Open Letter to SEO expert

Dear SEO Expert:

It has come to my attention that you are still out there even though years have passed since Inbound Marketers took your spot. This raises a question: what is wrong with you?

Don’t try to outrank the competitors, stop crying after every  Google update, and for God’s sake stop paying premium for tools you are not using properly. It is 2020, SEO Expert, aren’t you tired already? Look what Panda and Penguin have done to you.

Be a Man and stop desperately searching for an answer that could guarantee better search engine results. Learn more about the inner workings of the world wide webz and indulge your primal instinct- Join the FUN club of Internet Marketers, or here is a thought:

Become an Influencer.

Offer some missing tutorial, share a viral picture via Instagram, post in-depth article about ways Pop-ups can keep visitors engaged, create a free tool, start a webinar, interview the best young entrepreneurs, talk about marketing funnels,  achieve measurable results, build an audience and yell:”

I am a Content Marketer (Hubspot Certified)”.

Think about it, SEO expert. You wouldn’t have to sell your gigs on Fiverr, no more directory submissions and outreach campaigns for thirsty clients. You wouldn’t have to read long tutorials and methods on forums and Guru blogs. No more sitting around on conferences with other SEO experts and talking same old stories, like that time when you tried to rank but you got sued for domain hijacking so you had to totally pretend you made an honest mistake.

Or that time you were selling white label SEO services but Google found out about your PBN so you had to lock the office and run to Costa Rica pretending you are living in a beach house paid by passive income sites.

You could earn a living as a consultant to Inc 5000 companies or become a head of Inbound department at SaaS company located in Bay Area.

Go wild, create an affiliate program and partner with micro-influencers, while you offer value to the end user, of course. Do not forget to drink craft beers at summits, grow a beard to look smarter and visit Traffic & Conversion Summit or Digital Marketing Innovation Summit. As long as conference is called SUMMIT you are good to go.

Networking is your new call.

You could watch the latest Whiteboard Friday video on MOZ and during the parts where Rand talks about UX optimization and searcher task accomplishment-oh boy, there are many- you could post knowledgeable comment under the video to get noticed by potential clients and Rand.

I’m reminded of something SEO enthusiast Rand Fishkin said backin 2011: ” We’ll Start to Move Away from the Title “SEO” to Something More All-Inclusive” and we did.

But where are you?

So come clean, SEO Expert. For the SERPs. For the curious Gen X kids who read articles about SEO, and name their pets XRumer and Scrapebox and Market Samurai. Now’s the perfect time.

So ask yourself this Google Search Result question: do you want to be on the Marketing Funnels search result pages or jammed between searches about Automated Backlink Builders, Private Blog Networks and Guest Posts?

If you don’t reply to this letter, I guess we have our existential answer. But if you’re out there, SEO Expert, it’s really time to stop looking back and grow up.

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