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So you can do the grey hat tactics also list in this video

Get 50 Profitable SEO Niches (Over 5k Per Sale) With No Competition


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170 comments on “White Hat SEO
  1. leo says:

    I come here for laughs, it’s very entertaining, but the penny has finally dropped on something that’s been disturbing me for a while. It’s your desperate rapid eye movements as your brain searches for reasoning that gives you away, and trying to cover it up with diversionary shock jokes and disjointed hand movements, is like the pattern interrupt technique used by accomplished confidence tricksters.

    All joking aside, I can show you how to hone those skills so it wont be so obvious.

    Keep up the good work Becker, I’m learning so much.

  2. Karl says:

    You just keep coming out with a bomb shell after bomb shell with all this free training Becker. Keep up the good work. Ive actually started ranking websites for the first time! Thanks