And first off thanks SO much for being a part of Source Wave and allowing us to make your SEO stress free simple and fun.

With that being said I SUPER value your time and business and I want you to make your experience with us easy and straight forward.

I personally hate dealing with people's customer support and I am sure you do too so I want to make this as "push button simple" for you as possible.

Below are some simple steps to follow to make sure my team can give you the best service. I also answer support tickets myself from time to time so I might just drop in to say hi!

Hey Becker here....

Make Sense?

Great! Because we LOVE hearing from our customers!

If you fail to get a response after 3 business days contact me personally at CopyBecker @ and I will personally look into it. Please do not use this email for anything else

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We have a 24 hour response time

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