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27 comments on “Perfect PBN Set Up
  1. Jonnie Doe says:

    Im starting my own Private Blog Network on a smaller budget using only expired domains from and because the keywords aren’t so competitive i am able to make it with 4 domains per niche target.

  2. James says:

    What’s with the PBN affiliate links you are sending in your emails Becker?
    This latest one of the Cloud PBN, dude is all hyping how he is ranking in 4 days, but if you do exact match on the keyword it’s 2k, “clearwater seo” not to mention his domain is exact match. You don’t need a PBN to rank for something with such low competition while using exact match domain, I mean as soon as the site gets index it’s more than likely going to land on spot 1, a blog post would rank for something with that low of competition…

    • Becker says:

      Its a PBN management tool…. You can use it to manage your PBN….If you need something to manage your PBN you shot get it….

  3. Josh says:

    I understand what you were saying about having a one-column theme so that the snippets have the link in them. My question is…do you canonical the posts back to the homepage to transfer the juice from the post to the homepage?

    In other words, post A, post B, and post C all show up as snippets on homepage.

    On the full page for post A, post B, and post C, do you make them all

    Or, just leave as is with no canonical?

  4. @becker i have a similar question as Josh , please answer his question,