Let Us Train You To Make $100-$200 A Day And Turn SEO Into A Full Time Career

Zero To 100 SEO Training

When you join University we will be training you to be a 100% competent cutting edge SEO that is skilled at what actually is working in SEO
(Even if you are a total beginner)

  • Beginner Friendly

    Even if you are starting from scratch we will have you running circles around other SEOs in your industry with 30 days of joining our program

  • Cutting Edge SEO Tactics

    Once we train you in the basics we will take you to the next level and you will be applying advanced tactics that most SEO’s are either doing wrong or don’t know about

  • Live Interaction Q/A

    Every month you will have multiple chances to sit down with our coaches (who make over 20k per month from their own SEO) and get all your questions answered

  • Fast Start Up Client SEO

    We are constantly adding new tactics that will help you get and rank your clients faster than ever

  • Expert Community

    Join our community of hundreds of expert SEOs and plot new ways to take over the search engines

  • Stay On The Cutting Edge

    Stop trying to figure out how to rank. Let us do all the analytical testing and give you the answers update you when anything changes

What Is Source University?

Source University is a never ending monthly SEO education and community.

What Exactly Do I Get?

  • Full SEO Training Archive

    When you join you get immediate access to our entire SEO training archive that is updating every month on a never ending schedule

  • Live Help Webinars and Community

    3 times month we answer all your questions live, critique your sites to make sure you are applying our training correctly

Taught By SEO's Who Actually Make Money Doing This

Gregory Ortiz

Gregory Ortiz is an expert SEO who was able to go from absolute zero to over $40,000 a month with his SEO business. He currently ranks #1 for New York SEO and is responsible for nearly 100 first page rankings increases at Social Autopilot

Alex Becker

Alex Becker is an online entrepreneur behind the multi million dollar Source Wave brand.

Besides the income from his software businesses, he generates incomes from multiple top affiliate rankings and handling the search engine marketing for many plastic surgery businesses.

He has also helped hundreds of SEOs generate self sustaining full time incomes online from search engine optimization.

Tim Schmidt

Tim Schmidt is an SEO super affiliate pulling in well over 100,000 a month from dozens of passive SEO affiliate sites. He will be handling all your affiliate training when you join Uni.

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