Dominate almost any niche with Patreon SEO. What is that?

Over the years I ranked many sites in numerous niches, and one of the tools (sites) I used to do this is out there for years already, and many SEOs are not using it. This is a well known site called Patreon.

If you know how to use this site to get great links and rank sites, good for you. But I bet there are 99 SEOs out of 100 that are not using it. The reason is – Well, no one is thinking out of the box. The same goes for any product, any niche, any type of business. If you want to be the best you just need to be a LITTLE bit diferent.

A wise man said once, to me:”Do not be the cheapest, there will always be someone who is cheaper than you. And then what? People searching the cheapest products will not come your way anymore, they will go to the next cheapest guy. Be the best. If you are the best it doesn’t matter what is the price of your products/service”.

So, to be the best SEO or to have the fastest results you will need to use your brain for a change.

What is Patreon and how to milk that cow?

If you still haven’t heard about Patreon head over to their site to check it out for a sec, but this is basically a membership platform that provides business tools for content creators to run a subscription service.

Example would be me making you pay for every article I post here. So, if you wanna read my articles you gotta subscribe first. OK. Now that we have this out of our way let us continue with why you are here for.

The thing about Patreon subscription is that different authors offer different levels and types of subscription.

Other thing is that these are pretty much all legit guys and girls trying to be the best in their niches.

And some of these guys and girls are desperate so they will sell any type of subscription to get a few dollars.

One of those types is a link on their home page. I know what you are thinking:”But, but Google says home page linking is no good, bruh”. Google will tell you many thing, but the best kept secret every good SEO knows is this- Home page links still work like they did 10 years ago. And no, you will not get penalized if you do it right.

And another good thing about Patreon is the fact that those bloggers over there are the real thing. This means that they have real niche sites and many of them are not into selling links, they are not on Upwork, not on Fiverr and not in Excel file of every south Asian based wannabe SEO monkey.

What I like to do when searching people offering sidebar links on Patreon, I head over to Google first. Of course.

Then I type something like this in Google buy link or link to your site and then we get a list of results that you will need to sift through. But a couple of minutes later you get to find people selling something like this.

Above is the typical subscription level with a $10 price tag per month. The site that is selling this service is in art niche. Something about international artists, something really boring, something Google will not manually check to see if they are selling links.

I know what you are thinking, again:”But, but Mr. SEO Guru my site is in Drones under $100 niche, I cannot rank with links from artsy sites”.

I know big shot SEOs are telling you how niche links are the only way to link your site. This is a pile of steaming crap.

What I really like about Patreon SEO

Buying homepage links via Patreon is like having a tailor made link building subscription that is selling links only to you. Which means no bad neighborhoods, no high price, no manual penalties. While many of these sites are not super-strong they are super-clean.

And here is what you can do. First try to find a dozen of sites selling links, slap a link on their site and wait for at least 3 months. If nothing happens stop paying subscription and the links will be deleted, but I am sure you will see at least some boost. It really depends on your niche, if you are trying to rank for “buy cars” you probably wont have much success.

As always do a proper keyword research before jumping into a niche, this will help you tons and save you a lot of time and money.

Even after this article I am sure 98 out of 100 SEOs will not do Patreon link building, because people read many articles online and they tend to forget about them or just postpone thing for some other time and they never do anything. So, this may stay unsaturated for some time.

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