Hi there little fella.

Nenad here, the Resurrector of Source Wave.

Source Wave started back in 2011-2012 when I already learned the basics of SEO but wanted something more. In everything you do there is something more, something different.

And soon, I stumbled upon 2 of the most interesting blogs, at least in my eyes, back then. First blog was Viper Chill by Glen Allsop and the second was Source Wave. When I wanted a detailed and in-depth article on a certain topic I was going to Viper Chill, but when I wanted to learn something new while pissing my pants laughing, Source Wave, by Alex Becker, was the best option at the time.

I started my online career selling content but soon moved into SEO when I realized that an article that I am selling for $10 can bring me much more money if I manage to put that article on a good site with a link back to my client. I said Goodbye to content and Hello to SEO.

First I started as Skyrocket SEO (which was the nickname I also used on BlackHatWorld forum and many SEOs knew me by that name) on skyrocket-seo.com domain but due to branding issues I renamed my site to NenadSEO.com in 2013.

Soon I became known in certain circles as a go-to guy for quality links. I milked that cow for some time but at one point I had enough of it. I was earning a decent amount of money with SEO and link building but at one point I had enough of bribing Forbes and HuffPost bloggers.

The time for me has come to try something else. Actually, I wanted to build my own online properties and rank them. Why working on making other people’s dreams a reality when you can work on making your dreams a reality?

So, I closed the doors to Nenad SEO , basically on the 2015/2016 New Year’s Eve.

Back then I was also selling high-quality and hand picked domains so this alone was enough for me to live through the entire 2016 without earning anything with my newly established affiliate sites. So, domains gave me enough time to build a new business.

Once my affiliate sites picked up I paused domaining and created a network of sites working for me.

Then coronavirus came and I started spending more time indoors than outdoors. I ran away from the city during entire Summer but continued working on things I started during the lockdown.

So, 2020 became a year when I started spending more time in front of the screen, again. Among other things I started searching for some good domains.

And one day I saw that SOURCE-WAVE.COM is expiring and is offered for $688 by the domain registrar. I jumped on it headfirst and a week later source-wave.com landed into my GoDaddy account. I knew if someone else takes the control of it, it will get used for spammy purposes. I didn’t want this to happen, not for $688 that is for sure.

“So, what am I gonna do with it now?”- was the question that I asked myself several times.

So far nothing special, but I will update the SEO blog as much as I can.


And if you are wondering what happened to Alex Becker, the previous owner of Source-Wave.com, he one day decided to “kill himself” which is similar to what I did with NenadSEO.com

“The old Alex Becker had to fundamentally die, it had to go, it had to stop, it had to not exist anymore.The reason why that had to happen is because it is literally impossible for that form of Alex Becker to reach the place that I want to be, the person I want to become.”-said Alex when he announced the death of Source Wave.

You also need to do this if you want to move in your life. Change everything, especially if you are not satisfied with your life. Try something new.

The ones who are crazy enough to think they can dominate Google, are the ones that do.

TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE, you’ve got to have an imagination and a willingness to picture a world totally different from the one you now inhabit. SEOs are naturally prone to fantasy, always forecasting how things will look a few minutes, weeks or months down the road.

Yet SEO fantasies can ruin a site when allowed to overwhelm a marketer’s rational faculties. Following a script can be dangerous. What’s important is to have a general SEO knowledge of how a site might move from page 2 at Google to top 3 results. That is pretty much it, but majority will not have the answer to that question.