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The greatest trick the link builder ever pulled was convincing the Google he did not exist.

– Nenad


Resurrector of Source Wave, Nenad, has helped rank sites in travel, e-commerce, finance, fashion and you-name-it niche. Now he is here to share his knowledge and help you grow your online venture.


If you have trouble reaching the right audience, our experience will lead you towards the link profile you could only dream about. Our experience costs money, so please do not contact us if you are interested in automated link building.


We work on a month to month basis, meaning that you will get new links as long as you want them. Only professional writers will work on your articles.

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We will sell you only the best links for your site, with a mix of home page and article placements. No bad neighborhoods and no spammy sites that will ruin your link profile.

Your first link is on us. Just kidding, we are not selling $5 links.