methods in my private Facebook group I

have helped over 10 SEO's in the last few months add reoccurring

income of over 10k per month.


All tested methods are huge money  makers but one in particular that

I created and battle tested around  60 days ago is a literally lighting my

income on fire and Becker has  persuaded me to share it with everyone

for the first time as I have  ever revealed this method to anyone.

Still not quite sure how he did  that!


Low and behold the secret to getting clients is endless almost scientific testing

Low and behold the secret to getting clients is endless almost scientific testing


Client Acquisition Method #46 "SEO SPLITTING"

I'm consistently testing new client getting method's and "SEO SPLITTING"

is one of my newest  that's Crushing it!. I developed it out of a desire for

an easy, common sense approach to land  more clients. In the last 60 days,

using this tactic I have generated over 5 figures in recurring monthly revenue

without trying very hard.


"SEO Splitting" is  specifically designed for cold calling, direct mail, or email.

To explain what SEO Splitting is and how powerful it can be for  your SEO

business,let me use a dating analogy.


(FYI: I have included my exact email template/swipe for this below in

the bonus content. Be sure to read the post first though)


If you run into a beautiful girl and you want to ask her out on a date, the

last thing that you're going to say is, "How would you like to go out

for dinner and then afterwards we can look at engagement  rings?"


She is going to think you're a psycho and I'm guessing

you're going to get turned down 99.9% of the time. If you think

about it, that is the equivalent of going to a business and

asking them for a $2000 a month SEO contract.


To them, you  are unproven and unknown. No trust has been

established, but you're trying to go for the home

run right out of the gate.

Most SEO's come off a little creepy when selling SEO

Most SEO's come off a little creepy when selling SEO

Your best chance to get the girl to go out on the date and not

think you're a creeper is to build trust with a small

commitment, something that's non threatening.


Ask her if she  would like to go out to lunch or have a cup

of coffee which is reasonable for a first date request  that

might lead to a second date.


SEO Splitting is about building a small amount of

trust with a  business before you ask for the

big dollars.


If you get them to say yes to something easy, then it

will be much easier to get the big money deal later because

they are now your client and in your eco system.


This method has 100's of different options you can create.


Let me explain:

Search engine optimization contains multiple services and

tasks bundled  into one set monthly price. Instead of

selling a business owner the full $2000 or $10,000

a month SEO package, split off intriguing services that can

be sold at a rock bottom prices. This turns the

client's decision into an impulse buy.


An example splitting service would be creating a Google

optimized Facebook business page. Notice I used the

word optimized and not the word ranked. I could do

the exact same thing for Google+, Yelp, LinkedIn,

Twitter and Pinterest.


I have found that 70% of businesses owners  don't

have ALL of these sites activated. At this point, you

can easily split off eight different SEO services. If you

use your imagination, you can quickly think of a dozen

more spliced level services you can offer.


The next thing is to offer the split service at an

impulsively low price. The business owners I work with

always buy when priced between $19 – $24 for a single

page or $38 for a two pack.


No one thinks it's a big commitment or risk spending

$19 for a "done for you" service. They are usually aware

that they need these types of pages, but don't have the

staff, time, or expertise to do this themselves. Many

times they even have the cash on hand and pay you

on the spot turning them into your client instantly.


So when you are splitting at a rock-bottom-price, they don't

have to think about it because it's low risk into the business

relationship. Once this  happens, you have now established

that they are a buyer and earned trust with them on some level.

Creating that one "yes" makesit much easier to get a second "yes"

now they are your client.


Clients are MUCH more eager to buy low cost impulse services first

Clients are MUCH more eager to buy low cost impulse services first


This leads into a conversation about online exposure and

ranking their business website. It certainly makes it easier

talking to an "existing client" about $4000 a month for search

engine optimization services, than it is you being a total stranger

they've never done business with.


From my research & testing of the SEO Splitting method, I have

been able to add $42,000 of new monthly income to my one

man SEO Agency in the last 2 months. The clients that

purchased the split services at $19 have been 40 times more

likely to upgrade to the main product at $500-$10,000.


This method is most powerful if used at local trade shows that

attracts business owners. Most local trade shows will rent booth

space anywhere from $100-$800. I generally find that for every

1000 people that attend the show, it will generate 30 clients

purchasing the $19 service.


Remember, this is 30 clients and 30 email addresses you never

had. Out of the 30 who order the entry level service, 10 – 19 of

these clients will upgrade to SEO packages over $500 monthly

reoccurring. Even if you only convert five into $1000 a month

clients, that is $60,000 a year if you retain them for a full year

from one day's work.


This is the amazing power of SEO Splitting  and you are literally a

few good clients away from quitting your day job and living that

lap top  lifestyle you've always dreamed of.


If you are intrigued about the method "SEO Splitting" in obtaining

clients and want an over shoulder view then stay tuned. I'm doing an

(OTS) over the shoulder video series specifically showing you how

you can master SEO Splitting along with taking you behind the curtain

of my one man 140k a month SEO Firm in Source Waves up

and coming Source Phoenix Launch (Opens November 3rd 2014)


Also remember, if you want my full email templates that I send

to clients it is in the bonus content below this post! Enjoy!


Till next time!



(Kotton Grammar is the head of his own multi million dollar SEO firm, check him out at

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